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 K2 2001: Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001 

Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001

Members of the expedition are:

Zdenek Hruby: The Leader of the expedition, he has been a member of five expeditions attempting summits over 8000m, which for two of them he was a leader, he reached the summits of four without oxygen: Cho Oyu (8201m), Gasherbrum I (8068m), Gasherbrum II (8035m) a Lhotse (8516m) and a leader of a successful expedition to Everest 1998.

expedition to eightthousanders :  5
summits over 8000: 4 (Cho Oyu, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II, Lhotse)
He is married and has a daughter named Julia and a son named Adam Kristian. Living in Prague. He has been on five time on eightthousand meter peak and on the two of them as a expedition leader. As a member of international team, he has successful climbed Cho-Oyu. Later climbed Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II, which was in Czech mountaineering history a second double to the eightthousand meter peaks. On the May 13th 1999 as a deputy leader of Himalaya 8000 Lhotse expedition, he successful climbed main summit of Lhotse. On the 1998 has been leader of successful expedition to Everest (North Col). Zdenek reached all of the mentioned summits without artificial oxygen.

Josef Simunek [Simon]: deputy leader and founding member of Himalaya 8000, participated in 7 expeditions over 8000m, he led 5 of them and reached the summits of three without oxygen: Shishapangma (8046 m), Makalu (8463 m) a Lhotse (8516 m).

expedition to eightthousanders :  7
summits over 8000 :  3  ( Shishapangma 95, Makalu 98, Lhotse 99 )
Born in July 21st, 1964 in Jicin, Czech republic. Simon is married and has a daughter named Gabriela. Simon started to climb in Prachov when he was 18 years old. Then followed trips to winter High Tatras, Kaukasus 1984, Alps 1987, Kaukasus 1990 (Ushba, Elbrus), Pamir 1991 (Peak Fourth) etc. In the Himalayas he was part of expeditions to Cho-Oyu 1993 (deputy leader), Dhaulagiri 1994, Shishapangma 1995 (summit October 8th, downhill from 7.300 meters, expedition leader), Manaslu 1996 (expedition leader), Makalu 1998 (summit May 19th, expedition leader), Lhotse 1999 (summit May 12th, expedition leader).

Radek Jaros: participated in several Himalayan expeditions and other world ridges, reached the summit of Mt. EVEREST the 1998 as the second Czech in history without oxygen.

expedition to eightthousanders :  2
summits over 8000 :  1  ( Mt. Everest 98 )
Born in April 29th, 1964 in Czech Republic. Radek is married and has a daughter named Andrea and son Ondra. Radek started to climb in 1982 in Ceskomoravska vrchovina. Then followed Tatras, Tansan, Pamir a Himalayas. Some of the his important achievements sixthousander Pik Moskevske pravdy (1989) and fivethousander Pik Ucitel (1989). In 1994 he had an unsuccessful attempt at Everest summit. He later returned to Everest in 1998, when he reached summit as second from Czech Republic without oxygen. His last successful peak was South American Huaskaran.

Josef Moravek: participated in several expeditions to the world mountains, reached the summits of Mt. McKinley, Ama Dablam, Lhotse (8516 m) without oxygen. He was a leader of several expeditions such as Dhaulagiri 1999

expedition to eightthousanders :  4
summits over 8000 :  1  ( Lhotse 99 )
Born in July 24th, 1961 in Czech republic. Josef is married and has a daughter named Martina and son Peter. Josef started to climb in Moravsky Kras and later on he climbed in Tatras and Russia. In 1990 he reached summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska. First attempt of eightthousander was Broad Peak in 1994 (8,047m). This expedition ended after the death of two Czech climbers from the team. Later followed successful climbs of Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, Spicberks, Ama Dablam, and in Himalayas -Mt. Everest (8,848m), where using north face Josef reached north saddle in 7,300m and successful expedition Lhotse 1999. Expedition Dhaulagiri 1999 ended after the death of one of the members of this international team.

Sona Vomackova: presently the best Czech female climber. Sona has participated in expedition Pumo-Ri 1995, reached summit of Mt. McKinley 1997, Makalu (8463 m) 1998 and Lhotse (8516m) in 1999. She reached all of the previously mentioned eight thousanders as the first female in the world without oxygen and she holds the Czech female elevation record.

expedition to eightthousanders :  2
summits over 8000 :  2  (
Makalu 98 without oxygen, Lhotse 99 )
Sona was born September 22nd, 1971 in Boskovice, Czech republic. She is married without children. Sona has been active in sports since childhood. Mainly skiing, cross - country skiing, hiking, and running. In 1990 she studied teaching, math, and physical training with a focus on outdoor sports in FTVS. Out of all the sports Sona had tried, she was attracted to climbing the most. How about big mountains? Dachstein 1993, climbing in France (Chamonix). While still at school, Sona joined the expedition to Pumori 1995. In May 1997 she reached the summit of McKinley (the highest mountain in North America 6,194m). In 1998 she became the first woman in the Europe to reach the summit of Makalu (8,463m) without the aid of man-made oxygen. Other expeditions that Sona has successfully completed include: Skialp Austria 1992, Rumania 1994, Poland 1995, Austria 1998, and Ukraine 1998. In 1999 she was part of the expedition to Lhotse (8,516m) and become the second woman to reach that summit, and the first woman ever to reach that summit without the aid of artificial oxygen.

