Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

András, with morning swing, takes panoramic photos from the ridge above BC. The whole day welters in the sign of swing: Konyi and Doc resolved to carry up to ABC more mass than that of our BC leader. So Ákos stays down, and more than 60 kilos are getting up on the back of the lads. In ABC, Miki expounds for the cook that Oakley sunglasses are dead cert protection. 'Explorers' core, MÁK (Mezey - Mező, Ács - Zoli, Klein - David, 'mák' means poppy) is starting to the face to be up and go. The result: climbing the hard wall under Scotch Couloir (wanting 20 meters), movies and photos for ourselves and You. In the evening, there is a familiar birthday party, and in the course of it we give David the pudding behooving him. Pudding has one candle on it, which does not mean twenty-six in any numerical system, only here, at Kangshung Face. (The birthdays of the climbers come during the expedition, except that of Miki and me - a terrible organizational mistake!!!) Other high spot of the performance would have been the live connection with Antónia Bálint in Lottery Show - we almost succeeded... (Mező)

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Background of the Expedition

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