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Chogori aka K2 2002!

Many climbers going home...

Go here for Dispatches from the Teams or to the Daily News Page for Dispatches and News from Everest, K2 and other mountains.

This page will be a K2 portal for you during the season. Check it often, as it is revised and more is added in the coming days...

Why do they climb K2? Because it is there? follows most of the expeditions on K2 in one way or another. Some ask why we cover some of the commercial expeditions, some ask why we cover what appears to be weak or somewhat unorganized expeditions. Some ask why we cover unknown climbers. Our mission has been, and continues to be, to provide unbiased coverage for our readers of K2 coverage. We believe our readers want to determine who is strong and who is weak. Who is organized and who is unorganized.

We believe our readers want more not less. Therefore we try to cover most expeditions and climbers on the mountain. You can judge, if you wish, who is the strong and weak, or simply sit back and enjoy the adventure. This is a very high risk sport where people die. In some ways this is reality internet where some achieve their dreams and other die trying. On K2 it is not if, but who and how many will die. Follow along for K2 2002 on, the only place to follow real unbiased coverage of all the K2 expeditions on the net.