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Manaslu 2000Kangchenjunga 2000: Annapurna 2000:


Today at 6.30pm have Piotr Pustelnik (Poland) and Beno Kashakashvili (Georgia) reached the summit of Lhotse.

"But they are in big troubles because they didn't find needed equipment and food left by Sherpas before. So they were probably very dehydrated and exhausted case they didn't drink and eat from yesterday. And they have to return back..."

"We are wishing them successful descent and return to their camp. Good luck! http://lhotse.siol.net/index1.htm"

This is the Slovenia web site http://lhotse.siol.net

  • 6:30pm.... It has been done before. But the risk is high. These are experiences climbers who made this decision. Piotr and Beno have climbed many mountains... We will know more tonight (US Time)


The Russians have done it !

  • Today we had a news that three of our climbers from Kuban-Everest expedition were on the top! Tomorrow -more details! Best wishes, Liana www.risk.ru 
  • Our Next News Update Will Be Around 11:30pm EST US TONIGHT.
  • No others details on these reported Summits are known at this time.



Nepalese climber - Ang Dorje Sherpa, 32, from the New Zealand based Adventure Consultants Everest 2000 Expedition has attempted a new world record for the fastest ascent of Everest (8848m), but has been turned back at a height less than 100 meters from the top at 11:00am Nepal time today. After climbing from Base Camp at 5300 meters to the South Summit  in 17 hours, he was unable to continue because of deep snow slowing his progress, making the record ascent unachievable. He was supported by the Adventure Consultants team of Sherpas and New Zealand Mountain Guide - David Hiddleston (31) from Wanaka, making his first attempt on Everest. 

No one has yet summited Everest this season and together the AC climbers worked to force the route between the South Summit and the Hillary Step on the South East Ridge route between 9:00 - 11:00am this morning. Adventure Consultants Director - Guy Cotter, who has been coordinating the expedition from Everest Base Camp, said "They recognized that with the conditions along the summit ridge, it would take them too long to make the summit and return within accepted safety margins, hence their decision to turn and head down the mountain". 

Ang Dorje left Everest Base Camp at 4:00pm on May 14 and he arrived at the South Col (7950m) Camp 4 at midnight. The Adventure Consultants group left from Camp 4 at 10:45pm on May 14 with two other groups having left before them. Ang Dorje caught up with the AC group at the area called The Balcony. They arrived all together at the South Summit at 9:10am on May 15 ahead of the other teams and found that no-one else was prepared to assist with fixing the route any further. After a further two hours effort on their own they turned around and expect to arrive back at the South Col Camp 4 at 3:00pm Nepal time today. Recognized as one of the strongest and fastest of the Sherpa climbers, Ang Dorje has already summited Everest five times, and has been to the South Summit (only 100m short of the top) 14 times including today's attempt. Now the expedition will pack up and leave the mountain, content that they have made a good attempt and have cleared the way for others to now go on and summit, since more of the route is now fixed in place. 

Guy commented that "Success in the mountains isn't always assured and their decision to turn around is an indication of the maturity of David and Ang Dorje as mountaineers. Being able to give up an ascent of the world's highest mountain in favor of safe operating practice is to be commended." He added "Too often mountaineers who push the safety envelope too far survive only through sheer luck and are considered heroes where they are actually accidents that didn't quite happen."

Adventure Consultants has been honored to be in the position whereby westerners have supported a Sherpa ascent rather than Sherpas supporting western climbers as has been the norm up until now.

Issued by Guy Cotter, Everest Base Camp, Nepal.   Monday 15th May 2000. 

Following is a time line of the summit attempt 

Note: All times reported are Nepal time = GMT + 5 hours 45 minutes

14 May 4:00pm Base Camp:  Ang Dorje departs BC, and rockets up through the icefall, an amazing sight!

5:24pm, Ang Dorje reaches Camp 1: Earlier in the day, Dave and the Sherpas had reached the South Col at 1.30pm, and spent the afternoon re-hydrating 

6:34pm Ang Dorje arrives at Camp 2: He departs at 6.45pm after three cups of juice and Tea. 

9:21pm Ang Dorje arrives at Camp 3:  Quote of the year - "Not much tired"

10:23pm Ang Dorje arrives at Yellowband. Dave radioed in from South Col at 10:30pm, they ( Dave and Mingma ) were preparing to leave in 15-20 minutes. Two teams had already left ahead, one team - 1 hour prior and one 1/2 an hour prior, good news. 

Ang Dorje arrives at South Col around 12:00pm Ang Dorje departs South Col with Passang, at about 12:30am 15 May 2000. Chuldim stays on South Col. In fact there is a Chuldim in each camp! - Camp 2 Chuldim,  South Col Chuldim,  and Ang Dorje's real name is Chuldim! Chongba Sherpa has been down in Gorak Shep for the night to relay messages from South Col and Camp 2, is returning to BC this morning.

