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 The Jaime Vinals Story

"First of all, I want to explain that I did not write the information on my website, that was written by my staff in Guatemala with no bad intention, they did not want to be unthankful with our rescuers, they picked up some information that they have heard on a radio interview from advance base camp. At this stage, they were concern to update my website so they did it.

Unfortunately, they did not explain that I was so thankful with Dave Hahn, Jason Tanguay, Tap Richards, Andy Politz, Eric Simonson, Juan Pablo, Marcelo and also from my own team I want to thank strongly to Russell Brice, Chris Warner, Asmus Norreslet, Phurba Sherpa and Lopsang Sherpa.

I remember just after the sunrise on May 24th. When Andy Lapkass and myself just survived that cold and long bivouac... We saw three strong climbers coming to us, they were Jason, Tap and Dave. They gave us water, dexamethasome and fresh oxygen bottles. After that, they asked different questions about our feelings at this moment. After some time they decided amazingly to abort there own summit attempt, and decided to join us on our way down. I was so surprised and thankful for it.

The Americans were first to us that day. In fact Jason and Tap arrived first, a few minutes later Dave Hahn, and then ... I guess 20 minutes later the Columbians arrived. The Columbians did stop right at the place we were with Andy, yes they give some water. Juan Pablo and Marcelo were with me and Andy helping out. Juan Pablo and Marcelo gave their water, some gels and as Tap, Dave, and Jason had the oxygen, drugs and other items the necessary logistics to help us. The Colombians were helping me. Once I was stable and the others who were with me took charge they went for the summit in agreement with the other people involved in helping me and Andy.

As far as other Spanish climbers, I cannot say anything about them, because I have never had contact with them, as far as I remember."

To continue on with the story:

"Jason and Tap joined Andy, and Dave was with me.

Our speed was painfully slowly, we did like two hours from the third to the second step, which is so dangerous.

Somehow at this stage I could manage to abseil just by myself this dangerous section of the mountain. At the bottom of the second step was Phurba Sherpa, one of the strongest sherpas on the mountain, he summited a day before (just like us), he was coming from 7,900 meters just for helping us (IT IS AMAZING). Anyway at this stage things were much better, because from here Dave Hahn got a stronger help with Phurpa, and also Lopsang Sherpa (our sirdar) was together with Andy Lapkass, Jason and Tap.

Several hours later appeared Andy Politz, another strong climber from Eric's who helped also a lot. At the end of this afternoon we were arriving to the High Camp at 8,300 meters, were Chris and Asmus were waiting for us, we didn't stay at this camp, from we kept going down to our next camp at 7,900 meters, place where we spend the night.

We arrived to advance base camp, at the afternoon of the 25th.

I really want to thank all the people who help Andy and myself to get down from the mountain, it was a real teamwork... they saved our lives.

The reason why I am writing until now, is because I left Kathmandu on June 3rd, from there I was flying to Houston, Texas where I stayed until June 10th at Methodist Hospital for medical check. After that day I have been amazingly busy between media and sponsors because I am the first central American who climbs Everest and finish the Seven Summits.

I apologize with Dave Hahn, Jason Tanguay, Tap Richards, Eric Simonson, Russell Brice, Phurpa Sherpa, Lopsang Sherpa, Andy Politz, Chris Warner and Asmus Norreslet for writing all this until now, but finally I am happy writing all these because all of them save Andy's and my life... THANK YOU VERY MUCH... GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Also I want to thank you for everything you do with your wonderful web site."

Best Regards,

Jaime Vinals



Part Two of the Jaime Vinals Story is here.


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