Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

Today the weather started reassuringly, so Miki and Konyi set out for Spaltni Camp where they just paid their respects before going on all the way to the end of the tethered route. Starting off with a flourish lightened tomorrow morning's start and yet burdened their night-time circumstances. They want to bivouac. For this Zoli and Andras are the support group. The Scottish Pass is difficult and against the plan and gives my companions a pretty impossible obstacle. Frozen-on ropes, needing a rock-drill to free. Since we haven't got one, they decided to wait until tomorrow's probable better weather softens the soil, then try again. From base camp David Samser, with our cook in university, moved back to ABC and from there as a change is coming down to Ankamin. Sadly the weather hardly agreed with plans and the evening snowfall closer to the wall called Miki and Konyi away from the more dangerous camp and back to ABC. 

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Background of the Expedition

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