15th May,  7:25am:  Chuldim at South Col reports that he has heard from the group, that all 4 are together and just below the South Summit. From the South Summit they may be 2 hours to the summit. Ang Dorje is still on track to take 3 hours off the speed ascent record. The weather is perfect, there is one thermal cloud down by Cholaste at 18000ft, otherwise blue skies and no wind at all at Base Camp! 

8:05am:   Ang Dorje radios and advises that they are 15 minutes from the South Summit still. 

9:10am:  Dave called from the South summit - he'd been there all of 5 seconds! They were still South Col side, in knee deep snow. There were just two other Sherpas ahead of them from Mountain Madness who have been fixing rope, on the South  summit were Dave, Ang Dorje & Passang, Mingma was still behind but coming up. They are needing lots of rope and hope others coming up have more rope. About 15 people behind them. Chris Boskoff and Peter Habeler have pulled out not reaching the Balcony this morning and they are now below Camp IV, Nazir Sabir who is on the Mountain Madness permit is still climbing but not near. Dave states "Mind blowing view, not much filming yet as the camera was frozen but now is OK. Ang Dorje on O2 since South Col". 

9:35am:  Dave called again.  Situation is that there is just Dave, Ang Dorje, Passang, and one other Sherpa from Mountain Madness, so only 4 prepared to do anything and about 10 other people around. They only have 50 meters of rope. So are turning back, as there is "new snow on ice from thereon" but not enough manpower to go on. "It's the time factor from here to the top that is the issue without enough resources and help from other teams". 

Guy radios response "OK good decision, you're already on the 2nd highest summit in the world, we've seen this before, this would be pushing the envelope". and comments to AC Manager - Suze Kelly assisting at Base Camp " They got to the balcony at 3:30am, beautiful day, but now they are first with no one else to help secure the route". 

10:05am:  Dave's radio message to Guy  "Mingma has arrived with more rope and more O2, they are going on. They will go slowly over the next hour and see where they get to, it's near the limit but still within the margins. Mingma is going down. Talked over O2 supplies and there is sufficient for all, turnaround times in relation to amounts of oxygen left, all still good so pressing on".  Expedition Doctor - Jim Litch and Guy both talked thoroughly with Dave and all agreed on course of action for the next hour. After a further two hours effort on their own they turned around and expect to arrive back at the South Col Camp 4 at 3:00pm Nepal time today.

NEWSFLASH 3:37AM EST US 5/15/2000

  • Everest South Side:

The most recent news is, that they all turned around at the south summit. There was a lot of snow and all the rope was used for fixing already, therefore there was no more rope available for fixing the sharp, snowy ridge between south summit and Hillary step.

More news as soon as confirmation occurs. 

Best regards Bo Belvedere Christensen

Bo is climbing with the Danish http://www.tt.dk/everest/intro.html

NEWSFLASH 12:10PM EST US 5/15/2000

  • Everest South Side

Today's effort to reach the summit is quite close. 5-6 expeditions has united and with 11 Sherpas in front, they were on the South Summit this morning at 8.30 local time. The members are Nazir Sabir from Mountain Madness, Dave from Adventure Consultants, some British, some Americans and some Koreans. 

Daily News: 5/15/2000 Report

(Updating at 10:12PM EST US 5/14/2000, around 8am on 5/15/2000 in Nepal)

(Note as you read today's News: Know today's news is really continued from Sunday, Saturday and Friday, plus the NEWSFLASHES. You will need to these other pages to get a better picture of the Status of the climbers on Everest.)

  • Everest South Side: It was last night !

A group of climbers going strong for the Summit...

It is anyone's guess IF they will make it or turn around...

Expeditions, that EverestNews.com believes has climbers among the group: Mountain Madness (Christine), Nazir Sabir, Adventure Consultants (with David Hiddleston & Ang Dorje Sherpa who is attempting to the speed ascent record on Everest), Spanish, Jagged Globe. Ben Webster was also at Camp 4 and therefore, could go (see below for more on him).

You can find detailed information on most of these attempts in the May 13th News and some below.

EverestNews.com is receiving reports from all of these expeditions !

Christine Boskoff - Expedition Leader: The only American woman alive to have reached the Summit of Four 8000 meter peaks: Gasherbrum II-West Ridge(1999),  Lhotse-West Face (1997), Cho Oyu-West Face (1996),  Broad Peak-West Rib (1995). Only a few America men have reached more.

Peter Habeler - Austria: Owner and Director of the Alpinschule Mount Everest, President of the Austrian Alpine Club, First man, along with Reinhold Messner, to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen (1978). 8000 meter peaks:  Kangchenjunga, Nanga Parbat, G-I (Hidden Peak), Cho Oyu

Update: Christine was at Camp 4 last night in Nepal (the 14th) moving strongly. Leaving fro the Summit at 11:00 PM Nepal Time for a May15th planned Summit date. 

