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Manaslu 2000Kangchenjunga 2000: Annapurna 2000:

NEWSFLASH 11:31AM EST US 5/24/2000

  • Apa Summits Again !


The Inventa Everest 2000 Environmental Expedition Team reached the top of the world at 10:30 pm Pacific Standard Time May 23, 2000.

May 24, 2000

It was a bittersweet summit day for the Inventa Everest 2000 Environmental Expedition, with nine Sherpas and three climbing team members reaching the 29,035 foot peak of the world's highest mountain.

Battling a snowfall that sometimes created a virtual whiteout, climbing leader Jim Williams, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, along with climbers Lily Leonard, from Boston and Hong Kong, and Francis Slakey, from Washington, D.C., all reached the summit. But the most notable achievement of the climb was the successful summit of 40 year-old Apa Sherpa, the climbing sirdar for the expedition. Apa, who was the first member of the expedition to reach the top, at 8:06 a.m., completed his eleventh successful summit, establishing a new world's record.

In Total 12 from this Expedition reached the Summit last night !

Check them out for all the details the American expedition: www.everestcleanup.com  

NEWSFLASH 10:31AM EST US 5/24/2000

  • A little more News:

1.) Henry Todd's Expedition: 

Reliable Sources report to EverestNews: Mike and Kristy's Woodmansee, plans has changed again. The team remaining at camp 3 tonight. They will not attempt the summit tonight (the 24th). Tomorrow evening should be the big push. EverestNews.com is told everyone is doing fine and in good health.

2.) Catalan expedition: "Tarragona al sostre del mon"  Everest South Pillar Expedition: 

I let you know that after the unlucky 20th when Xavi Aymar could not reach the summit for only 100 m., Xavi was lying "snowblinding' in camp 4. They stayed two nights there waiting for the weather to improve and then Xavi descended down "temporally" blind from Camp 4 to Camp 3, helped by a teammate and a Sherpa (I think that members of the South Pillar Danish expedition helped them as well). Today he arrived safe in the Base Camp and he is recovering the sight. They are coming back home. Best wishes and take a rest after the spring period! Mariona 

3.) Saeed Toossi:  www.everestdream.com His webmaster just told EverestNews.com that Saeed is stating that he reached the Summit of Everest on the 22nd with the Andalucia Everest 2000 Expedition !

His site will be updated in a few hours. Check him out www.everestdream.com

  • See you on Thursday, no more NEWSFLASHES TODAY.

NEWSFLASH 9:00AM EST US 5/24/2000

  • The News:

1.) "The 14 year old boy from Nepal that attempted the Summit of Everest has not been heard from in five days.", Reliable sources report to EverestNews.com

2.) On the North, a Chinese climber and a Tibetan climber have been missing. Because of who they are, or should we say where they are from, details are expected to be extremely difficult in coming forward.

3.) A Sherpa on the North condition is bad, after having been "carried down" the mountain by other Sherpa climbers. 

It happens almost every year on Everest, the question is who and how many. This is a dangerous sport.

Our prayers go out to the families of the loved ones. 

  • The Other News: Note these are reports of Summits, not confirmation that climbers has summited. 

1.) Christine Boskoff summited Everest more on http://lhotse.siol.net

2.) 6 persons (3 Sherpas and Anna Czerwinska and two climbers) summited. Now she is under way from South col to Camp II. Anna born 1949 has finished a Mountain Crown (all continents including Carstensz Pyramid and Mount Vinson) Piotr Aleksandrowicz Rzeczpospolita daily Warsaw Poland 

In Anna case this is confirmation.

3.) The great climber Alberto Zerain was the climber, who in the storm attempted to save Jeppe. His attempt to save Jeppe, must be recorded, as one of the most heroic in Everest History. We believe others on the "Al filo de lo imposible" expedition helped. More details in the next several days.

4.) Spanish: The reply, 

Yes, and is not the news we would like to know. 

One of the two mountaineers from Everest 2000 quit on his attempt because he wasn't feeling right (I think I already told you), and the one who kept going didn't succeed. He tried without oxygen, and had problems, I don't know from which kind but had to quit too. The Everest 2000 expedition plans to leave the base camp at the end of this week, and then return to Catalonia the beginning of June. 

Nica Dalmau Projecte LaceNet  http://www.lacenet.org

More below of these climbers.

5.) News from Graham and the BBC below.

It has been a tough week !

  • Now you know why, our news has been somewhat slower than normal "Everest season" lately, sadly we have been very busy...

Daily News: 5/24/2000 Report

(Updated at 1:00AM EST US 5/24/2000)

  • Things are the North Side of Everest are not good. With the problems, expect the News to be thin.

Other News:

A team of eight climbers and over 20 Sherpas will climb to Camp 4 on Everest this spring to attempt to bring down hundreds of discarded oxygen bottles and tons of trash left by other climbers in the past. The climbers will also attempt to summit Everest.

Members include Robert Chang, Expedition leader Robert Hoffman of Belmont, CA, (his fourth expedition to Everest), Deputy Expedition leader is Robert Boice of San Francisco. The expedition trek leader is Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the son of one of the first Everest summiteers, Tenzing Norgay. In addition, Sherman Bull, 62, of Stamford, CT, is a physician member. The lead Sherpa is Appa Sherpa.

Status: Rob went home due to illness. The others were expected to attempt the Summit last night !  clears. 

Update: Byron Smith and Tim Rippel are back at Basecamp, packing up and preparing to head home to Canada.

