Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

The crew of 'spaltni' camp: Konyi and Miki rush up to the end of the fixed line and in weather constantly going wrong climb to the end of the Scotch Couloir. There are moving and falling stones, endangering David particularly, who's carrying stuff up from down so helping the climb mates. We hear in broadcasting that uppers tell him off into trenches. The next 200 meters of rope is now in place and David got off without injuries. Horary! To improve food pool of ABC, Zoli and Įkos sport up to the advanced in the afternoon, equipped with packages of the usual size and weight. We, the 'MAD' (Mezõ, Andrįs, Doc) are talking about the actions of the expedition until now, holding academic controversy on past events, saving the world and finally drowning our emotions in singing. In the evening radio time everybody makes his voice heard - and we are particularly happy with this, because this means that everyone is in one of the safe camps. (Mezõ)

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Background of the Expedition

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