Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

We're not hurrying anywhere.... We know that every little detail can mean the difference between success and failure, between life and death. We are preparing for the last assault. According to our plans today we move up to the Cuckoo Nest bearing the name "camp-place" (the measurements of the place justify the quote marks), then tomorrow we cut out of there and onto the porters' track for the top. At ten o' clock the trio starts out for there: Konyi, Miki and I - Zoli joins us tomorrow. Although for a couple of days I have felt like the Energizer bunny with a run-down battery (the Ledge Camp episode dried me out, I did not drink much), now however I feel charged up, lots of tea is wobbling around in my tummy, my cells all flushed and juicy. Except.... I have a headache. Up until now this was "OK", but there was that stone. A nice big stone the size of a kid's head fell on my nut a couple of days ago during the descent. I had my helmet on, so it just made me a bit dizzy, but Doki firmly instructed me that if my head began to hurt, I had to bail out. I have mild concussion. We quarreled 
at the Depo. We quarreled and quarreled, then the sad enlightenment - we're going down. At four thirty we managed to talk with Doki, and he put me in my place, like a proper English governess. I began the descent - it was already dark when I got to base camp. Tragic news awaited me: during an afternoon radio interview, we had learned that Dr Sßndor G˘rdos, our companion climber trying the ascent on the other face had died, having fallen from over 25,000 feet. We telephone home, our backup team fills in more of the news. In silence we sadly sip our mugs of tea. (David)

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Background of the Expedition

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