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 Daily News: 3/24/2000 Report

For Latest News. For earlier reports: See the News Index for a list of all the Daily Reports. See the Home Page for Individual Stories.  Receiving Reports from Over 25 Teams on Everest this Spring 2000.

  • Everest Spring 2000: Graham Hoyland

On Friday March 17th, EverestNews.com had the pleasure of attending Graham Hoyland's Lecture "Unraveling the Mystery of George Mallory" in the Baird Auditorium at the National Museum of Natural History. The lecture was presented by the Smithsonian who were excellent hosts. The lecture had to be moved to the Baird Auditorium to accommodate a larger audience. Graham was his humble keen-witted, never self serving and always telling how good of a job the others have done rather than taking any credit himself. Graham did talk about the BBC role in providing over half the funds for last years Mallory and Irvine expedition.

Graham, the great nephew of legendary climber Howard Somervell, showed the audience a combination of clips from the BBC film and photos from his collection as he discussed his experiences on Everest over the years, and retraced the steps of Mallory and Irvine. His story was a rare tale of kinship, curiosity, and perseverance. Our favorite picture was of Graham at the Summit of Everest with a wooden ice axe bearing his name.

Somervell and Graham were dear friends and one-time climbing partners. They crossed paths on Everest in June 1924, as Mallory and Irvine were making their ill fated attempt at the Summit of Everest. Somervell lent Mallory his Kodak camera in hopes that Mallory and Irvine would succeed in obtaining the Summit. Mallory and Irvine disappeared into the clouds above camp 6 never to be seen alive again. Somervell's camera became a tantalizing clue to one of the enduring mysteries on our age. Did Mallory or Irvine actually reach the Summit of Everest ?

Graham explained that as a young boy he nurtured an obsession with ascending Everest and finding Somervell's camera, which might still have retrievable images. Graham became a mountaineer and a BBC producer. Last year he proposed to his girl friend while on Everest. They were married after he returned from Everest after Graham got seriously ill while climbing.

After the presentation, Graham took questions from the hundreds in attendance for over 30 minutes. Many questions were very good, with the audience showing a good understanding of the events. After the lecture, Graham signed books and discussed M&I theories, while some approached him with theories and second hand information from different sources, Graham was once again his patient and humble self.

After the lectures we went off into the night of Washington D.C. with writer Wade Davis and friends. Graham, preparing for Everest, never wore a coat!! We discussed various theories how from Mallory body could have moved down the mountain to how one would study the death of Sergi's death in 1998 to learn clues on M&I. Graham was the listener, carefully thinking over the possibilities. We asked Graham, if there was any possibility that he would make a Summit of attempt this year. Graham replied, " I am just there for the search and only in the search. I have no interest in the Summit." We believe him without a doubt.

Graham would like all climbers on the mountain to know that he has no problem with other searching. In fact he encourages others to look without risking life or limb. Graham will assist other expeditions on Everest this year that might be looking, on where to look and what to do. Graham will assist any climber, if possible, to help preserve whatever might be found. He has made arrangements if the camera is found to get a person from Kodak to the mountain. Graham fears that the camera might be found, only to have the images destroyed because the camera is not handled properly.

Graham will be on Russell Brice's Expedition to Everest this time. Russell, the most experienced guide on Everest, has lead nine expeditions to Everest. This will be his eighth to the North side of the mountain. Mark Whetu, 2 time Everest Summiter, and guide for Russell, will help with the search and film part of the search. Graham shared his theories openly with us on where he thinks Irvine would most likely be on Everest. We assume he will share this with other climbers on Everest. Graham has been in contact with the Spanish climbers attempting to duplicate Mallory & Irvine's ascent of Everest (assuming they are looking for better results for themselves). Graham has provided them with information and looks forward to seeing them on Everest.

Graham expressed his desire that he could be the 16th or 17th climber from the UK to reach the Summit of Everest rather than the 15th. Graham Hoyland in a class act our friends !

  • Juan Oiarzabal, "To the Edge of The Impossible"

Look for a detailed update soon. EverestNews.com is working with our Spanish friends to bring You the news on this exciting expedition.

  • Everest Spring 2000: Jeffrey Warden

A lone climber from Canadian attempts the Summit from the South Side. His name is Jeffrey Warden, and he is from Winnipeg Canada. Below is a picture of him:


Click on the his picture for a much larger size...

