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NEWSFLASH 8:25AM EST US 5/18/2000

  • Nepal Women's Expedition Summits

Asian Trekking is overjoyed to inform you that the Leader of Nepalese Women Millennium Everest reached the top 18 May 2000, 6.30 am. They started from south col 9.00 pm 17 May. The expedition is organized by Asian Trekking.  I will inform you more detail if there is any.

The Name of Summitter:
1.  Lhakpa Sherpa- Leader of  the expedition- 26 Years
2.  Ang Pasang Sherpa- Climbing Sherpa- 32 Years
3.  Ang Phurba Sherpa- Climbing Sherpa- 41 Years
4.  Ang Mingma Sherpa- Climbing Sherpa- 32 Years

Thanking you,

Sincerely Yours,
Ang Tshering Sherpa
Managing Director

Ang Tshering Sherpa is owner of Asian Trekking.

Note: Lhakpa (the Lady) and the guys were fast !)

  • Lhotse

New videos
- Friends on the top
- Interview with Mingma Yangzi Sherpa

more on: http://lhotse.siol.net

Lhotse 2000 Broadcasting Team

  • The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition www.7-2000.co.uk  lead by Gavin Bate and John Barry. 

Gavin and the team arrived back in Base camp a couple of hours ago. he is elated to have organized the team who were the FIRST to summit from the Nepal side this new Millennium. I can confirm that they fixed the ropes and were the first to summit. The plan to leave tomorrow and return home on 24th., stopping for an invite to have drinks with the British Ambassador. Brian 

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Daily News: 5/18/2000 Report

  • Everest North Side 

Frits Vrijlandt and Paul Walters, members of the Essent@Home Expedition have reached the summit of the Everest. !

For latest details see: www.everest.home.nl 

One reports to EverestNews.com stated, "Around 11.00 am together in group of about 18 British, Japanese climbers. Calm weather. "

More Russians Summits also below...

  • Frits Vrijlandt first Dutchman to reach Mount Everest summit via North Ridge 


Essent@Home Everest Expedition reaches summit of Mount Everest

Amsterdam, 17 May 2000 - Frits Vrijlandt is the first Dutchman to reach the summit of Mount Everest at 8848 meters via the North Ridge. Vrijlandt left last night with teammates Paul Walters and David Horrex from the Top Camp at an altitude of 8300 meters. "It is just like looking down from an aircraft" Frits reported at 07:48 hours (Dutch time) via the walkie-talkie from the highest point in the world.

With this achievement Vrijlandt is the first Dutchman in the new millennium to have reached the summit of the highest mountain in the world. He is also the first Dutchman ever who has succeeded in reaching the summit via the very difficult North Ridge route. 

In recent weeks it has been possible to follow the achievements of the expedition day by day through journals, photos, news reports, video reports and sound bites on the website www.everest.home.nl  Here you can watch the successful summit attempt on video. You can also hear a sound bite in which Frits Vrijlandt is interviewed from the summit.

Next Thursday, teammate Steven Le Poole will undertake an attempt on the summit on his own. Vrijlandt and Le Poole are members of a non-commercial English expedition. The Essent@Home Everest Expedition left for Kathmandu on 24 March. In addition to the climbers Frits Vrijlandt and Steven Le Poole the team consists of reporter Joke Groenendaal and cameraman Tjitte de Wert. Groenendaal and De Wert are supported by an editorial team of eight staff that keeps the site up-to-date from @Home Benelux in Amsterdam. 

  • Everest South Side

Everest 8848m – Summitted (old News with New details

The following 2 member & 4 Sherpas of Mountain Madness Sagarmatha Expedition from the USA have successfully climbed the summit of 8,848 meter high Mt. Sagarmatha, the highest peak in the world, from South East Ridge on 17th May 2000 at 8.00 AM. They started the climb from South Col (Camp IV) on 16th May 2000 at 9.00PM.

1, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Sabir, (1955), Mountaineer, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

2, Mr. Benjamin M. Webster, (1962), Photojournalist, North York, Ont. Canada.

3, Mr. Dorje Sherpa, (35yrs), HAP, Namche VDC-5, Solukhumbu, Nepal. (Eighth times Everest Summiter including this)

4, Mr. Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, (33yrs)HAP, Jubing VDC-1, Solukhumbu, Nepal. (Seventh times Everest Summiter including this)

5, Mr. Dorje Sherpa, (34yrs) HAP, Taksindu VDC-3, Solukhumbu, Nepal. (Fifth times Everest Summiter including this)

6, Mr. Da Nurbu Sherpa, (23yrs), HAP, Jubing VDC-1, Solukhumbu, Nepal. (Second times Everest Summiter including this)

This 8 member Expedition team was permitted to climb Mt. Sagarmatha from South East Ridge under the leadership of Ms. Christine Field Boskoff (1967), Business Owner from Seattle, WA. USA.

