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 K2 2001 

EverestNews.com will receive reports from three Expeditions on K2 this year. (Page down was the latest updates.)

Update 9/4/2001: Romanians only planned to trek and stay K2 base for 30 days. They came with a big sponsor. They did not have climbing permit.  But due to a fight, the wife left BC with the guide and a man. She left the base camp leaving all the equipment there. There was more fighting between the two in Skardu. But finally now they are in back in Islamabad and waiting for the flight back home...  

Asghar Ali Porik JASMINE TOURS
Department of Tourist Services License #333  http://www.jasminetours.com

Update 8/16/2001: EverestNews.com has been told by a source (not our normal sources) that the Romanians have a permit to climb K2. This would explain what the Czechs saw when they left K2 BC. We are trying to confirm this... 

Update 8/6/2001: Peter Guggemos says good bye to high altitude climbing. After attempting K2 on July 22 Peter Guggemos leader of International German Expedition to K2 says good bye to high altitude climbing. Now he is planning to concentrate on his construction company and play golf. 

Asghar Ali Porik JASMINE TOURS
Department of Tourist Services License #333  http://www.jasminetours.com

Update 7/31/2001: Christian Trojmmsdorff from France return back from K2 unsuccessfully. it was too dangerous and I decided to come down.. Without Sherpa or Oxygen it is too risky.  Christian climbed Everest on May 22 from North Col this year without Oxygen and he did Cho Oyu in 1997 too. 

Asghar Ali Porik JASMINE TOURS
Department of Tourist Services License #333  http://www.jasminetours.com

Update 7/25/2001: Hello EverestNews.com, It is right when we summit and went down to camp 4 our one member named Park young do (30 years old). He actually didn't summit but nearly did. (He turned around 150 meters from the summit.)  When he went down the last fix rope it was nearly camp 4. He fell down the right side (to south east east ridge route) and was missing about 7 P.M. on 22nd July.

We couldn't find his body on the way down after that weather became bad. The wind was so strong. So, we stopped to find body and the next day also so bad weather. It was very hard and dangerous for our members on the way down. On the way down camp 4 - camp 3 snow face, another member fell down 50 meters. But it was very lucky she stopped and was not hurt and so on....  It was a nightmare to go down with many sick members during bad weather. Strong wind like a storm.

We could down all to basecamp 24th night.

We can't search anymore. So we stop.

Anyway. We leave basecamp 27th July.

bye. Park young seok

Update 7/25/2001:Dear EverestNews.com, regards from K2 BC. Here are the answers of your questions 

"Yes One Korean fell down. He was on the way down, but not from the top. He decided to go down on the way up. He fell down somewhere around bottle neck."

Can you tell us more? "Three Koreans reached the top and their two Nepalese sherpas.  Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christopher Lafaille from Int. group and two Spanish Carlos and Pepe." 

also did 9 Summit ? "Together 9 people" [Not 10}

Does the family know yet ? "We don't know this."

With best regards Josef Simunek Czech Himalaya 8000

Update 7/25/2001: K2, Korean expedition: One dead, and according to the Czech team some other Korean climbers still above base camp. Things do not appear to be good on K2.

The Czech Expedition have told EverestNews.com that their weather forecast from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute: there is possibly rising-form monsoon situation near K2! Note: Our weather forecast significantly different than the free other sources.

The Korean climber who died fell: "I know that Kammerlander during his descent after the summit, he witnessed the fall of a Korean climber - who had reached the summit with a companion - in the bottleneck. No other detail so far. I'll keep you posted. Best regards Manuel, Focus Expeditions"

The others Koreans were coming down expecting good weather (based on their forecast) and got caught in the storm. The Czech Expedition have told EverestNews.com, "2 Korean men are back in BC; 1 man - ABC; 2 man - C2 (both sick, snow blindness and brain dropsy); and 1 Korean man died near C3. Korean expedition wants leave BC 7/27/2001. :-( Weather is very bad, all expedition wait in BC. Hans Kammerlander and Jean Ch. Lafaille are back into BC. I will send interview with J.Ch. Lafaille!" [Note this was about 5 hours ago at 5:44 am in America, we were told this. Things change fast....]

Things do not appear to be good... on K2... We are leaving much of these reports in RAW form, as things are somewhat unclear. 

It should be noted: The Korean Expedition has not mentioned any problems to date ! Their last e-mail today simply said: "We leave k2 basecamp 27th July . and 30th Skarudu . 1st Aug. Islamabad and 6th Aug. arrive Seoul. best regard basemanager kim hyoung woo"

Update 7/24/2001: K2, the best information we have right now...

