Dan Mazur's Kangchenjunga Spring 2002

10 May Dispatch: The clouds were very low for most of the day. Stu, Chris, and Paul left basecamp for Camp 1, en route to the rockband and establishing Camp 4. Mark enjoyed another rest day and Camp 2. All other members enjoyed a quiet day at basecamp, although Felix could not resist some bouldering opportunities. Also, Ivan and Julio showed their master craftsmen skills in constructing our very own shower cubicle (patent pending). Dan and Chetten walked from Kambachen to Pangpema and it was a long walk in low ground fog. Many many herds of blue sheep were seen along the trail. It was a delight to finally arrive with more gas and food and goodies of the team, after a long journey. In the evening, Dan arrived back from Ghunsa after a successful trip to obtain gas. He has gained (if that is the word) a fine haircut (completely shaved head), and Ivan has consequently lent Dan his book on the Dalai Lama.

Thank you very much. Cheers for now. Yours
Sincerely, Daniel Mazur from http://www.SummitClimb.com

Please join us in watching the "live-update" status of 2002 climbing expeditions to Nepal and Tibet on: http://www.everestnews.com/kang2002.htm


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