Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

Because this is my lucky number I try to trace for You, dear website visitor, what and where the others are doing: a little help for you to see, what's happening. Well. Two of our cooks, our Doc, András and Konyi are staying down in BC. My namesake, the man of great learning (László Várkonyi - Konyi), being an electrical engineer, is getting over the last solderings. So we'll have handset for the radio, solar cells, batteries, charger, phones, transceivers - all spiffed out. Ákos, who is the leader of BC, was carrying stuff to the repository at the foot of the Face this morning, together with us. We, Zoli and me (Mező) were his mates, and in the afternoon, when our BC chief have started down already, we are making another round from ABC with further supply for the repository. The third cook, being a resident of ABC, tries to pamper us under nomadic circumstances (compared to BC) with a bit red eyes. Although those Knorr miracle foods give him much trouble... Miki and David took the field around 200 meters far from the previous place, and their choice proves to be more promising. Before it's getting dark, Miki and me do further several meters, and reassemble at the virtual table of ABC only after the call of the dinner bell. (Mező)

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