Lhotse 8516m - Summitted

Ascent Route : West Face
Date of Summit : 15 May 2000
Name of the Expedition : Lhotse Grus 2000 Expedition
Expedition Leader : Mr. Benedict Kashakashvili, (1967), Engineer, Tibilisi, Georgia.
Country : Georgia
No. of Team Members :9
Starting Point : South Col
Time of Summit : 7.00PM
Starting Time : 5 AM

Summiters, Age, Occupation, Home Town & Country

1, Mr. Benedict Kashakashvili, (1967), Leader, Engineer, Tibilisi, Georgia

2, Mr. Temba Nuru Sherpa (26yrs) HAP Namche-6, Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal

Lhotse 8,516m - Summitted

Ascent Route : West Face
Date of Summit : 15 May 2000
Name of the Expedition :International Lhotse Expedition
Expedition Leader : Mr. Piotr Pustelnik, (1951), Engineer, Todz, Poland
Country : Poland
No. of Team Members : 9
Starting Point : South Col
Starting Time : 7.30AM
Time of Summit : 7.00 PM

Name of Summiters, Age, Occupation, Home Town & Country

1, Mr. Piotr Pustelnik, (1951),Leader, Engineer, Todz, Poland

Pumori 7,161m - Summitted

Name of the Expedition : Connecting lass Room to the World Pumori Exp.
Expedition Leader : Mr. Donald Worsham (1961), Evanston ILL, USA
Country : USA
No. of Team Members :7
Ascent Route : South East Ridge
Date of Summit : 14 May 2000
Time of Summit : 2.00 PM

Name of Summiters, Age, Occupation, Home Town & Country

1. Mr. Bob Slozen (1953) Mt. Guide Aspen, Colorado, USA
2. Ms. Heide Kloos (1969) Mr. Guide Aspen , Colorado, USA.

Compiled and Reported by Himalaya Center,, Kathmandu, Nepal, 17th May 2000

  • Everest Spring 2000: A 14 year boy

A 14 year boy, Temba Tshering Sherpa, plans to attempt the Summit of Everest in Spring 2000 from the Nepal side of the mountain. Needless to say, he would be the youngest to Summit Everest if successful. Temba Tsheri Sherpa born in 06/05/85 is climbing Mt. Everest. Temba got inspiration for climbing Mt. Everest from his father and the fairy-tale he used to hear from friends and relatives about the success of climbing Mt. Everest and the fame you earn after. The name Temba signifies one of the manifestation of Lord Buddha, meaning as Temba Ringpoche. The middle name Tsheri signifies as Tshe Ring meaning Long Life. 

Status: The Nepal boy is believed to have been at Camp 4 and was planning to attempt the Summit last night.

Byron Smith, Tim Rippel and their team of Sherpas are at Camp II today after "a very pleasurable day going through the Western Cwm." 

In his radio report from Camp II, Byron said the weather conditions still look good but the team was waiting for a forecast on the wind speeds for May 20th. If things look good, they'll leave for Camp III on Thursday. 

Check them out at

18.05 Photos from the top of Lhotse, May 15th: Beno Kashakashvili and Piotr Pustelnik... details

17.05 Today the second group consist of Kravchenko Oleg, Nedelkin Vladimir, Yakimov Andrei and Bershov Sergei summited to the top of Everest! Our Congratulations!

17.05 The news from Himalaya. Russian expeditions to Amadablam (6,856 μ) and Pumori (7,161 μ), Spring 2000.... details 

  • Retena Odisea Everest-2000

Attempted the Summit but did not make it the Summit from the North. They are returning to lower camps in hopes of another attempt. 


  • Hugo !

This man has Summitted Everest twice already. Please tell the US Media not to call him a Client !


Hugo ascended to camp 2 this morning, at this time he must be resting there. The weather reports inform that in the next days will persist the good climate that we have enjoyed; this will let us to attempt again the summit during the five following days.


  • Jeffrey Warden

A lone climber from Canadian attempts the Summit from the South Side. His name is Jeffrey Warden, and he is from Winnipeg Canada. 



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