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 Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001)

The team consists of alpinists, committed nature-lovers and persons in favor of adventure. Since all of us hit the "Road of Adventure", we know the obstacles, pitfalls and other difficulties. 

Zoltan Ács - alpinist, high mountain cameraman, age 32

I grew up in the countryside, in Nyíregyháza, there I lived "beyond the table" kid: our house was built beyond the table showing the end of the
city. Around the house I could find all what a kid might dream of, for example: little forest, little river and a field. I organized small "expeditions" to the end of the garden, where I built a little hut from pale and I cooked carrot - as elephant meat - on a night-light. Later it turned out that the little forest is only a 30 meter wide row of trees and the river can be stepped over, man does not even jump. But the affection for the nature and the adventure remained for me.

I began mountain climbing with László Mezey during the university years and we started with a trip to the Kaukázus (Elbrus). I started to work for Zöld Pont (TV Magazin of "Green sports") as presenter. I was already as the member of the Explorers Team in the Hindukus in 1998, where we made successful trip in good atmosphere.

My high-altitude climbing: 1991.-Elbrusz, 1998.-Tirich Mir, 1999.-Acconcagua Winter (to 6950 m), 2000.-Broad Peak, 2001.-Denali Winter (to 4500 m) I will be a climber and cameraman on the Everest.

David Klein - the leader of the expedition, age 25

I began mountain climbing in 1989 when I was 13 years old and soon I wandered around among the peak of High Tatra. My favourite place for climbing is the Mt. Blanc area where I spent more months with climbing.
Nowadays I work on the English language translation of the climbing guide of this area.

I led the successful First Hungarian Hindukus Expedition in 1998, where two members of the team reached the 7708 m high peak of Tirich Mir. I visited the Asian mountains three times in 1999 for reconnaissance purpose. In year 2000 I was the participant of the Broad Peak Expedition (8047 m) as the leader of the expedition. Two members of the team reached the peak, I turned back from 7800 m. I climbed with Zoltán Ács in Alaska (Denali Hill) in the winter of 2001.

During the Hungarian Everest-Lhotse Expedition (2001) I will be responsible for leading the expedition again.

László Mezey - alpinist, photographer, age 31

I graduated at Testnevelési Egyetem (Sport University), I am a gym teacher by profession. I began climbing at the Alpinist Section of BSE (Budapest Sport Association) in 1984. We made beautiful alpine climbing with the old buddies in the High Tatra besides the climbing areas in my homeland, but we also made the sandstone tower of Elba. I experienced the joy of winter climbing in Fogaras, the main peaks of the High Tatra and the Grossglockner during my secondary grammar school ages. I climbed first over 5000 meter in the Kaukazus in 1991. Besides the Elbrus I also climbed on Dzsantugan, Gumacsi, Cseget-Tau and Kogutaj With the my earlier leaders who guided me on these tops, with József Mihályi and Miklós Ferenci I was in the same team in 1996. This was the first Carpathians Ring Expedition, where we wandered app. 3000 km by foot and ski in wintertime. I started to make expeditions as one of the founders of the Explorers Program in 1998. I reached the 7708 m high peak of Tirich Mir as the participant of the First Hungarian Hindukus Expedition in 1998. I climbed the so-called Polish-glacier of Aconcagua (6962 m) in 1999 in the end of the winter, and I took part in the Broad Peak expedition that reached the peak in 2000. I was the technical leader of the expedition all three times. I will be climber and photographer on the Everest.

Miklós Ferenci - technical leader, age 44

I wander around the hills as a climber and speleologist since 1975. In the first years I wandered around the Hungarian rocks, among the mountains of the High Tatra. Among my first climbing the most interesting were the Yellow Wall direct, Weber direct and the Weber falls winter climbing. My most remarkable climbing in the Alps were the solo climb of the Königswand and the Mount Blanc.

