Manaslu 2002 Andrew Lock

Hi, just letting you know for your website that I summitted Manaslu at 10.30am on 21 April, that being the first Australian ascent of Manaslu. I reached the top with Sven and Jon Gorgdal from Norway together with their Sherpas Dawa Tshering and Kilo. Their ascent was the first Norwegian ascent so a double first for us. We had a very cold day with strong winds but were lucky (and very happy) to get the summit so early in the season. I'm in Kathmandu now about to head for Lhotse...

Kind regards, Andrew

Andrew attempted Manaslu with with Trajce Aleksov, (ex hardman from Yugoslavia (Macedonia actually)). Andrew's plan is to then to attempt Lhotse by himself for a solo ascent of the peak. For more on Andrew see here.

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