Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition (2001) 

Today I'm not writing a "traditional diary". What would  I do that for? Yes: Zoli and Konyi - in the company of Mr Equipment - are up there on the frozen glacier. We're down here. It's almost the end to the expedition - by now there's really nothing to show up there of our climbing project. We can feel a strange atmosphere in the camp, like the clouds which according to timetable we're expecting to arrive from the east. We know we will be able to understand what we feel only at home, at a distance of days, weeks, months from now. Like Atrasko in Southern Josda: we are here, we hear the word Mountain, we feel it's ours but we still haven't got it. Doki concocts some tea for himself and settles down beside me. Out there it is minus A Lot. The cold penetrates through to the bone. Clouds from the east are swarming up, covering up the icy peaks. Winter is here. We become a Chekov play, the Doctor traveled a long way so that he could have a sit-down and sip some tea. Akos outside washes socks in a tub. I light up a pipe. Evening slinks towards the camp.

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Background of the Expedition

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