EverestNews.com believes, based on the best information we have right now, the order of K2 Summiters were: Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille summited at 2:30, next the Spanish climbers (Carlos Pauner and Pepe Garces) and then the Koreans. Others seem to reporting the same details on the Koreans Summiters as EverestNews.com. It is unclear if any of them has received reports or are just using EverestNews.com's information.

The Korean report again: "Mr. Park young seok and Kang seong gyu, Oh hee jun and two Nepali Serap Jangbu Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa summitted today (22nd July) at P.M 2:40. They spent 13 hours on the way to summit. They start A.M 1:40. He [Park young seok] finished the 14 peaks this time. Other members (3 members and 3 high porters) are waiting in camp 4 for summit attempt tomorrow. best regard, Base camp manager kim hyoung woo"

Note this report was received by EverestNews.com from Mr. Park young seok's base camp manager kim hyoung woo as stated. 

Jean Lafaille is reporting that one Korean climber has died. The report is now also in the papers in Europe. The report on another web site stating that Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille summited late in the evening appears FALSE again.

Details will become clearer, hopefully, in the coming days. If you have been wondering why we have been counting who is coming back to base camp, now you know why....

This is not new, as 22 of K2 Summiters have died descending from the Summit, only Everest has more deaths on the way down from the Summit. 

Update 7/23/2001: Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille bivouac on the way down ? 

Sources tell EverestNews.com that Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille apparently bivouac high on K2 on the way UP and the way Down the mountain (after their Summit)! It is believed to be at 8000 meters or above where they spent the night. We say believed because we are not sure people know for sure. However, there does not appear to be concern since this is Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille. 

Update: Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille are now back at BC and are reported as fine.

Update 7/23/2001: Today Monday 07/23/01 at 15.00 pm Spanish time (18.00 pm local time) Pepe Garces and Carlos Pauner have safely made it back to K2 Base Camp, after their Summit success. Best regards  Pedro Lopez

Update 7/23/2001: Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille are reported to have summited K2 via the Cesen route.

It's confirmed at 20.00 pm Spanish time that Pepe Garces and Carlos Pauner had safely descent to Camp 4 Sunday 07/22/01. They will descend to Base Camp today. Best regards Pedro Lopez 

Update 7/22/2001: The Czech expedition to K2 has reported to EverestNews.com that 2 members of the International expedition (Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille) have reached the Summit of K2. We have NOT received confirmation from the expedition yet.

NEWSFLASH Update 7/22/2001 8:22am in America: Mr. Park young seok and Kang seong gyu, Oh hee jun and two Nepali Serap Jangbu Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa summitted today (22nd July) at P.M 2:40. They spent 13 hours on the way to summit. They start A.M 1:40. He [Park young seok] finished the 14 peaks this time. Other members (3 members and 3 high porters) are waiting in camp 4 for summit attempt tomorrow.

best regard, Base camp manager kim hyoung woo

NEWSFLASH Update 7/22/2001 6:48am in America:

Some minutes ago, today 07/22/01, at 12.15 pm Spanish time, Carlos Pauner and Pepe Garces from Spanish K2 expedition have reached the K2 summit 8611 m. 

Carlos had summitted at 11.30 am and Pepe at 12.15 pm. The last part of ascent was difficult due to deep snow, more than 1 meter. Both are descending to Camp 4. Probably they will try to continue to Camp 3. The weather is changing and there is some clouds, so the second assault with Javier Barra and Javier Perez probably must be delayed. More info at k2.redaragon.com Best regards Pedro Lopez 

NEWSFLASH Update 7/22/2001 4:49am in America:

The last report from Mila Pauner, Carlos Pauner's wife from Base Camp K2 9.30 am. Spanish time Pepe Garces and Carlos Pauner alongside with some Koreans members are at 150 m. below K2 summit. They are now well above bottleneck and is supposed that in 2 hours will stand at the summit. The weather remains good.  Source k2.redaragon.com Best regards Pedro Lopez 

More on the Spanish K2 expedition at k2.redaragon.com

Update 7/21/2001: Very recent news ... Some hours ago 07/21/01  20.00 pm Spanish time, the Spanish channel Antena3TV had contacted with Base camp Spanish K2 expedition. The actual situation is Pepe Garces and Carlos Pauner are in Camp 4 at 8050 meters resting and preparing the final assault to K2 summit. The weather looks well and the plans are to depart at 00.00 am local time 08/22/01. No info about Korean members but we supposed they are at Camp 4 as well. Javier Barra is actually at Camp 3 and Javier Perez must retreat to Base Camp due health problems.  Best regards, Pedro