Ludek Ondrej [Bouda]: founding member of Himalaya 8000, present to seven Himalayan expeditions: Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Shishapangma, Manaslu, Makalu, and Lhotse a Kangchenjunga. In 1993 led a successful expedition to Cho Oyu.

expedition to eightthousanders :  6
Bouda was born May 10th, 1956 in Jicin, Czech republic. He is married and has a daughter named Dita. Bouda started to climb by himself at the age of 13 in Prachov. In 1979 he joined Pavel Krupka, Zdenek and Pavel Weingartlers as first ever to climb over Cimme di Lavarde, using superdiretissima in Cima Grande. From 1998 he climb Kaukasus, Pamir, three times Peak Fourth, two times Peak Korzenevskaja (7150m), south ridge of Schara, Elbrus, Ushba, Ullutau, Fanske mountains, etc. Bouda also joined Himalayas expeditions to Cho Oyu 1993 (expedition leader), Dhaulagiri 1994, Shishapangma 1995 (deputy leader), Manaslu 1996 (deputy leader), Makalu 1998 (deputy leader) and Lhotse 1999 (deputy leader).

Petr Skrivanek [Skrivan]: founding member Himalaya 8000, participated in 4 expeditions over 8000m, reached summit of Shishapangma (8046m) without oxygen.

expedition to eightthousanders :  4
summits over 8000 :  1  ( Shishapangma 95 )
Skrivan was born in December 11th, 1966.
He started to climb in Prachov when he was 14 years old. Than followed trips to Tatras, Alps, and Pamir (1991, 1992). In the Himalayas he was part of expeditions to Cho-Oyu 1993, Dhaulagiri 1994, Shishapangma 1995 (summit), Manaslu 1996.

Lhakpa Dorjee Sherpa: experienced Himalayan climber, member of several Himalayan expeditions as Sherpa and porter. Last four years he was closely working with Himalaya 8000 and with them reached Makalu (8463 m) and Lhotse (8516 m).

expedition to eightthousanders :  10
summits over 8000 :  3  ( Makalu, Lhotse, Dhaulagiri )
Born in Makalu region. Now living in Sonam. He is married and he has a three children. Lhakpa started his mountaineering as a local porter, then as a sirdar of trekking groups, specially for Nepal Trans Himalayan Explorer Ltd, directed by Mr. Pasang Dawa Sherpa. He has a many experiences from about 20 expeditions as a high altitude porter.
On the 1996 first joined our Himalaya 8000 team as an altitude porter. On May 19th 1998 successful climbed Makalu and a year later on May 12th a main summit of Lhotse. On the Himalaya 8000 Kangchenjunga has been a first time as a Sirdar. Now Lhakpa joined team as a member of K2 & Broad Peak.

Members, but not on the K2 Expedition as we understand it:

Vladimir Milata

expedition to eightthousanders :  1
Born in March 20th, 1961 in Jesenik, Czech republic. Vladimir is married and has daughters named Barbora and Marie. Vladimir started to climb when he was 17 years old in Jesenik and Ostrava, where he was registered member of the climbing club. In the 80's he was climbing in High Tatra and in the 90's he was climbing in Alps, Dachstein, Marmolada in Dolomites, and Matterhorn. In 1998 Vladimir joined expedition to the fifth highest mountain in Central Nepal Makalu 8,463m. In the same year he revived activities of his own climbing club Nevada in Ostrava.

Martin Minarik

expedition to eightthousanders :  1
summits over 8000 :  1  ( Manaslu 99 )
Born in November 27th, 1967 in Benesov - Prague. Martin is married and has a daughter named Anicka. Martin started in Hostynske Vrchy (Skalny, Lukov, Drzkova) when he was 16 years old. After his 19th birthday he climbed mostly in Tatras. Then followed solo climbing over of High Tatras, winter solo over West Tatras, and four walls in Kacaci Dolina (Rumanuv Stit, Zlobiva, Ganek, Kacaci Mnich) climbed in one day. In Tatras he climbed about 140 different routes. He's lived in the Czech Republic and the American city of Seattle since 1991. Martin climbs in Kaskadove Hory, Rockies, Yosemite, North Face in Alps, Pamir, solo over Poland Glazier, Aconcagua Argentina, Cassinuv pilir na Mt. McKinley alpine style Alaska 1995, first solo crossing over Mt. Logan Yukon Canada 1998. In Himalaya - Manaslu 8,163m 1999 (summit).

History of the Czech Expeditions

K2 (8612 m), Summer 2001, Variant Abruzzi's Pillar: Current Expedition

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