Our last contact with MountainMadness was, "Christine is moving strongly and headed for the Summit."

Stay Tuned... We will update as News Arrives...

Peter Habeler, we believe but have not confirmed, was with her last night at Camp 4. 

  • What did happen when Henry Todd's Expedition attempted the Summit: Here is what the two Americans from near the Seattle area have to say:

We are back in Base Camp 100% healthy and fine, with LOTS of swirling issues.  To summarize, we busted our butts for lots of days to position ourselves at the South Col for a summit attempt.  We did that.  On our summit attempt morning, which was clear and cold with a perfect forecast, "our" 5-6 Sherpas abandoned the attempt at 1:20 a.m. with us at 26,650 feet.  They just couldn't handle being out front and since they had part of our oxygen stash and knew the route, we were pretty well s******.  With no one to support our attempts but them, we returned to Base Camp to recover for another attempt.  The weather has finally turned here, you can see it and feel it.  It has been one heck of an adventure, beautiful beyond belief, challenging, etc, but well within our capabilities.  WE are very tired of this place, but like a new friend said, we can stay another week or so or come back some other year for two more months.  We are literally just back, nothing to eat yet, backpacks barely off, so I am cutting this off.  Much more later!!!

Mike and Kristy Woodmansee

The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition

Everest Update 5/14/2000

Today, as planned, the climbing team left Camp 2 at 6 o'clock this morning and set off up the Lhotse Face to Camp 3. They arrived at Camp 3 around lunch time to find the tent with all the kit in buried in snow. It took them one hour to dig out the tent but the contents were intact. They were then able to get in the tents, eat, drink and rest.

The Sherpas set off from Base Camp at 6 o'clock this morning and arrived at Camp 2 at 11 o'clock. They also spent the day resting in preparation for their long climb to Camp 4 tomorrow.

We spoke to the climbing team and the Sherpas this evening and gave them the latest weather forecast. The forecast predicted good weather and the whole team plan to set off for Camp 4 tomorrow morning, with a view to summiting on May 16th. They all aim to arrive at Camp 4 about midday where they will rest, eat and drink until about 11 o'clock that evening when they will start their summit bid.

Cheers Amanda

  • Everest Spring 2000: Byron Smith

Current Status: May 14, 2000

The weather on Everest is improving and some teams are going to attempt to summit Everest tonight. 

Byron says he won't be rushing back to the mountain as he still has until May 31 to make the climb. He is concerned about a backlog of teams all trying to climb-up at the same time. This is exactly what happened in 1998. Byron wants to wish all the mothers around Canada and the world a very Happy Mother's Day. 

While the team continues to wait out the weather, they still have to deal with the cold. Virginia Robinson, the team's doctor, has sent an education log on the science of keeping warm with high-tech clothes. You can find inks to extra educational material at: http://cbc.ca/everest2000/dailydispatch/diary000512b.html 

Check their site for the radio calls and more. http://cbc.ca/everest2000/

  • The North Side: 

EverestNews.com is being told from reliable sources that climbers have reached 8500 meters, and other climbers 8300 meters. It is unclear who the climbers are... We keep hearing Russians and Spanish climbers. EverestNews.com has been told, but not confirmed that ropes are fixed most of the way to 8500 meters. 

Who will take the risk ? to be first...

Then again if no climber goes first nobody Summits !

  • Everest North Side: The Dutch 

Three Dutch Climbers Frits Vrijlandt, Steven Le Poole, and Joke Groenendaal: Frits and Steven, will attempt to climb Everest via the North ridge. Joke will keep you updated. They are climbing as part of a British Dutch non-commercial expedition. 

Update: A summit team will consist of 5 climbers: Steven le Poole, Frits Vrijlandt, Mike Pearson, David Jewell, Paul Walters. They have left BC on Saturday to go up to ABC. If the weather forecast is favorable on Sunday they will proceed to North Col and will make their summit bid on Tuesday-to-Wednesday night. They should reach the summit at around 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday. All that is needed now is a 4-day good weather window.

Check them out: http://www.everest.home.nl/ for the full details.

  • Everest Spring 2000: Everest Dream

I am back at the Base Camp after my "Oxygenation" at lower altitudes! I am catching up with typing up the daily's. As you might know a few unsuccessful attempts have been made so far but the conditions are not very good. My summit attempt will be after the 20th of May but I don't have the exact date yet. Tomorrow I have a couple of meetings with other expeditions that would like to team up and make a summit attempt. I will be able to be more definite in the next couple of days that I will send the rest of the updates... I am feeling great and optimistic about the summit attempt. Saeed 

Saeed have sent many updates (5/4 to 5/9/2000 in. Check his site for all the interesting details. www.everestdream.com

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