Update 7/21/2001: With the necessary equipment (tents and ropes) the Spanish K2 expedition will depart from Camp 3 to Camp 4 (8.050 m.) They plan to arrive there at noon. 22nd July plan: Summit assault from 00.am They will bring 150 m. kevlar 6 mm. rope to fix the bottleneck and the traverse over 8300 meters. The Koreans members will use oxygen bottles, but the Spanish members not. Javier Barra and Javier Perez will begin one day later (20th July) to support. The weather forecast provided by Koreans members expects two good days (22nd and 23th) and the conditions will be deteriorating by 24th July. Best regards Pedro Lopez

Update 7/19/2001: "We will go up to summit tomorrow 20th July from base camp and try 22nd July. 3 members [of the Korean expedition] and me are first team and other 5 members will try the next day. The weather is very clear now until 23th. Today 3 members of first team went up camp 2. Below camp 1 all of the fix rope was covered with snow and 1 tent was broken in camp 1. The camp 2 tent was fine. We will make camp 3 tomorrow and camp 4 (8060 meters) on the 21st. And on the 22nd we will try summit."

"We found a dead body on the way from base camp to ABC. I think it is more than 10 years already gone. It seem to be a western guy. Long hair, brown  color, small foot. He/ she weared safety belt (it is old model - black diamond old style) and ring carabiner (silver color, only ring is green color auto lock style).  It seem to be a woman but not sure. and I find 1 koflach [?] shoe with foot and nothing else. So We bring to memorial camp and keep in stone." best regard, Park young seok

Update 7/19/2001: Spanish K2 expedition Update: 13th July: Javier descented from Camp 2 to Base Camp due to bad weather.

July 13th - 17th: Bad weather in Base

Camp:  July 17th, 15cm of fresh snow. Some concerns about equipment at Camp 2. The weather forecast predicts some improvements for 21-22nd July, so that day it's planned for begin the final assault... Best regards Pedro Lopez

More on the Spanish K2 expedition at k2.redaragon.com

Update 7/15/2001: We made camp 3 at 7300 meters. We now rest in Base camp. We are just waiting for good weather. When the weather is good we will go up to summit, and we will set up camp 4 at 7900 meters. The weather report say the weather will be bad until July 20th. So maybe around the 25th we will try to summit !. (I hope.....) Anyway the other teams here (Spanish -same route . Germany. France. Czech) are also in Base camp for few days. maybe more..... best regards Young seok. Park.

Update 7/13/2001: 07/10/2001, the Spanish K2 expedition lead by Pepe Garces has established Camp III at 7400 meters on the Abruzzi Ridge. Best regards Pedro Lopez

The French climber Jean Christophe Lafaille who is attempting K2 by the very difficult South Face on an Solo Attempt. He is part of the Focus Expedition that is attempting South East Abruzzi Ridge. He has come down after several days up high. You can follow his reports in French here. Jean has 6 8000 meter Summits to his credit to date including Manaslu North face. 

Note as K2 heats up will will bring you more reports from K2...

Update 7/11/2001: Javier Barra and Javier Perez are resting at Camp 2 (6700 meters) trying to push to Camp 3. Best regards Pedro

Update 7/9/2001: Spanish Expedition K2

Members: Pepe Garces (44): Everest (1991) Cho Oyu (1997), Shisha Pangma central (1998), G-1 & G-II (1999 in one week), Manaslu (2000 with Inurrategui brothers) ;Carlos Pauner (36); Javier Perez (33); Javier Barra (33)

Originally Cesen Route, but he changed to Abruzzi Ridge. They collaborate with the Korean expedition. Actual situation 07/06: Installed Camp 1 (6100 meters) and Camp 2 (6700 meters). Yesterday, Pepe Garces had sleep at Camp I and today will try to install Camp III (7100 meters), after surmounting the Dark Pyramid. Pedro

Update 7/8/2001: K2 Status: News from K2 Base Camp.

Czechs Qgir - K2 (8.611m) Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001 led by Zdenek Hruby have established C1 on Cesen route, and tomorrow they will start to build up C2. [Three new updates directly from them are here.]

Focus German International K2 Expedition led by Peter Guggemos has established C2 and climbing above C2 now.

Spanish group part of Focus International K2 Expedition climbs Abruzzi,
established C1 and approaching C2. Best Wishes Essar Karim

For Mr. Park and the Korean Expedition see below...

