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Adventures International Everest 2002 Expedition


Everest 2002 Expedition Report May 13th, 2002

Were on our way to the top! Jason, Jack & I just moved up to Camp 2 today with the Sherpa team. Were all in good spirits and super energized after three rest days at lower altitude in Dingboche.

There was some wind at Basecamp when we departed this morning with strong wind blowing off the top. Hopefully the wind will subside over the next few days. The weather has been cloudy the past few days, but its calmer this evening and some good weather appears to be moving in; the forecast looks promising.

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Basecamp is on a glacier itself; so as the season progresses and temperatures increase we hear popping and cracking day and night as holes begin to open upits a bit spooky. The icefall is also becoming more active. There were 2 big avalanches today on either side of the route and a major collapse in the center. A whole section of the route will have to be replaced. We were fortunate to pass through the icefall a couple hours before the collapse.

Lots of activity on the mountain now, as most teams are moving into position for summit attempts. No one has summited yet though. 

The excitement level is high as the goal everyone has been working so hard towards is finally approaching. Well take a rest day here at Camp 2, before moving up to Camp 3 on the 14th where well start using oxygen. Then well move up to the S. Col and high camp on the 15th. Two Sherpas will remain at Camp 4 for safety while the summit team, six Sherpas and six members including Alpine 8000 team led by Willy Benegas, plan to make our summit bid on the 16th.

Stay tuned for updates as we work our way up...

Scott Woolums
Adventures International Inc.