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Adventures International Everest 2002 Expedition


Everest 2002 Expedition Report April 28th, 2002

Well the snow has settled after a  storm blew in higher on the mountain the day before yesterday. Many tents up at Camp 2 were blown down, destroyed or taken down in high winds. Several other tents are gone at Camp 3. Most teams have already recovered and are back at it. 
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Fortunately we came out fairly good, a broken tent is all, although it has delayed things a couple days. We are still getting weather reports forecasting high winds up high so are planning to not get in too big of a hurry. Several groups seem to be pushing hard in the face of the weather and forecasts we kept getting. The risks of pushing Sherpas to carry up in marginal weather and bad conditions are not risks we are taking.

Looking towards tomorrow, going back up for at least 5 nights. This will be our last acclimatization trip up high before we should be ready to go for the top. Everything is getting closer now. The excitement levels are high. Our Sherpa team is setting up Camp 3 today and two of our Sherpas, Pheden and Pemba, are now fixing part of the route above camp 3 for all the teams on the mountain. (I should say the Alpine 8000 and Adventures International Sherpa team, as we are 2 groups under one permit. Scott Woolums and Willie Benegas are both leading separate teams on the hill. The official name for our expedition is the "International Everest Expedition".)

Life here at base camp has been great. Sleeping in, some sun, reading, and catching up with friends back home. Were also getting ready for our next trip up. Actually lots to do, fortunately it's a perfect day at base camp. We plan to be away from base camp for 5 days, so will have to call in our next report from Camps 2 and  3. Its easier here at Basecamp to send out more consistent reports and we plan to  as soon as we are back down.

Getting closer, Yahoo!

Scott Woolums
Adventures International Inc.