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Manaslu 2000Kangchenjunga 2000: Annapurna 2000:

NEWSFLASH 11:01AM EST US 5/16/2000

  • Russians now reporting 4 on the first day (5/15/2000) from the North! 

5/16/2000 Risk www.risk.ru 

The details from Himalaya. Four members of the Everest Kuban-2000 expedition summited to the Top on May 15th.... details

  • 11 Total from the South Side on the Second day (5/16/2000). With the Spanish believed, but not yet confirmed to have been the first up, on the South Side.

Much more News: 

Ama Dablam 6812meters - Summitted Ascent Route : South West Ridge Date of Summit : 15 May 2000

Name of the Expedition : Austrian Ama Dablam Expedition 

Expedition Leader : Mr. Theo Fritsche (1949) Austria

Country : Austria No. of Team Members :5 Starting Point : Camp II Time of Summit : 11.00AM

Summiters, Age Occupation Home Town & Country

1.) Mr. Theo Fritsche (1949), Carpenter, Liudesch, Austria. 

2.) Mr. Wilfried Amann (9153), Manager, Bludesch, Austria

3.)  Mr. Gerdol Duser (1966), Mt. Guide Schnifis, Austria.

Manaslu 8163 meters - Summitted

Manaslu 2000 Expedition

Expedition Leader : Mr. Han Wang Yong (1966), Ilsan-Gu Kyungi-Do, Korea Country : Korea

No. of Team Members :7

Ascent Route : North East Ridge

Date of Summit : 12 May 2000

Starting Point : Camp III ( 7200m.) Starting Time : 03 AM Time of Summit : 9.55 AM 

Time Spent on the Summit : 15 minutes 

Returned to : C III

Name of Summiters, Age Occupation Home Town & Country 

1.) Mr. Han Wang Yong (1966) Leader Businessman, Ilsan- Gu Hyungi-Do, Republic of Korea.

Manaslu 8163 meters - Summitted 

Name of the Expedition : Manaslu 2000 Expedition
Expedition Leader : Mr. Franco Brunello (1939), Retired, Montecchio, Italy
Country : Italy
No. of Team Members :9
Ascent Route : North East Ridge
Date of Summit : 5 May 2000
Starting Point : 3rd Camp
Time of Summit : 9AM
Time Spent on the Summit : About 10 minutes
Returned to : 2nd Camp

Name of Summiters, Age Occupation Home Town & Country

1.) Mr. Jean Chiristophe Lafaille (1965), Mt. Guide Chamonix, France. 

Everest 8,848 m - Summitted

1) The following 3 member & 2 Sherpa of Sagarmatha Millennium Expedition from United Kingdom have successfully climbed the summit of 8848 meters high, Mt. Sagarmatha, the highest peak in the world from South East Ridge on 16th May 2000 at 11.06 AM. They started the climb from South Col (Camp IV) on 15th May 2000 at 10.45PM and spent 5 minutes on the summit. 

1.) Mr. Andrew Salter (1960), Builder from Ponderot Ott Rd. Knebworth Herts, UK. 

2.) Ms. Polly Murray (1973) Ski Instructor, Cargill, Perth

3.) Mr. John Barry (1944), Writer & Climber from Clanrwst, Gwyneap, UK

4.) Mr. Jangbu Sherpa (36yrs), High Altitude Sherpa, From Jubing VDC 1, Kharikhola, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

5.) Mr. Pemba Gyalze Sherpa (27yrs) High Altitude Sherpa from Jubing VDC Panggome, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

The 11 member Expedition team was permitted to climb Mt. Sagarmatha from South East Ridge Under the leadership of Mr. Gavin Bate (1966) writer from Northern Ireland, UK, during the spring season of 2000.

2) The following 2 member & 2 Sherpa of Expedicio 2000 Al Everest Expedition from Spain have successfully climbed the summit of 8848 meter high, Mt. Sagarmatha the highest peak in the world from South East Ridge on 16th May 2000 at 10.49 AM. They started the climb from South Col (Camp IV) on 15th May 2000 at 22.15 PM and spent 1 hour on the summit. 

1.) Mr. Jordi Bayona Silva, (1966), Engineer, Ramonllull, Manresa, Spain

2.) Mr. Joan Bellmonte Blanch, (1967), Mt. Guide, Placa, S/N, Escas, Spain.

