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February 2002 News, Expedition Coverage and Notes

February Headlines Archive 

02/01 Mountain Madness Everest 2002

02/01 EverestHistory.com

02/01 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua with more news summit attempt and 3 more new dispatches

02/01 Everest Speakers Updated 

02/01 Sunburn-free Climbing

02/01 So now what for Erik Weihenmayer?

02/02 EverestHistory.com: MARIJA STREMFELJ

02/02 Deep Powder Now at Lake Tahoe!

02/02 Mt. Spantik 7027m 2002 Expedition

02/02 Avalanche Probes

02/02 The classified ads continue to grow in number, check them out !

02/02 Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. We just heard from Willi and the team. Willi and Will and Don reached the summit today...

02/04 Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team IV Hello this is Willi Prittie calling from Aconcagua Base Camp for team IV for Alpine Ascents this year.

02/04 David Hamilton hopes to lead a group of 8 people on a unique ski expedition in Northern Pakistan. They are aiming to make possibly the longest and most technically demanding ski journey ever attempted in the Karakoram.

02/04 EverestHistory.com: 1950-1975

02/04 A Dark and Stormy Ascent 

02/04 Drifica (Pakistan) 6447 meters 2002 Expedition

02/04 The Ashraf Aman Q&A, the 9th person to Summit K2. A great Q&A!

02/05 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board: Messner speaks

02/05 Essential Gear Checklist

02/05 Everest Speakers Updated

02/05 Dhaulagiri Autumn 2002

02/05 Makalu Expeditions and News Index

02/06 2002 Expedition Plans

02/06 Patagonia: The Next 100 Years

02/06 Kangchenjunga Maps

02/06 Dhaulagiri Expedition and News Index

02/06 The Second Death of George Mallory: The Enigma and Spirit of Mount Everest by Reinhold Messner

02/06 Cho Oyu 2002 at 72 !

02/07 Team V Aconcagua expedition starts their journey……. a big South American "Hola" from Matt Szundy, Cece Mortentson and our Alpine Ascents Aconcagua expedition- Team "Mystery"…for now.... 

02/07 The coveted first ascent of the NW Ridge Direct of Ama Dablam Updated !

02/07 K2 2002 Expeditions and News

02/07 Lhotse 2002 Expeditions and News Index

02/07 Getting Down Without a Rappelling Device 

02/07 Kangchenjunga History

02/08 EverestHistory.com: Claire Bernier-Roche

02/08 Gasherbrum II 2002 Expedition

02/08 Tim Rippel, owner of Peak Freak Expeditions situated in Nelson, BC Canada, returns to Everest again in Spring 2002. 

02/08 Making Your Own Harness 

02/08 Winter cybercast of Aconcagua: Team V Photo

02/09 2002 Spring Everest Expeditions

02/09 Piotr Pustelnik !

02/09 Festive Escapes

02/09 Nanga Parbat Expedition and News Index

02/09 EverestHistory.com: The Youngest to Summit Everest is ... 

02/09 Winter Gear Prep

02/09 EverestHistory.com: Ingrid Baeyens

02/09 TOUCHING MY FATHER’S SOUL By Jamling Tenzing Norgay: The complete introduction by Jon Krakauer here for you to read ! and what others say about this book.

02/11 Pakistan 2002 Expedition and News

02/11 Kangchenjunga Expeditions and News

02/11 10 Ways to Beat Burn-out

02/11 EverestHistory.com: Miss Helga Hengge

02/11 Trekking poles: Let your arms do some

02/11 Gasherbrum Expeditions and News

02/11 Comparison Charts

02/11 Erik Weihenmayer’s book

02/12 Slovenians in Himalaya 1998-2001

02/12 Dressing for Excess

02/12 EverestHistory.com: Wanda Rutkiewicz Just the best woman climber ever

02/12 SkiEverest.com

02/12 Goran Kropp coming to America... 

02/12 The Everest Time Line is expanding!

02/12 More Everest expeditions coming this week !!!

02/13 EverestHistory.com: Anna Collet

02/13 The Piolet d'Or 2002 Festival: and the winner is!

02/13 Outerwear: What the experts pick.

02/13 Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team V: Hi there cybercasters this is Matt Szundy calling from Aconcagua Base Camp

02/13 Denis Urubko, one of the best today, and a man moving up the ladder with his eye set on the Quest for the 14 without oxygen.

02/13 Dutch Cho Oyo Expedition 2002

02/14 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board 2/14/02

02/14 EverestHistory.com: Charlotte Conant Fox

02/14 Get Your Gear In Gear

02/14 Aconcagua 2002: Chris Warner introduction and more

02/14 Capturing the Moment

02/14 Reduced Peak fees for Nepal; The details!

02/14 Aconcagua: However high altitude mountaineering remains an extremely dangerous sport that requires the setting of mental and physical goals and personal/responsibility lines before the climb and to be sure to stick to these boundaries for the duration of the ascent... 

02/14 Araceli Segarra, the famous female climber from Spain has applied for a permit to climb K2 in Summer 2002.

02/15 Dutch Mount Everest Northside 2002

02/15 German/Swiss Everest 2002 Expedition

02/15 Martine Larroque Everest 2002

02/15 Foot Basics

02/15 Pakistan General News 02/12/2002

02/15 Kangchenjunga History: a major Update!

02/15 Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team VI, Team High Exposure 

02/15 Have you seen the Classified Ads recently?