Jeffrey does not have a web site, but he hopes to check in with EverestNews.com with some reports from Everest. More on Jeffrey soon !

  • Andalucia Everest 2000:

The first set of Andalucia climbers are at Everest BC in Nepal, a full dispatch in Saturday's news.

Source: Andalucia Everest 2000

EverestNews.com will publish the Andalucia reports in English. Their reports in Spanish, pictures, and more will be on the http://www.deporteandaluz.com/everest.htm site.

  • Projecte LaceNet: Featured Expedition on EverestNews.com

First Dispatch: "On the 24th of March, most of the mountaineers take a plane to go to Luckla, and two of them will take an helicopter to go to Syangboche. It will take them 16 days to get to the Everest base camp. On their approaching march, they will climb Island Peak (6189meters) and Lobuche Peak (6145meters) as part of the acclimatization process. They hope that when arrive at Everest base camp, they will be able to quickly install Camp II.

Well, this is all we now at the moment. When receiving more news we'll let you know. Cheers!" Nica Dalmau Projecte LaceNet

This is a Catalan Everest Expedition: A South Side Expedition with many experienced climbers including expeditions to Manaslu (1991), Makalu (1976), Everest (1983 and 1985), Lothse (1980), Annapurna IV (1979), Disthgil Sar (1982), Saipal (1985), Makalu (1988 and 1990), K2 (1995). The Spanish were very successful in 95 on K2 as you can see on our K2 Summits page sumk2.htm.  

The Cooperative Telematic Project, 'From Montserrat to Mount Everest', consists in the educational accompaniment, through a virtual expedition, of the real mountaineering team that will try to climb to the top of Mount Everest in May 2000, sponsored mainly by the Caixa de Manresa and La Vanguardia.

Using the Internet, they propose different activities in order to bring everyone closer to this expedition and to show its main characteristics, how it is planned, and the challenge it presents for its members. They also consider the Himalayan region, its people, their way of life, etc.

"Project LaceNet" was born two years ago, with the goal of introducing the Central Catalonian educational centers to the Internet. In the first edition, they carried out the project "Discover the Bages County", and in the second, they offered a "Virtual trip to Antarctica", in which Argentinian schools participated. In the current school year (99-00), they are presenting "From Montserrat to Mount Everest". This is a project addressed to the Bages County, Spain and the international public. The project is sponsored by the Fundaciσ caixaManresa and has the support of European SchoolNet and I*EARN-Pangea.

This expedition has many plans. Please check out their many pages. Make sure you find the Activities page. Many educational activities for students. Activities will be available on the project website from January 1, 2000 until the middle of the following June. As for educational centers, teachers will be able to define the length and rhythm of their classes' participation and individual participation. For everyone there will be some activities that continue for the life of the project and others that have a limited time frame.

EverestNews.com will publish their News in English. Their reports in Spanish & English, pictures, and more will be on the http://www.lacenet.org  web site.

  • Annapurna Spring 2000: Second Dispatch

EverestNews.com will follow the attempt on Annapurna of a International Expedition: "International Annapurna 2000 Expedition"

Today the expedition started off for Nepal, with the objectives : to reach the top of first the 8000 conquered, to manage the construction of a health center and to search the mountain for a Catalan climber that disappeared while climbing Annapurna earlier. Maurice Herzog & Louis Lachenal first reached the Summit of Annapurna in 1950 .

Their web site:  www.interofer.es/annapurna2000 with reports in Spanish, Pictures and more ! A very nice site.

EverestNews.com has added a Spring 2000 Annapurna Page where EverestNews.com will report News on this expedition and other Annapurna News.

  • Everest Spring 2000: Byron Smith moving up !

Just a brief entry from Byron today, but we have received our first photos of the expedition. Check out the gallery at http://cbc.ca/everest2000/gallery/ to see pictures of the trek so far.

Byron is at Namche Bazaar and moving up....

For the rest Byron's news check:   http://cbc.ca/everest2000/

  • Want to know more about operating a sat phone ?

Check out the MVS Page for operating a phone in Nepal.

EverestNews.com welcomes MVS has our newest sponsor. MVS has agreed to let EverestNews.com readers buy MVS phone and equipment at the dealer cost !

See the MVS Page.

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