Has Sandy Irvine’s body already been located?

 The Brief History:

      The discovery of George Mallory’s body on the North side of Everest has been astonishing to many, but should it have been? A quest that was started by several people including Graham Hoyland, Tom Holzel, and Jochen Hemmleb over the years resulted in an expedition in 1999, which “found” Mallory’s body. Climbers have been captivated by the mystery of George Mallory for years; however, many were appalled by the sale of photographs of his corpse. They may also be disappointed that the evidence appears to leans heavily on the side that neither George, nor his climbing partner that day, Sandy Irvine made the Summit of Everest. 

     EverestNews.com has been told that Sandy Irvine might have carried as many as four cameras to the Summit of Everest that day. Frankly, this is hard to believe, but it is Everest so anything is possible, however 1-2 cameras would seem like a more likely number. One of the cameras was owned by Graham Hoyland’s relative Howard Somervell.  Somervell was on his second trip to Everest and became friends with Mallory. According to the story told by Graham Hoyland, “ Mallory had forgotten his camera, and so Somervell handed him his Vest Pocket Kodak. The two parties separated the next morning, and Somervell never saw his friend Mallory again.”

     Of course the mystery deepens when the report by Odell is told that he spotted them "going strongly for the top". 

The Photos:

     EverestNews.com, while publishing several opinions from team members, historians and others, has chosen to stay out of the fray of the Mallory and Irvine controversy. However, if we did not “find” Jochen Hemmleb and then publish his papers, the 1999 Expedition may never have taken place. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

     In spring of 2000, readers of EverestNews.com, who never cease to amaze us, started e-mailing us with potential information on the location of Sandy Irvine. Frankly, we were initially unbelieving and very unsure what to do with this “information”. 

     In the last year, this “issue” of the location of Irvine’s body has been discussed quietly among readers, climbers and EverestNews.com. In the last two months, with the Everest season approaching, the readers and the climbers have begun talking again. EverestNews.com began to ask Everest climbers what we should do with this “information”. Everyone seemed to believe last week that this “information” should be published. If became clear to us that any secret was out, and that most climbers on Everest in Spring 2001 would know this information. Therefore, here is the “information”.

     People believe that in photos taken in spring 1999, two bodies show up in some of the pictures taken of the gulley area before Mallory’s body was covered with rocks. It would seem logical that this second body could be seen in photos taken after Mallory’s body was covered, however, pictures with Mallory’s body seem to give researchers (and others) a focal point to start looking for Irvine’s body. EverestNews.com does not own the copyrights to the photos. 

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