Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

With the arrival of the warmth of the sun, the process of moving stuff gets started on the wall. Besides the watchful eyes of Akos (the avalanches continue with their customary enthusiasm), David, Miki, and Konyi get a bivouac moved up to the top of the roped route from where it's possible from a still-closer position to fasten on to the last rope sections until the level stage. Apart from the climbing equipment, blankets and sleeping stuff get moved up to the bit of sill now christened the Cuckoo Nest. Zoli and Andras haul it up over the lower, rocky section, and on the other hand for the evening move from ABC to the depo tent nearer the wall, so that they will be in a better position to get started tomorrow, perhaps the climbing day that decides everything. After the morning visit with Doki, we spent the entire day praying that the weather would hold. By evening, with signs of more bitter weather and of course in the interests of safety Konyi and Miki came back from the dangerous bivouac location to spend the night again back at ABC. David stayed until breakfast (his ledge was in a luckier place). A bit disappointing, but we could not do anything else: we can hope that there will still be a change big enough to make the expedition possible! Mező

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Background of the Expedition

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