02/15 Polish Mustagh Tower 7284 meters 2002 Expedition

02/16 2002 Spring Everest Expeditions

02/16 Beyond Macaroni and Cheese

02/16 Alpine Ascents International Everest Spring 2002 Expedition

02/16 EverestHistory.com: Katja Staartjes

02/16 Japan Chogolisa Expedition 2002

02/16 Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team V Hi this is Ellie Henke calling in from Aconcagua Base Camp. I'm calling in for Team V led by Matt Szundy and CeCelia Mortensen.  We join Team V at Camp II where they've spent two nights.... 

02/16 Kangchenjunga 2002 Czech Expedition

02/18 Eric Blakeley joins the Seven Summiters

02/18 Skis: On the Upswing with Shapes to Fit Your Style

02/18 Goncalo Velez: Member of the Makalu 2002 Expedition

02/18 Hi this is Team High Exposure on February 15th. We're glad to report that Mike has recovered from being mauled by a horse fly.... 

02/18 Kangchenjunga 2002 is here !

02/18 The youngest American Everest Summiter

02/18 Moving Mountains Reinhold Messner

02/18 Gavin Bate Everest 2002

02/19 Dariusz Zaluski: Makalu 2002

02/19 Upcoming Events in Pakistan 2/2002

02/19 Did you notice: Aconcagua Facts and History

02/19 Shishapangma Expeditions and News Index

02/19 Swiss Shishapangma/Cho Oyu Autumn 2001 This is a large must see trip report/picture show; 25 pictures/pages in all; Enjoy !

02/19 Team V Hi this is Ellie Henke calling in from Aconcagua Base Camp calling in for Team V led by Matt Szundy and Cecelia Mortenson, Today is Sunday February 17th and the word for the day is cold up at Camp III...

02/19 Lhotse Expedition and News Index

02/19 Comparison Charts

02/19 Offseason Riding Attire

02/19 Climbers Interviews and Profiles

02/20 Japan Nanga Parbat expedition 2002

02/20 Ropes: The Climber's Insurance Policy

02/20 EverestHistory.com: Routes

02/20 So now what for Erik Weihenmayer?

02/20 Hans Kammerlander retired from the 8000 meter peaks but why?

02/20 EverestHistory.com: Firsts

02/20 EverestHistory.com: Anna Czerwinska

02/20 It's February 17th, and the team is finally on their way up the mountain after getting a rough start out of Base Camp yesterday morning..

02/21 Graham Hoyland's next Project: Seven Seas, Seven Summits

02/21 Spanish Mt. Spantik 7027m 2002 Expedition

02/21 Ski Travel Deals Get away from it all

02/21 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board

02/21 Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina. Team V Good morning this is Ellie Henke calling from Aconcagua Base Camp. Today is summit day...

02/21 Holiday Gift Guide

02/21 K2 2002 Expeditions and News

02/21 Have you read the Classified Ads?

02/22 The killing of America reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan

02/22 Polish Mustagh Tower 7284 meters 2002 Expedition Update

02/22 Going Outside with Old Man Winter

02/22 Lectures/Shows Update

02/22 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board 02/21/02

02/22 British Air resumes its flights for Pakistan

02/22 Aconcagua Summits and more....

02/23 Manaslu 2002 Expeditions and News Index

02/23 Everest Speakers Updated

02/23 The Future of EverestNews.com

02/23 Celebrated Japanese mountaineer Takashi Ozaki has joined the Adventure Consultants team

02/23 A Noncamper Conquers Canyonlands

02/23 Nanga Parbat 2002 Expeditions and News

02/23 Aconcagua Base Camp where we have the final news from the Polish Glacier summit team....

02/25 Canada Shishapangma Autumn 2002

02/25 Ski Boots: Getting a Kick Start to the Slopes

02/25 German Gasherbrum II expedition 2002

02/25 Backcountry Hiking Safety

02/25 Cho Oyu Expeditions and News Index

02/25 Aconcagua Base Camp, this time for Team High Exposure led by Allen Carbert and Forrest McCarthy. 

02/25 This Is Skiing

02/26 Araceli Segarra, Hector Ponce De Leon, and Jeff Rhoads (American) K2 2002 !

02/26 Dispatch#56 February 20th, 2002.  Aconcagua Base Camp, Argentina after a few long difficult days... Outside our tents, a very cold and overdue climber asked for directions to the normal route high camp.

02/26 German Amical Alpin Broad Peak Expedition

02/26 Seven Summits Updated

02/26 Everest Speakers

02/26 Wilderness Medical Training

02/26 Everest: The West Ridge Direct

02/26 Joao Garcia

02/26 Many more expeditions, including Everest expeditions to be added in the next few days!

02/26 8000 Meter Expeditions: Send us your Everest or other 8000 meter expedition to everestnews2004@adelphia.net

02/27 EverestNews.com Good Causes (Funds) for 2002

02/27 Lectures/Shows: Go see Steve Bell !

02/27 Everest Maps and more

02/27 Kari Kobler's Everest 2002 expedition

02/27 Backclip What? 

02/27 The killing of America reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan: Part two with comments with Pakistan

02/27 EverestHistory.com: Firsts Updated

02/28 Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 2002

02/28 Kangchenjunga 2002

02/28 Makalu 2002 Team led by Piotr Pustelnik Updated

02/28 Dariusz Zaluski Updated

02/28 Start Easy, Go Wild!

02/28 The 2002 Himalayan Experience Everest Expedition

02/28 Nepal News: Press Release from Nepal Tourism Board Post Acham Incident

02/28 Aconcagua: Team High Exposure

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