As I see more and more from the world, I was more and more interested in the high-mountains, so I was able to get to Huascaran, Alpamayo and Qitaraju. I was several times in the Kaukazus where I reached the top of the Elbrus with ski, but besides this result my most beautiful memory is about the Ushba-traverse. I took part in the first Carpathians Ring Expedition that wandered around the peaks of Carpathians in the winter of 1996. 

I will be the technical leader of the Everest-Lhotse Expedition this autumn. 

László Várkonyi - alpinist, age 45

My passion to climbing began in my child-hood. The excursions to Pilis, the summers spent in the countryside, camping, and the trust and independence I received then, opened a straight road to the mountains. It seemed to be natural for me at my teen ages that I spent my spare time with trekking, climbing and speleology. I was 16 when I first went alone to the High Tatra and at age 22 I led my first real high mountain expedition in Kaukazus. 

Later came the Pamír and the Andok - the 7000 meter high peaks and the expeditions, than came the 8000 meter high peaks later.

I like the world of the hills, I like to leave the life of mountain people, both as guest and as belonging there too. I like to connect the quick and coordinated movement with research, searching for the road, looking around and staring at everything. I like that I have to make a lot of decision, many times correcting, making more punctual these decision. It would be really good, if more and more people can experience this feeling, and if I can show the beauty and difficulties in mountains for more and more. 

My most memorable climbing are the follows: Shishapangma (8014 m with Honor of Sport 1987), Cho Oyo (8230 m), Lenin-top, Aconcagua (the first Hungarian Bergel-group, Castello-arch traverse), Han-Tengri (6995 m). 

Ákos Szendrényi - Base Camp manager

I do wanders around the mountains since my childhood. We made a lot of excursions with my parents in Hungary, we went to the neighbor countries and we made longer trips in the mountains at summers. I went trekking and camping with my friends every year. I started to organize and lead more and more often these "wander around camps" with the aim to discover a region or a mountain area. After the home lands I continued with of Erdely Mountain of Medium High, East-Carpathians, South- Carpathians Mountain and later my interest turned towards the higher mountains, so I went more and more often to the Alps. I tried mountain climbing here and the course in the Fogaras. Till now I reached some tops of the East-, and South-Alps. I will be the leader of the base camp during the 2001. year Everest Expedition.

András Kovács - Base Camp technical support

It met the "mountains" for the first time in 1983 ... we reached the railway station of Poprad in one and half day in rainy weather. I think the rain was good for us taking into consideration our training conditions at that time. I got in the High Tatras . as tourist . in 1986 . the "ghost" of the mountain caught me.  I started to make high performance adventures with the Gerecse 50 in 1987, later came more serious ones for example the first Orion 2000 with always better results. I got the first prize on the Holsten 92 high performance adventures, I was the perpetual winner of the Esztergom 40 and I reached the 20.place in ... and 1995.  the 14. place in 2000. on the Kinizsi 100. I got the 7. place on BEAC Maxi .

I am the only one people who completed the Börzsöny Night Adventure 10 times (from ten occasions), completing always the original road plan and always among the first ten. In the last two years I managed to got the .. place. 

Dr. Gábor Vida - Expedition Doctor

My parents take me around in Bükk Mountain when I was just borne, as we lived in Miskolc. As growing up I wandered around the whole mountain first with my family, later with friends. I drew in together with the fresh air the love of the forests and mountains probably at this time. I could not choose more wonderful sport than orienteering at my age 11. So I spent almost all my leisure time in the forests and among the mountains. I started to be interested in the high mountains at this time, these mountains were the High and Low Tatra because of the geographical closeness. 

As I pursued orienteering competitively, I hardly had any spare time, so I started to learn climbing only after starting my university studies and after I finished orienteering, though I was more interested in high mountain climbing.

I climbed some over 3000 meter high peaks of the Alps with my friends. Last year I was the member of the Broad Peak Expedition, where I was the doctor of the team, the similar team to this year Mount Everest Expedition. I will accompany them this year again, as the doctor of the Expedition. 

Background of the Expedition


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