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NEWSFLASH 8:05AM EST US 5/17/2000

Christine Boskoff - Expedition Leader: The only American woman alive to have reached the Summit of Four 8000 meter peaks: Gasherbrum II-West Ridge(1999),  Lhotse-West Face (1997), Cho Oyu-West Face (1996),  Broad Peak-West Rib (1995). Only a few America men have reached more.

Peter Habeler - Austria: Owner and Director of the Alpinschule Mount Everest, President of the Austrian Alpine Club, First man, along with Reinhold Messner, to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen (1978). 8000 meter peaks:  Kangchenjunga, Nanga Parbat, G-I (Hidden Peak), Cho Oyu

Dispatch: Patty Flanagan reporting from the Mountain Madness office in Seattle: 

I just got a call from Christine Boskoff at base camp.  Nazir Sabir and Ben Webster made the summit at 8:00 am (Nepal time) 5/17.  Nazir is the FIRST Pakstani to summit Mt. Everest.  Christine and Peter Habeler are resting at base camp.  Peter is feeling much better and will decide later today whether or not he will be making another summit attempt.  Christine will be heading back up to Camp II on Thursday, Camp III on Friday, Camp IV on Saturday and hoping to summit on Sunday, 5/21.  She will be using supplemental oxygen at Camp IV and on to the summit.  She has made 3 attempts so far without Os and it has taken it's toll.  She currently holds the record for most visits to the South Col (she says with a laugh) and is feeling strong and positive.  There will be someone at base camp who will keep us posted of her progress.

Congratulations to Ben Webster from the Canadian Everest2000 team and Nazir Sabir both climbing with Mountain Madness!

Patty Flanagan Mountain Madness

Wednesday May 17: From BC: Hans Vermeulen left ABC this morning. together with Jim (Doctor) and Wout (filmer). Tomorrow he will rest at ABC and on  Friday will go in one push with Reinoud to C 2. Henk, Arjan and Rene are moving to C 3 (7800) today. They'll climb on Thursday to C 4 (8400) with suppl. O2. They plan on attempting to summit in the night from 18 to 19th  Hans will climb Saturday 20th  to C 3 and is determined to move at about 10.00 pm . in one straight push to the summit  all without suppl. O2!. He will not use or sleep in intermediate C4, where he had bad experiences on his first try.  Sleeping at that altitude without suppl. O2 poses  more dis- than advantages, he considers. Reinout will try to climb as high as possible, at the moment he is feeling very strong. Today a large British military expedition is making its summit bid, 12 climbers were seen on the summit pyramid by telescope. All of these are expected to reach the summit.  It is possible that Dutchman Steven le Poole is with this group! Check www.mounteverest.nl for all the details. 

  • A Word about "Summits". Over the month of May, you will see many Summits "reported" from various sources, sometimes from the Ministry of Tourism. After this is done. EverestNews.com and others take on the careful task on interviewing climbers asking for pictures in some cases and coming up with our own "Summit Lists". Sometimes reporting errors are found, sometimes other things are found.

Daily News: 5/17/2000 Report

  • Everest North Side

The Search is On ! Graham reports below that some small artifacts have been found. the BBC web site is finally updated after about 12 days... 

Look for more Summit News Everyday !

  • Everest South Side

The lines are forming. Will those that are now finally attempting the Summit and that were critical of the climbers that went early give thanks to those that did the work ?

Ben Webster and Nazir Sabir among those tonight !

