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2002 American Manaslu Expedition "Seeking the Spirit"

May 11 (7:30 AM): Summit Attempt Underway

From Scott at Base Camp:

All are fine up on the mountain this morning. A storm rolled through yesterday dumping 3 to 8 inches of snow. Dan and Jerome at Camp 2 will now wait for Tom, Brian, and Mike to join them at Camp 2 later today (5/11), and they will all make the summit push together (with Kusang and Kan Cha as Sherpas).  Plans are to move to Camp 3 tomorrow (5/12) with a summit attempt very early the next day (5/13). These are only plans; we'll have to see how the weather permits. All report feeling great. Additionally, this schedule puts our team in sync with the Australians (7), and the Japanese (4), and as such will enable all teams to move together (strength in numbers).

Will keep you all regularly informed (sun and solar charging system allowing).  Best thoughts and wishes to Tom, Dan, Jerome, Brian, Mike, Kusang, and Kan Cha over the next few days.

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