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Everest 2002


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K2/Chogori 2002: Simone Moro    

Hello to everybody,

Here I am, on the road again. On schedule and faithful as a Swiss watch I send you my first report from Islamabad in Pakistan. We arrived with no problem and all luggage's.

We already had a small briefing at the Tourism Ministry and now we are ready for Karakorum Highway. No flights are available to Skardu for today and tomorrow, to catch up for the canceled flights. In Skardu you have to land on sight and if there is a cloud, the plane goes back.

I don't want to stay here one week so Barbara and I are going to jump in the adventure of 1000 km.  No pictures for today: the cameras are in the luggage, you will see soon our hot faces.

Barbara and Simone.

PS: today it's cool, only 43 C: last week it was 49 C!!!!