  • Latest Updates Direct from Everest from Graham and the BBC
Adv. Base Camp
May 15th
At last, someone climbs the mountain. We watch all morning as 4 tiny specks creep up the final pyramid.
Adv. Base Camp
May 14th
Feel lousy. Danielle and Tony go up to 7900 metres to practice for their summit attempts within 10 days or so, and come down again.
Adv. Base Camp
May 13th
Climbed the 12 miles up to ABC at 6400 metres from BC at 5200 metres just to gratify male pride.
Base Camp
May 12th
Tonight we have a birthday party and invite the British Army guys. It's quite surreal.
Base Camp
May 11th
I have to say I have respect for yaks. They're like cows with attitude. They carry big weights up to 21,500 feet, and they don't complain.
Base Camp
May 10th
Heavy snow over-night. I'm getting anxious about our search- we'll never find anything under all this.
Base Camp
May 9th
Everest has disappeared behind grey clouds.
Base Camp
May 8th
The whole mountain is unstable, just like the foothills surrounding Base Camp on the south, Nepali side. The stones underfoot are brittle and loose.
Base Camp
May 7th
Tony and I take a walk down to the cave at Rongbuk monastery. This is where some of the Lamas escaped persecution during the Cultural Revolution.
Base Camp
May 6th
The satellite phone has broken, joining the computer down here at Base Camp, so we are without communications apart from radio to ABC.
Base Camp
May 5th
"How do you go to the toilet on Mount Everest?" the small boy asked me accusingly in front of his whole school.
Base Camp
May 4th
Three of Russell's clients leave for a break in Xigatse- the last decent hotel about 12 hours drive back towards Lhasa.
Base Camp
May 3rd
I walked down to Base Camp from ABC in four and a half hours. This time just shows the effects of altitude; it took me 2 days to walk up.

For older Update and much more on Graham see Mallory & Irvine 2000: Graham and the BBC returns.

  • The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition www.7-2000.co.uk  lead by Gavin Bate and John Barry.  EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches and photos from this expedition. Please see below for information on them and their dispatches from Everest. The team of seven is made up of John Barry and Gavin Bate, Andy Salter, Polly Murray, Chris Tiso, George Barlow and Michele Santilhano.

Update: Summit Day Update 4pm

All the team are now back at the South Col (Camp 4) and are fit and well. They will come down to Camp 2 tomorrow and Base Camp the day after. Apparently, the Korean team is saying they fixed the rope on the Hillary Step, not our team, and that they summited 50 minutes before us.

The team summited and is safe and well. If they got there first, that is a bonus. I am sure the climbers from both our team and the Catalan team, which we were told were close behind us, will sort out the mystery when they get safely back to base camp. The Catalan Base Camp team's response was "who cares as long as we made it?" I agree. I will let you know as soon as I know one way or the other.

Gavin Bate, the leader of the expedition, was suffering from a chest infection and was unable to make the final ascent of the Hillary Step.

Cheers Amanda

  • First Up in 2000 ! Clearly was the Russians.

All of our sources tell EverestNews.com that the Russians did use bottled oxygen.

  • Everest North Side: The Dutch 

Three Dutch Climbers Frits Vrijlandt, Steven Le Poole, and Joke Groenendaal: Frits and Steven, will attempt to climb Everest via the North ridge. Joke will keep you updated. They are climbing as part of a British Dutch non-commercial expedition. 

Update: Steven goes alone. BC- Steven is going to the top alone.  This afternoon, during a radio conversation, they decided that Steven will go on to the summit without his two teammates.  Mike Pearson decided to head down due to diarrhea and David Jewell also decided not to go higher. 

Steven asked if there would be a possibility that Sherpas would come and climb with him but this is not possible.  A group of British military with Sherpas are going to the top. Steven can go with them.  This way, he's at least not alone. Check them out: http://www.everest.home.nl/ for the full details.

  • Everest Spring 2000: Byron Smith

Current Status: More teams reached the top today, including three members of a British expedition, five Sherpas and two Spanish climbers. Byron Smith says this is encouraging news because it confirms that rope has already been fixed over the Hillary Step and the other tricky parts up high. The surface of the snow on the upper mountain also appears to be firm, which will make climbing through it less of a struggle. 

Byron's plan is to reach Camp II on Wednesday with his cameraman Tim Rippel and continue to Camp III Thursday, arriving at Camp IV Friday to launch a summit bid that night. 

Check their site for the radio calls and more. http://cbc.ca/everest2000/

  • French Canadians on the North Side (Tibet) of Everest

Very little news on these Canadians since the accident involving a Nepali member of the Everest Millenium team. www.everestmillenium.qc.ca (French Canadian / Quebec team ). 

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