3.) Mr.Tamding Sherpa, (26yrs), HAP, Gaurishanker 1, Dolkha, Nepal.

4.) Mr. Nima Nuru Sherpa (25yrs) HAP, Namche 8, Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

The 8 member Expedition team was permitted to climb Mt. Sagarmatha from South East Ridge Under the leadership of Mr. Antoni Bahi Alburquerque(1944) Mechanical Engineer from Castell Manresa, Spain during the spring season of 2000.

3) The following 2 member of 2000 Korean Seven Summits Expedition from Republic of Korea have successfully climbed the summit of 8848 meter high, Mt. Sagarmatha the highest peak in the world from South East Ridge on 16th May 2000 at 10.50 AM. 

1, Mr. Heon Ju Park, (1967) Employee, Nam-Gu, Kwanju, Korea.

2, Mr. Sang Hyun Mo, (1974) Employee, Sangna-Dong, Kangdong-Gu, Kroea.

The 7 member Expedition team was permitted to climb Mt. Sagarmatha from South East Ridge Under the leadership of Mr. Song Jong Ho (1954) Bussinessman from Deng-Gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea during the spring season of 2000.

Compiled and Reported by Himalaya Centre, Kathmandu Nepal, 16 May 2000

  • And with that News we shall see You tonight around 11:30PM EST US for more !

Make sure to read all the way down today !

NEWSFLASH 9:14AM EST US 5/16/2000

  • Lhotse Spring 2000:

They made it down !!!

Piotr and Beno descended to C-4 at 10:45 pm (Nepal time) and today at noon (Nepal time) came to C-2. They feels good. More details about their ascent follows after their return to BC. 

Regards, Branko 

Slovenian Himalayan expedition Lhotse 2000 


  • In Summary, Piotr Pustelnik (Poland) and Beno Kashakashvili (Georgia) reached the Summit of Lhotse at 6:30 pm on 5/15/2000. Descended to Camp 4 at 10:45PM, and today at noon came down to Camp 2. 

The First Summits of Lhotse in 2000 !

  • Time for a little fun... Every Year EverestNews.com attempts to break the Stress with some fun: Here is Effort one: Or should we call it round one !

Test time: a little time to relax and have some fun for all of You and the Staff. As of 12/31/1999 !

1.) Which 8000 meter peak had never been Summited by the same climber twice? 

2.) Who is the oldest person to complete the Seven Summits ?

3.) Which 8000 meter peak has the most climbers died after reaching the Summit ?

4.) Which two 8000 meter peaks has over a 30% death to Summit ratios ?

5.) Which other two 8000 meter peaks have a higher than 25% death to Summit ratio?

6.) Which country has the most different climbers who has reached a Summit of an 8000 meter peak ?

7.) How many climbers have died while descending K2 after reaching the Summit that were using bottled Oxygen ?

8.) How many climbers have summitted an 8000 meter peak ?

a.) 30,125 b.) 2,767 c.) 5,124 d.) 1,589 e.) 4,589

9.) Which 5 countries has a higher than 25% deaths to Summit ratio on Everest ?

10.) Helping is allowed ! Everyone is welcome to play. The winner (s), if any, get his or her name printed on EverestNews.com if they wish.

NEWSFLASH 5:12AM EST US 5/16/2000

  • Summits !



The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition

  • Other News is expected to be reported later today.

NEWSFLASH 3:05AM EST US 5/16/2000

  • Summits ! As reported last night on EverestNews.com, climbers were going for the Summit and some of them made it !

The two Spanish climbers that have summited Everest are Jordi Bajona and Joan Belmonte from the Everest 2000-Caixa Manresa Expedition !

Their Two web sites are  www.caixamanresa.com/fundacio/everest  

and http://www.lacenet.org. Look for more information there later today...

Daily News: 5/16/2000 Report

(Updating at 10:57PM EST US 5/15/2000)

  • Everest South Side: Going Again !

A group of climbers going again for the Summit.

It is anyone's guess again IF they will make it or turn around... But the odds are getting better. However, Everest climbers (or their Sherpas climbers) can decide to turn around in a minute...) 

