International Mountain Guides ( Everest 2002 Expedition

Update 5/17/2002 short Update: Reliable sources on Everest report to, It appears Guy Cotter was right, the weather has changed on Everest!!! The women's team is having some problems. First Alison Levy runs into somewhat serious problems after a dose of dex, they get her moving and sent her down with support. Next Lisa Rust has vision problems, and is sent down with support. Jody Thompson then has problems and heads down. Ben Marshall, out of guides, calls it an expedition and heads down. If all of that was not enough the weather has changed and the winds are up, the clouds are moving in. Jake Norton and a Sherpa have continued their attempt on the Summit.  Jake has not summited Everest before. 

Update 5/17/2002 short update: It is confirmed the "women's" part of the IMG Expedition left camp 4 last night around 10PM, rumor has it that as many as 16 Sherpas were along for the ride. The last news we received is that they were near the South Summit of Everest. Peter Hillary was planning on attempting the Summit tonight. 

Update 5/17/2002: International Mountain Guides Everest 2002 "Part 2" 

Reliable sources tell, the "women's" part of this expedition was at Camp 4 last night. We do NOT have confirmation that they left Camp 4 [that mean we don't know]. 

Lead by Eric Simonson, Guides Dave Hahn, Jake Norton, Ben Marshall, and Lisa Rust and 8 Sherpa climbers, along with climbers Lynn Prebble (49, a physical therapist from Colorado who has summited Cho Oyu), Jody Thompson (38, a nurse from Colorado has summited Rainer, Denali and a failed attempt on Ama Dablam in 98), Kim Clark (34; a third year nursing student at the University of Colorado who has summited Denali), Alison Levine (35, an investment banker for Goldman Sacks) are expected to attempt the Summit.

The wind picked up on the North yesterday, we will see ....


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