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2002 American Manaslu Expedition "Seeking the Spirit"

May 5: Camp 3 Established

Tom reported that everyone is doing fine. Camp 3 now is established. Tom, Scott, Mike and Brian have come back down to Camp 1 to sleep (Sunday night). Tom said it is so warm this evening at 19,000 that they aren't able to sleep in their sleeping bags! Dan and Jerome are sleeping at Camp 3 at 21,700 (North Col) to further acclimatize. For the past several days they all have been carrying loads to Camp 3. Two of the Sherpas have gone back down to Base Camp to rest.

Tomorrow (May 6) Tom, Scott, Mike and Brian will move up to Camp 3 and Dan and Jerome will come back to Camp 1. The team will continue to push the route to a high camp on the North Ridge plateau at 24,600 (Camp 4) over the next few days. After establishing Camp 4 the team will return to Base Camp for several days of rest before they make their summit attempt.

Tom said that everything is going like clockwork. The last few days the weather has been on their side and all is going according to plan.

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