Manaslu 2002 Andrew Lock

Andrew Lock attempted Manaslu with Trajce Aleksov, (ex hardman from Yugoslavia (Macedonia actually)) this spring 2002. Andrew's plan is then to attempt Lhotse by himself for a solo ascent of the peak. His Manaslu summit report is here.

Andrew's resume includes 7 of the 14 8000 meter peaks, including: A Summit of K2 via Abruzzi ridge on July 30th 1993 with Anatoli Boukreev and Peter Mezger. Mezger and expedition leader Reinmar Joswig were killed on the descent.; In June 1995, he joined Doug Scott, Voytek Kurtyka, Rick Allen and Sandy Allan for an attempt on the Mazeno ridge of Nanga Parbat. They didn't summit but it was a great expedition. We don't believe any of the subsequent attempts have reached as far as they did. What a great ridge!!; 

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25 May 1997 - Dhaulagiri via north ridge.  Australian expedition.  Summitted with Zac Zaharias and Matt Rogerson: First Australian ascent; 7 August 1997 - Broad Peak solo via west face.  Australian/British expedition (2 man expedition) He first attempted the south ridge (unclimbed) with Rick Allen, where they reached about 7100 meters. it was great climbing but they were stopped by a difficult rock buttress.  Then they had 10 days of storms so Rick went home and Andrew went to the west face.  The solo was a true solo as no one else was on the mountain at all and all the fixed ropes were buried by 10 days of storms. The deep snow made for very slow going and Andrew had to bivouac on the summit ridge around 8000 meters after the summit. It was a 2.5 day round trip, base camp to base camp.

1998 - Nanga Parbat, He summitted on 21 July via the Kinshoeffer route. It was again the first Australian ascent. He had to bivouac around 7500 meters after the summit again, "as I couldn't find the tent." (Whoops.); 1999 - Gasherbrum 2, July 9th.  International expedition.  Alpine style Summit. 3 day round trip base camp to base camp. 1999 - Hidden Peak (Gasherbrum 1), July 15th with Pepe Garces.  International expedition.  First Australian ascent.

2000 - Everest via SE ridge.  Leader of Jagged Globe commercial expedition.  The team turned around at the south summit on 15 May due to poor conditions.  Andrew summitted on 24 May with two team members.

"(I'm the good looking one in the green suit)", Andrew

Andrew Lock, veteran expedition leader, Everest Summiter, author and motivational speaker. To book him e-mail