Kangchenjunga Spring 2002 

Dan Mazur's Equipment List for Mountaineering and Glacier Travel *

1 pr. fleece mittens, 1 pr. wind/waterproof mitten covers.
2 pr. heavy polypropylene thermal socks.
1 expedition weight thermal shirt
1 pr. Expedition weight thermal trousers
1 extra warm hat, 1 face mask for wind and cold
1 pr. Snow-wind goggles.
1 alpine climbing harness (or rock harness for Ama Dablam).
2 locking carabiners, 4 plain carabiners.
1 ice screw, 1 rock piton, 1 helmet.
1 descender/belay device, ("figure-8s" are preferred for fixed lines, as "ATCs" tend to jam and are clumsy)
1 ascending device.
2 small and 1 large prussic loop, 1 webbing sling.
1 or 2 small ice axes
1 pr. plastic double boots, 1 pair boot gaiters (if you are not using one-sport boots)
1 pr. Crampons, with adjustment tool. They must fit PERFECTLY.
1 pr. Overboots (if you are using plastic boots) (not for Ama Dablam)
1 light weight goose-down (duvet) jacket with hood
1 pr. Goose-down (duvet) trousers (not for Ama Dablam)
1 or 2 additional Kg snack/energy food.
1 additional liter water bottle
          1 urine bottle
1 additional sleeping bag for basecamp (-15 degrees Centigrade)
1 bivouac bag or sleeping bag storm-cover (necessary for Ama Dablam)
1 additional closed cell foam kari-mattress (inflatable mats suffer from cramponing, ice screws and sharp rocks)
1 additional locking kit-duffle bag, carry-all, with lock.
4 additional large, waterproof, disposable rubbish sacks, for keeping your equipment dry..
1-3 additional head torch batteries, extra light-bulb
* This lists changes . THANK YOU

Group Equipment List for Climbs/Mountaineering *

Basecamp (depending on group size):
12 basecamp tents (2-3 person). We provide one tent per person in basecamp, for our 7000 and 8000 metre expeditions.
Complete basecamp kitchen equipment and dining set
4 Lanterns & 400 candles, propane stove and extra cylinders
Sanitation and hygiene supplies
24 Gear duffles, travel Bags, kit bags, or hold alls
1 complete repair kit with extra parts and tools
1 large eating tent
12 folding camp chairs
6 folding camp tables
1 cooking tent
1 storage tent
1 medical kit (basecamp)
1 portable hyperbaric altitude chamber bag: "gamow bag".
4 water filters
Pick and shovel
1 toilet tent
toilet paper
Base camp food and drinks
Rubbish sacs for environmental cleanup
Maps, compass, guide books and articles

Communications (depending on sponsor and member requirements):

8 two-way "walkie-talkie" radios
1 solar charging system, with extra batteries

          1 wind-powered generator

1 backup petrol generator

3 electric lights
1 laptop computer
1 satellite telephone
2 digital still cameras, with extra memory cards
1 digital video camera
1 short wave radio

High altitude camping (depending on group size):
12 high altitude tents (2 person)
12 high altitude stoves
300 canisters of butane/propane high altitude mix stove fuel (250 grams)
12 pot sets for high altitude stoves
12 high altitude eating utensil and cutlery sets
High altitude meals and drinks (600 dinners, breakfasts, drinks)
4 snow shovels

Climbing (depending on requirements of route):
1000 meters of 7 millimeter static "fixing" line
6 dynamic climbing ropes (8-9 mm, 60 meter)
50 meters tubular webbing
3-4 mm. accessory cord (300 meters)
Assortment of camming devices
Assortment of stoppers, chocks, etc.
12 locking carabiners
150 standard carabiners
50 ice screws
50 rock pitons
50 snow stakes (picket)
1000 bamboo route-marker wands
4 high altitude medical kits
Extra crampons, ice-axe, helmet, harness, sunglasses, goggles, clothing, backpacks, water bottles, etc.

* This is not an exhaustive list. Please submit other equipment concerns and suggestions

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