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Daily News: 3/28/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000: A New Expedition

Canadian Everest Expedition 2000:

The four-member team, the Canadian Everest Expedition 2000, say they are not peak happy. Technically, they are highly skilled. Mentally, they are driven by passion, but they won't take unnecessary risks just to make the summit. Team leader Ben Webster, 36, said he wanted a team that would focus on the process during the lengthy Everest climb, and not just on the summit awaiting them. Physically and mentally, the team is prepared to greet Everest. With a variety of ascents tucked into the teams' climbing history, they have a lot of successful highlights to refer back to. However, the team does not have much H.A.   experience. Webster exudes bountiful energy that seems to permeate to others around him. This added to his zest for mountaineering makes his natural leadership skills apparent.

In his 20 years as a professional adventure guide and instructor, Webster has filled his spare time with climbing, kayaking and snowboarding. Along with his summit of Africa's highest peak,  Kilimanjaro, Webster reached the peak of Mt Illiampu in Boliva at 20,000 feet. Also accredited to Webster is the first ascent of the Southwest Ridge of Mt. Thor in the Arctic Circle. In 1988 Webster achieved a winter ascent of Mt. Bhagirathi, located in India. With dozens of ascents stretching from the Alps and the Andes to the Himalayas and the Rockies, Webster, a Toronto native, is the leader of the Canadian Everest Expedition 2000.

His team members include Benoit Robitaille, Francois Bιdard and Claude Bιrubι, all members of the Fιdιration quιbιcoise de la montagne et de l'escalade (Quebec Federation of Mountains and Climbing.) Team member Bιrubι, 45, of Lac St. Charles, Que. is well known in the climbing world. He is known for his technical expertise and a long list of impressive climbs. Bιrubι was the first to summit the southwest pillar on Mt. Thor and the East Ridge on Mt. Mjolnir in Baffin Island. He is also known for his climbing Mt. McKinley in Alaska and Mt. Steele in the Yukon. He is owner of APIC, a company specializing in designing and building artificial climbing walls. Benoit Robitaille of Beauport, Que. has welcomed various climbing challenges throughout Quebec and the Canadian and American Rockies. Both he and team member Francois Bedard reached 19,550 feet on Mt. Logan and on 22,831 feet on Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. Bιdard, 28, who is a motivational speaker, has also summited Mt. McKinley in Alaska twice.

The climbers are accompanied by sports psychologist Sean Egan, who is studying the mental strain on the climbers, and Dr. Max Buxton, who will provide medical services at base camp.

Canadian Everest Expedition 2000: Current Status

The Canadian Everest Expedition 2000 is preparing to head to Lukla, a stopover en route to Base Camp. This expedition will be a featured Expedition on EverestNews.com, so expect more on them soon.

You can get full details at the Canadian Everest Expedition 2000's official website -- http://www.canoe.ca/Everest/home.html

CANOE claims "Canada's largest Internet news service with well over one million unique users each month and more than 75 million page views." "Our focus is on Canadian sports, entertainment, business and general news. We also have growing travel, life and health sections. We've had sites for many Canadian expeditions, including canoe trips down northern rivers. The Webster site is our first for an Everest climb. Our main URL is www.canoe.ca We get our news from our own staff, several newspapers owned by our parent Quebecor Inc. and wire services. ", Canoe tells EverestNews.com.

  • Other Canadians Expeditions: Review and Status

Seems like a good day to review all the Canadian Expeditions on Everest. All these Canadians Expeditions are working with EverestNews.com this Spring 2000 Season.

  • Everest Spring 2000:

Canadian climber Byron Smith and his all Canadian Expedition: www.cbc.ca/everest2000

The 39-year-old who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba plans his second attempt on Everest beginning in March 2000. Byron grew up in Calgary and now lives in Vulcan, Alberta with his son Zachary and wife Jamie. Byron Smith owns and runs a car dealership in Vulcan and trains up to two and a half hours a day, six days a week to keep in climbing shape. He will be one of the strongest climbers on the mountain EverestNews.com is told by other veteran Everest climbers.

