Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

This day passes with contemplation and planning. After concluding that climbing the snowy and icy stage left under camp 1 by day is a phantasm, there's nothing left but to prepare for a night climbing marathon. The volunteers are Mezõ and myself. Zoli jogs along from ABC to BC after breakfast. Számszer is making sausage-and-eggs (from egg-powder) with pie for Konyi, Mezõ and me and we are gobbling with the purpose of preparation. At noon, Konyi's testing our microwave image transmission system - signs are received by András in BC. This gadget should pass the moving pictures from the summit to the base camp, from where those keep on through a satellite. Sun's shining very fine - we are scanning the snowy lane between our end-point and the desired camp 1 with binoculars. Late in the evening we saunter up with Mezõ to 'spaltni' camp. A few hours of rest - than at 8 in the night heading the fixed line. (David)

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Background of the Expedition

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