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Everest 2002


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K2/Chogori 2002: Simone Moro    
Hi friends. I write this message after giving a try at climbing. I decided today to force a little and started at 3.30, with the Spanish Inaki, Oscar and Miguel, followed by a group of other climbers, English, Australian and American.

Our purpose was to try to reach C2 almost at 7000, while the others where aiming at C1 at 6200. I wanted also to test my physical conditions and acclimatization., compared to the one of the Spanish, who have been here for a month.

It went better than I expected until 5900 meters, with the others that had difficulties in following my path. I am happy with myself and unhappy with the mountain, because of the snow conditions. In fact we arrived at 5900 meters, waited for 30 minutes for better weather and turned around because of the danger of avalanches.

I waited two days to five the news of the death of a Pakistani high altitude porter Sher Ajman. He died under an avalanche on July 13 at 4:30 a.m., while starting the climb with loads on the Cessen route, with other 4 porters. He was in the center on the line and was taken down by the snow and rocks. Everybody has been deeply touched: he was father to 5 daughters and one son, deaf and mute. He was insured but we all decided to collect some money for the expenses for the family waiting for insurance payment.

This puts us against the risks and dangers implied in a climb to K2 and may questions are without answers: they are the same for any human being in his decisions: work, love, spirit, sport. Nobody is safe from everything and this is the great allure of the best adventure: life

Simone and Barbara