Dan Mazur's Kangchenjunga Spring 2002

Read their dispatches from Spring 2002 here, and for the 7200 meter Mount Nojin Kansa expedition starting here.

Kangchenjunga sometimes spelled Kanchanjanga or Kinchinjunga is the third largest mountain in the world. Kangchenjunga is located on the Sikkim (India)-Nepal border as part of the Himalayan mountain range. Kangchenjunga has 5 peaks, of which the true Summit is 28,169 feet or 8586 meters. The first summit of Kangchenjunga was in 1955 by a British expedition lead by Charles Evans. Dan's expedition will be climbing Kangchenjunga from the Nepal side of the mountain. The name Kangchenjunga means "The Five Treasures of the Snow" in the local dialect, referring to its five summits all over 8000 meters. After several attempts the mountain finally offered its summit to the climbers of this British expedition. Dan's chosen route is the North Face because his expeditions have climbed it twice before, in 1997 and 1998. On both expeditions they placed members on the summit. During the spring of 2002 Dan's hopes it is relatively free from objective dangers such as avalanche. It is a varied and interesting route with loads of superb climbing - not just a huge snow slog.

Follow along as we cover Dan's Kangchenjunga expedition and many others this Spring. For Dispatches see here.

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