His Expedition Everest 2000 has contracted Science Alberta Foundation to develop a multidisciplinary education program for Canadian students. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 will participate in a virtual field trip to the "Top of the World." Teachers will appreciate the easy access to relevant, prepackaged lesson plans and activities. Students will enjoy the innovative, hands-on format of the Everest 2000 activities. Each group of lessons will include geography, science, mathematics, language arts, and physical education activities. This education program appears to be one of the best ever offered.

This year Byron will lead the expedition supported by Everest Veteran Tim Rippel, from Nelson British Columbia as his cameraman and fellow climber. The Expedition will film Byron on his attempt in what is hoped will be one of the better films to be made on the South Side of Everest. Byron will have 12 Sherpa climbers from Asian Trekking on his expedition supporting the many activities. This expedition promises to be one of the main featured expeditions in 2000 with many educational opportunities.

Current Status: Byron and his expedition is currently in Nepal heading for Everest Base camp.

  • Everest 2000 Expedition: Gabriel Filippi

An air-traffic manager based in Iqaluit is planning to scale the heights of Mount Everest. Gabriel Filippi, 39, a mountain climber, would be the third Quebecer to ascend the world's highest peak.

The highest peak Filippi has attained in a quarter-century of climbing has been Argentina's Mount Aconcagua, an altitude of 6,962 meters. He has not attempted any 8000 meter peak before.

The expedition will be led by Babu Chiri Sherpa, of Nepal, and will include three- four Mexican climbers. The first Quebecer to reach the top of Everest was Yves Laforest, in 1991. Last year, Bernard Voyer became the second Quebecer to do so.

Babu Chiri Sherpa who established the world record by spending 21 hours on the summit of Mount Everest without auxiliary oxygen in the Spring of 1999. He has already summited Mount Everest 9 times and this year, he will attempt to reach the Base Camp from the summit in 16 hours, which would be a record time!

Gabriel Filippi currently has left Canada and is in Nepal.

His web site: http://www.everesty2k.com/

  • Everest Spring 2000: Jeffrey Warden

A lone climber from Canadian attempts the Summit from the South Side. His name is Jeffrey Warden, and he is from Winnipeg Canada. Below is a picture of him:


Click on the his picture for a much larger size...

Jeffrey has a long and impressive climbing resume. Jeffrey does not have a web site, but he hopes to check in with  EverestNews.com with some reports from Everest. More on Jeffrey soon !

Status: Jeffrey is currently in preparing to leave Canada for Nepal.

  • Other Canadians Expeditions: North Side only 1 ...

A French Canadian Expedition: Everest Millιnium www.everestmillenium.qc.ca Four French Canadian Climbers take on Everest via the Tibet Side without the use of Sherpas or oxygen. The climbers -- Bernard Mailhot, 39, Claude-Andre Nadon, 28, Francois Loubert, 30 and Andre Laperiere, 45 -- are in Tibet, heading for Everest Base camp on the North. See yesterday's news for more details. EverestNews.com will reports the French News in English, check their site for French, pictures, video and more.

More information on them here.

  • Want to know more about operating a sat phone ?

Check out the MVS Page for operating a phone in Nepal.

EverestNews.com welcomes MVS has our newest sponsor. MVS has agreed to let EverestNews.com readers buy MVS phone and equipment at the dealer cost !

See the MVS Page.

  • Recent News

Juan Oiarzabal, "To the Edge of The Impossible" or AL FILO DE LO IMPOSIBLE in Spanish: Expedition to recreate the ascent of 1924 of Mallory and Irvine of Everest. This expedition is already underway.

Graham Hoyland's Lecture "Unraveling the Mystery of George Mallory" in the Baird Auditorium at the National Museum of Natural History.

Alan Hinkes Q&A

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Adventure Consultants for Everest Spring 2000

Close Does Not Count for Records


EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Jagged Globe for Everest Spring 2000

Spanish Climber to attempt the Messner route on Everest

Change of Guard at the Khumbu Ice Fall

Graham Hoyland and the BBC returns to Everest in Spring 2000 insearch of the camera and Irvine.

Climbers headed to Everest Base Camp

Jochen Hemmleb Q&A Part 7

India climber plans to spend the night on the Summit

Dutch Climbers prepare for Everest

The Mountaineering Must Haves

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