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2002 American Manaslu Expedition "Seeking the Spirit"

May 15th: The Descent

From Scott at Base Camp: It has been a bit since last update.  Radio communication with the team up on the mountain has not been very good since the summit call. Thank you for all the congratulations.  They have been passed on to the team members. All Americans are fine, and are coming down from Camp 2 today (due into Base Camp around late afternoon).  Kusang and Kan Cha came down from Camp 3 yesterday, while Kikami headed up to Camp 2 to help out. Kusang and Kan Cha looked great, though tired. They are incredible men (strong, knowledgeable, very friendly, and much much more)!  So are ours, too, though I suspect they are a bit more tired than our Sherpas. They have heavy loads to carry from Camp 2, so we are preparing Base Camp with plenty of warm food and drink for them when they come in (cameras will be ready, too).

Here is the summit announcement we sent to Kathmandu this a.m. for posting in the English newspaper:

"AMERICANS AND NEPALESE SUMMIT MANASLU -- Five American climbers and two Nepalese climbing Sherpas summited Mt. Manaslu (8,163 meters) on May 13, 2002 at approximately 11:45 a.m.  The Team, lead by Tom Fitzsimmons of Olympia, WA, reached the summit shortly after three weeks of arriving in Basecamp via the standard North East Ridge route.  Reaching the summit for the Americans were Mr. Tom Fitzsimmons (52), Mr. Dan Percival (59), Mr. Jerome Delvin II (46), Mr. Brian Sato (38), and Mr. Mike McGuffin (36) all of Washington State, while Nepalese summitters were Mr. Kusang Dorchi Sherpa (Makalu, age 43) and Mr. Dhanjit Tamang (Makalu, age 45).  All enjoyed clear weather, fabulous views, and a safe descent.  The expedition was arranged and supported by Everest Trekking (P) Ltd. of Kathmandu, Nepal."

From Scott at Base Camp:

Quick update.  Clouds are limiting ability to use computer.  Brian, Mike, and Tom are in Base Camp now.  Dan and Jerome opted to take a slower descent and are staying at Camp 1 tonight.  They are cooking dinner, drinking fluids, and comfortably and safely snuggling into their sleeping bags.  All five are well, nourished (or at least on the way), safe, and enthusiastic about their accomplishment.  More tomorrow.

The Summit report from Nepal: Five members and two High Altitude Sherpas of 2002 American Manaslu Expedition have succeeded to climb 8163 meter high Mt. Manaslu from North East Ridge on 13th May 2002 at 11:45 AM. 


Name of Summiters

Date of Birth


1 Mr. Tom Fitzsimmons

22 Feb 1950

Tumwater, WA, USA
2 Mr. Dan Percival

28 Aug 1942

Edgewrod, WA, USA
3 Mr. Jerome Delvin

15 Apr 1956

Richland, WA, USA
4 Mr. Brian Sato

9 Sept 1963

Bellevue, WA, USA
5 Mr. Michael McGuffin


Redmond, WA, USA
6 Mr. Kushang Dorchi Sherpa

44 Yrs

Makalu 9, Sankhuwasabha
7 Mr. Dhan Jite Tamang

47 Yrs

Makalu 9, Sankhuwasabha

 The six member 2002 American Manaslu Expedition Team was permitted to climb Mt. Manaslu from North East Ridge under the leadership of Mr. Tom Fitzsimmons during the Spring Season of 2002.

Compiled by office of Bikrum Pandey for 

17th May,2002

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