Expeditions, that EverestNews.com believes has climbers among the group: Everest Clean-up and the Millennium Seven Summits Expedition, among others. We would pay a dine to know if Appa Sherpa is with them or not...

EverestNews.com is receiving reports from these expeditions ! So we should know more in the morning !

The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition, base camp manager, Noel Bristow who was sending reports, had to be evacuated by helicopter because of blood clot on his leg. He is expected to be OK, but please keep Noel in your prayers...

For those that missed yesterday's NEWSFLASHES we will be repeating some on the information below.

  • Everest South Side:

May 14 - Problems with the route.

Bo Belvedere Christensen: Danish http://www.tt.dk/everest/intro.html

  • Lhotse Spring 2000: No News yet if Piotr Pustelnik (Poland) and Beno Kashakashvili (Georgia) have made it down after reaching the Summit Lhotse at 6:30 pm on 5/15/2000.

Beno, you probably recall from Everest 1999, when we covered his Georgia Expedition on the South Side that was very successful. 

Piotr Pustelnik is one of the world's greatest H.A. Climbers with Summits of the North Side of Everest and K2 among his accomplishments. 

Hopefully, risk www.risk.ru, EverestNews.com or our Slovenia's friends at http://lhotse.siol.net will get the News soon.

  • Back to the South: The Spanish

Everest 2000-Caixa de Manresa

The team is recuperating after climbing down from the South Col to Camp 2 after their first attack on Everest.   "We left from the South Col but were uncertain about climbing above where the fixed lines ended." explained Jordi Bonet.  Another expedition fixed lines to the Balcony and the team continued on these lines. But, Pemba didn't arrive at the South Col until later and he didn't have the energy to fix the lines to the top. They also had some problems with oxygen masks. This inability to open the route and the extreme cold, caused the team to give up their first attack on the summit.  Tonight, more strong expeditions are attempting and it is hoped that they will complete the route. Fredi Puig will attempt to summit next, leaving from Camp 2.


  • This same Spanish Expedition's has reports carried on www.caixamanresa.com/fundacio/everest 

Everest 2000-Caixa de Manresa: Check them out !

  • What did happen when Henry Todd's Expedition attempted the Summit: Here is what the two Americans from near the Seattle area have to say:

We are back in Base Camp 100% healthy and fine, with LOTS of swirling issues.  To summarize, we busted our butts for lots of days to position ourselves at the South Col for a summit attempt.  We did that.  On our summit attempt morning, which was clear and cold with a perfect forecast, "our" 5-6 Sherpas abandoned the attempt at 1:20 a.m. with us at 26,650 feet.  They just couldn't handle being out front and since they had part of our oxygen stash and knew the route, we were pretty well s******.  With no one to support our attempts but them, we returned to Base Camp to recover for another attempt.  The weather has finally turned here, you can see it and feel it.  It has been one heck of an adventure, beautiful beyond belief, challenging, etc, but well within our capabilities.  WE are very tired of this place, but like a new friend said, we can stay another week or so or come back some other year for two more months.  We are literally just back, nothing to eat yet, backpacks barely off, so I am cutting this off.  Much more later!!!

Mike and Kristy Woodmansee

  • Everest Spring 2000: Byron Smith

Current Status: May 14, 2000

Byron Smith and his Sherpa sirdar Lhakpa Tshering are back at Base camp after a few days rest in Dingboche. Byron is planning to head up to Camp II the day after tomorrow, in order to be in position for another attempt at the summit. The team will determine the weather from Camp II and could make the next some time in the next five days. 

Some other teams on the mountain did attempt the summit over the weekend, but no one has reached the top yet this season. On Sunday, three teams were turned back at the South Summit. 

While Byron and Tim Rippel prepare to go high once more, team doctor Virginia Robinson continues to adjust to her many roles. The diary entry today is a physician's log on the perils of managing Basecamp. 

Check her and Byron out ! 

Check their site for the radio calls and more. http://cbc.ca/everest2000/

  • The North Side: 

Who goes next ? Did the Russians (The expedition "Everest-2000", Krasnodar city, headed by Yuri Agafonov, coach - Ivan Aristov) make it down ?

Should know sometime in the next 12-24 hours.

