Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

We don't know if we can believe it: if the fine sunny weather will last or not - in any case what we can now call the permanent base-camp staff (Doki, Mezo) have a fantastic view unfolding in front of them. Crystal-clear blue sky, and the sun shines on the peaks. Probably since dawn not a single cloud and we realised at once that if it was minus 5 degrees in the tent then it was minus 20 degrees outside. The boys are already working on the wall. The ropes in the Scottish chimney by now have been unable to withstand our dogged climbers, and among the lads, David's energy seems endless, and as a result of today's hard work Konyi, Miki and David tonight pass one of the snow ledges of the traverse section. Our doctor makes use of the fine weather to himself try out some physical workouts aside from today's strengthening exercises. In sight of Everest they built a new outhouse. In the evening the three different parts separately resumed the broken-off celebrations. Today we celebrated the birthday of our friend Zoli, in ABC Akos, Andras and the Celebrated, bivouacing on the wall Konyi, Miki, David and here in base camp Doki and Mezo. God Bless You Zoli! / Mezo.

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Background of the Expedition

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