Update 7/6/2001: Hi EverestNews.com

I am at K2 now. Since I arrived at base camp, we had a problem with notebook computer. So I couldn't send to you [news] now everything fine. We made camp 2 (6600 meters) on the south east ridge on July 1st and on July 7th we will go up to camp 2 and will set up camp 3 and then back down. There are 4 Spanish climbers here and climbing together with us. They fixed rope from ABC to camp 1 and we fixed rope from camp 1 to camp 2 . We provided rope to them and they will fix rope camp 2 to camp 3 with us. Now the weather and everything is fine. After camp 3 we will wait for good weather and then try to summit. Our expedition is 16 members (1 woman). I will send any information next week to you and if you send questions to me I will write .. bye Park young seok.

The EverestNews.com list of K2 Summits to Date.

1.) Qgir - K2 (8.611m) Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001

Check the Updates !

2.) Young Seok Park, who has reached the Summit of 13 of the 14 8000 meter peaks, will attempt to complete the 14 8000 meter peaks this year on K2. EverestNews.com will carry Mr. Park's reports in English along with the Czech expedition above, and the World Summits expedition on K2.

"I will be climbing K2 this summer, June to August 2001.  It will be a big team. This time we will try to send video film to Seoul by e-mail every day. Especially on top of K2 and show on my homepage in SBS (Seoul Broadcasting system) site. I will also write our climbing story in English and send to you.  Anyway  I'm happy to hear from you anytime. Best regard", Young Seok Park

Update 6/7/2001: Hello EverestNews.com !  I'm in Islamabad now. Around the 20th of June I will arrive at K2 base camp . I will send my climbing news. Young seok Park

Update 6/11/2001: Mr. Park's K2 expedition is in Pindi making their final arrangements before they will depart for Skardu. They are having two permits for K2 this year with a 16 members team plus 4 Pakistani high altitude porter plus 2 Nepali high altitude porters.  They are planning to climb K2 from two routes the South East Abruzzi Ridge and the South East Spur. The other members are Park Young Do, Lee Ju Won You Chul Mok, Youn In Heok, Hun Sung Soo, Nam Ki Tak, Koo Cha Joon, Lee Jong Kwan, Serap Jangbu Sherpa (note this name, you will here more about him later on EverestNews.com), Pasang Chiring Sherpa, Kim Min Kwan.

Follow Mr. Park's expedition right here on EverestNews.com.

3.) German (International) K2 Focus Expedition lead by Peter Guggemos

Hans Kammerlander, will make his continuously third attempt on K2 this year. He is planning to climb solo. He is here with his friend, I will give you further notes sooner. First he want to attempt Ogre and then he will go for K2 later in the season. First two attempt in last years were failed. Asghar Ali Porik

Update 6/25/2001: Peter Guggemos is fine and still climbing on K2.

Update 6/24/2001: Greetings from Pakistan! Peter Grote, an American member of the International K-2 Expedition led by Peter Guggemos has been helicoptered back from Base camp and is in Skardu. The same day when Mr. Naiknam Karim GM of Adventure Tours Pakistan heard the news he managed to send a Helicopter to Base Camp and Peter Grote was brought to Skardu. Mr. Grote will fly to America but we don't know when he wishes to fly back. He had a minor injury. Mr. Grote is a professional photographer. The injury is not serious but his doctor advised him to come back to America. Essar Karim

Update 6/13/2001: German K2 Expedition lead by Peter Guggemos is here to depart for Skardu. German team has some international mountaineering among them, including Hans Kammerlander who is right now climbing Ogre and would join the group later. Hans plan is to climb K2 solo and ski down from South east spur; Jean Christophe Lafaille is here from France, Jose Antonio Garces from Spain, Christian Trommsdorff from France, David Jewel from New Zealand. Peter has climbed Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum I and II, Broad Peak, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma. Among others in the team is Peter Grote an American Photographer who plans to take photos only.

Asghar Ali Porik JASMINE TOURS
Department of Tourist Services License #333  http://www.jasminetours.com

Update: Jean Christophe Lafaille will attempt K2 by the very difficult South Face on an Solo Attempt at the Summit of K2. He will initially be with Peter's expedition on the South East Abruzzi Ridge, then after acclimatizing will try to pick that 3-4 day window to go it alone on the South Face for the Summit of K2.

Jean has 6 8000 meter Summits to his credit to date including Manaslu North face. Wish him well, he will need it.

4.) Spanish K2 Expedition: Pepe Garces, Javier Barra, Carlos Pauner and Javier Perez. More soon !

Update 6/16/2001: Insiders have told EverestNews.com that Pakistan and China plan to attempt K2 together in 2002 !

K2 20001 Expeditions and News; Broad Peak 2001 Expedition List; Nanga Parbat 2001 Expeditions; Gasherbrum I and GII Expeditions and News; General Pakistan News Page; The Master list of Expeditions in Pakistan in 2001. 

See here for K2 2000

K2 1999

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