  • Everest North Side: The Dutch 

Three Dutch Climbers Frits Vrijlandt, Steven Le Poole, and Joke Groenendaal: Frits and Steven, will attempt to climb Everest via the North ridge. Joke will keep you updated. They are climbing as part of a British Dutch non-commercial expedition. 

Update: Planning to make their summit bid on Tuesday-to-Wednesday night. They should reach the summit at around 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday. 

Check them out: http://www.everest.home.nl/ for the full details.

  • Everest Spring 2000: Everest Dream

Hi everyone, I am sending this email on the 15th of May at 4:30 pm Nepal time. I have skipped a few days of update because I will be leaving tomorrow for the long awaited Summit attempt. There has not been any success on the mountain yet, although several teams and individuals have reached up to South Summit. Anyway, I have to get ready for tomorrow and my next update will be when I am down the mountain to BC. 

Remember that bad news travels much faster than good ones... Thank you all, Saeed 

May 10, 2000 - Dingboche (Snow Lion Lodge 14,200')

This morning the sun had a short life at Dingboche and it started to rain at about 10:30. This rounded up everyone at the lodge with a book to read in their hand. I also anxiously continued the book that I had started yesterday -- Tuesdays with Marrie --. The combination of the weather and the story line did not make the day very happy in particular. Towards the evening the lodge was not very crowded and there were only six of us at the lodge which made it suitable for a nice conversation circle around the "Yak Waste Stove" in the dining room. This stove which is made just like a wood stove, uses Yak Waste to heat up and it is very efficient! It does not burn the precious wood and it also helps to clean up the trail and the village walk ways from Yak waste which is plentiful in the area. It was another relaxing day at the lodge and I checked in early in bed because tomorrow I would have to leave early towards the Base Camp... 

May 15, 2000 - Sagarmatha Base Camp - 17,600' 

Today is the third day at BC that weather has taken a turn for the better. Yesterday, Hugo stopped by my tent and suggested that he is trying to pull several teams together to head up the mountain in an organized manner to face the technical work involved on the South East Ridge. I liked the idea since no one has summited yet because of the weather and snow level. So, after long discussions with the rest of folks at camp and Sherpas we made a decision for the 20th of May to be the Summit day. This means leaving the Base Camp for Camp II on the 16th. Yes, the day has come and we are going for it. This is the last chance and all attempts have failed so far. The teams that will be on this joined effort are Babu Jiri's team -- Hugo, Gaddy,-- the Spanish team, Byron Smith and Tim Ripple and their Sherpas and five independent members at our camp. I will be leaving for Camp II on the 16th of May at 4:30 AM with Carlos from Spain and Anna from Poland. I need to make this short because there are a few things to organize for tomorrow. 

I wish everyone well and thank everyone for the support that you have been giving me in the past year. I will keep full safety in mind and I will think of all of you upon success... Saeed 

Saeed have sent many updates in. Check his site for all the interesting details. www.everestdream.com

  • Everest North Side: 

The Germans and the Austrians: Chomolungma by fair means without oxygen.

In the German/Austrian tradition these climbers will attempt Everest from the North without oxygen and by fair means. The climbers are Bastel Haller, Gustav Weinberger, Dr, Jurgen Zapf, Barbara Hirschbichler, Rudi Roozen, Georg Simair, and Mag. Thomas Lammie. 

Update: The latest note we got said that Thomas Lδmmle, Georg Simair, Bδrbel Hirschbichler and Jόrgen Zapf started for their attempt for the summit the 14th, which means they should reach the summit on 18th, Bastel Haller, Rudl Roozen and Gust Weinberger will start on 17th and hope to reach the summit on 21st. 

Sorry, but that is all I can tell you.

Best Wishes Silke

Hi, this is Robert Anderson calling from Cho Oyu base camp. Everything is fine here. All members have been up to camp 2. We're down for a couple of days rest and we'll go back up for the summit probably starting the 17th or 18th, hoping to summit about the 20th. 

Most of the groups are leaving here shortly, so we won't be able to call you again until we get back down to base camp, which may be as late as the 27th.

But if we have a chance we'll call you before then. But just to let everybody know that we are well, acclimatized and feeling good. 

Thanks and bye for now.

Robert Anderson, Expedition Leader

15.05 News from Cho-Oyu expedition. Marina Yershova reports from Chinese Base Camp, 5000m, May 15.... details 

  • Ortner

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