International Mountain Guides ( Everest 2002 Expedition

International Mountain Guides Everest 2002 Dispatch 10: The first IMG summit team is taking a rest day today [May13th] at Camp 2.  Sherpas Mingma Ongel and Danuru moved up to Camp 2 today from Base Camp.  Tomorrow (the 14th) the climbers move to Camp 3, and Mingma and Danuru move to the South Col. Five additional Sherpas, led by Ang Passang, will move tomorrow from BC to Camp 2.  On May 15 Mingma and Danuru will work above the Col to fix rope, while the IMG climbers and the additional Sherpas all move to the Col.  The 16th is the target day for the first summit attempt. The Ford team [women's part of the expedition] is going to wait a couple of days and let the dust from the stampede to settle a little. So far everyone is doing fine and the weather report is encouraging for the next few days!

Eric Simonson Expedition Leader 

International Mountain Guides / Expedition 8000


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