Check them out at http://www.cbc.ca/everest2000 

Status: Saeed has not reported in, which one would assume he is above Base Camp. We don't like to speculate on locations of climbers we don't know where they are, so we won't. Check his site for some nice insightful dispatches: www.everestdream.com  

  • An experienced Danish Expedition: Thrane & Thrane sponsorship of the first all Danish Mount Everest Expedition

Status:  May 22 - Back from on top of the world

The BigE-expedition and its progress can be followed at Thrane & Thrane’s website: http://www.tt.dk/everest/intro.html

  • A Spanish Everest Expedition: Everest 2000 www.lacenet.org You will need to Join (in upper left hand corner) A South Side Expedition with many experienced climbers including expeditions to Manaslu (1991), Makalu (1976), Everest (1983 and 1985), Lothse (1980), Annapurna IV (1979), Disthgil Sar (1982), Saipal (1985), Makalu (1988 and 1990), K2 (1995). The Spanish were very successful in 95 on K2 as you can see on our K2 Summits page sumk2.htm.  

Status: "What I know right now, is that one of the two mountaineers who tried again gave up because he wasn't feeling good (cough), and the other one joined another expedition to try to get to the summit. I don't know anything else at the moment. Probably tomorrow morning (Catalan time) I will have more information and I'll let you know."

Nica Dalmau Projecte LaceNet  http://www.lacenet.org

So we should know more soon on these guy...

Jordi Camprubi is the climber that turned around and Jordi Bonet is the climber who continued. 

News also on: http://www.caixamanresa.com/fundacio/everest 

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Jagged Globe in Spring 2000. Jagged Globe was founded by Steve Bell. Steve has more than 20 years of mountaineering experience including winter ascents of the north faces of the Eiger and Matterhorn. He claims "Britain's first guided expedition to an 8,000m peak and was the first Briton to lead clients to the summit of Everest." He has climbed all of the continental summits and is a fully qualified UIAGM mountain guide. Steve and Jagged Globe are known as one of the best guiding companies in the world. Some think the Best.

This year's expedition will be lead by Australian guide, Andrew Lock (having been on two previous Everest expeditions and reached the Summit of K2), supported by Tim Bird. Tim has led expeditions for Jagged Globe for many years including successful trips to Elbrus, Stok Kangri, Mera and Island Peak, Aconcagua and Gasherbrum II. A highly regarded professional instructor (MIC), Tim directs their Scottish Winter Courses, and provides their UK technical support for training and advice to all their group expeditions licensed through the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. They are using the same Sherpa team as last year.

This is another international team, comprising:  Jack Culley (UK), Joe Wolf (USA), Jeff Magee (UK), David Spencer (UK), Curt Peterson (USA), Timothy Gregg (USA) , Paul Giorgio (USA). Joe Wolf hopes to complete his 7 Summits and to be the oldest summiter this season - he's 61 in March!

Status: Summit Attempt ? 

  • Asian-Trekking: Anna Czerwinska (Poland)

Status:  Unconfirmed

  • Canadian Everest Expedition 2000:

Status: Everest briefs Details of the P.M.'s phone call with Ben Webster, a new summit speed record and updates on two Canadian climbers. 


You can get full details at the Canadian Everest Expedition 2000's official website -- http://www.canoe.ca/Everest/home.html

Status:  Expected to attempt last night. 

  • Henry Todd's Expedition: 

Status: Mike and Kristy's Woodmansee, believed to be headed to Camp 4 for an attempt.


1.) Three Dutch Climbers Frits Vrijlandt, Steven Le Poole, and Joke Groenendaal: http://www.everest.home.nl/

Frits Vrijlandt and Steven Le Poole, will attempt to climb Everest via the North ridge. When they succeed, they will be the first Dutchmen to do so.  Joke will keep you updated.

Frits Vrijlandt and Steven Le Poole will be part of a non-commercial British/Dutch expedition.

Update: May 22th, 2000, Steven tries once more

ADVANCED BASE CAMP - Tonight Steven will make the ascent to North Col once more. It will take him some four hours to get there. Tomorrow he will leave North Col Camp for North Ridge Camp. Wednesday he will climb to Top Camp and Thursday will be the day of his second summit attempt. The weather forecast for 25 May is favorable.

Click for entire article

Check them out at http://www.everest.home.nl/  

  • AL FILO DE LO IMPOSIBLE (Irvine & Mallory)

In Spring 2000, Juan Oiarzabal from Spain will head an expedition to emulate Mallory & Irvine's 1924 attempt on Everest. Juan is one of only Juan is one of only Juan is one of only 7 men to Summit all of the 14 8000 meter peaks. This expedition will film their climb while attempting to reproduce Mallory & Irvine's ascents. Juan and his expedition will attempt the same route as Mallory & Irvine without the use of bottled oxygen. Juan Oiarzabal is clearly one of the greatest H. A. climbers ever, gives this group hope and credibility.

The Expedition climbing members are: Juan Oiarzabal, Alberto Zeraνn, Iρaki Querejeta, Ferrαn Latorre, Juan Vallejo, Josu Bereciartua, Oscar Cadiach expedition members. (Spanish Spellings)

What is their Everest experience? Alberto Zerain climbed Everest (S Col) in May 1993. Oscar Cadiach climbed Everest in Aug 1985 (N Col route) and May 1993 (S Col). Juan Oiarzabal did the 14 8000m peaks between 1985 (Cho Oyu) and 1993 (Everest S Col with oxygen.).

Status:  Going back up again !

  • Graham Hoyland and the BBC returns to Everest.

Status: " Stop Press::Stop Press::Stop Press::Stop Press 

Search team pinned on North Col (23,000 feet) in bad weather.

Avalanche off N.E. Ridge - snow lying across search site.

Further reports not possible currently.

Stop Press::Stop Press::Stop Press::Stop Press" 



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