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For earlier reports: See the News Index for a list of all the Daily Reports. See the Home Page for Individual Stories.  Receiving Reports from Over 30 Teams on Everest this Spring 2000.

Makalu 2000: Dhaulagiri 2000: Lhotse 2000: Cho Oyu 2000:

Manaslu 2000Kangchenjunga 2000:  Annapurna 2000:

NEWSFLASH 11:11AM EST US 5/26/2000

  • Henry Todd's Expedition's Summits !

1.) EverestNews.com is told from reliable sources that some of Henry's climbers reached the Summit last night.  

2.) Mike and Kristy Woodmansee got all prepared for the attempt and were leaving camp 4. 15 minutes into the attempt both of their oxygen systems failed and their attempt was over. They had to descend to camp 2. Mike and Kristy are at base camp now and safe, they will leave for home ASAP. 

  • See you on Saturday for more on the North and maybe the names of Henry's climbers who reached the Summit.
  • EverestNews.com has been told the M&I search is still on ! We are not getting many details. 
  • K2 has began.

Daily News: 5/26/2000 Report

  • Everest South Side: Headlines

1.) Babu Chiri Sherpa started from the BC on 20th May at 05.00 PM and reached the summit of Everest on 21st May' 2000 at 9.56 AM. It took him 16hrs.  56 min. to reach the top from the Base Camp, not 15 hrs and 56 minutes... 

2.) Mike and Kristy Woodmansee with the Henry Todd group did not summit on their second attempt. Details at this time are sketchy but word came from reliable sources that radio contact was bad during the climb. All climbers are safe at camp 2 and no word came as to whether they will try again with only a few days left. 

  • Everest North Side:

A little more on the problems on the North Side:

Sources report to EverestNews.com that the missing Chinese climber is Kanhua Yan from Heilongjiang. On 5/21/2000 he made a live broadcast from 8000 meters on the north ridge of Everest. Yan was making his second attempt on the North Col route of Everest. He used siege tactics and carried his own loads. The microwave relay at 8000 meters  was placed by the climbers of the Tibetan Mountaineering Association. The signal was beamed directly back to the BC. 

Some believe he reached the Summit at 11am on 5/21/2000 with Laba Tsering. They were spotted by other climbers near the Summit. Yan separated from Laba at some point on the way down and Yan has been missing since. 

Laba has come back to BC and is better. Another climber named Laba also was in trouble during the storm and at last point was in BC with HACE but getting better. 

Our Spanish friends are reporting that Yan was blown off the mountain by the high winds. We do not know if that is speculation, or if someone saw him get blown off the mountain. Others have been reported before to have been blown off, only to find there bodies later. 

It was a very bad storm. Adding to the difficulty in reporting is the "terms used". 

Chinese call Tibetans: Chinese.

Others call Tibetans: Tibetans.

Others call everyone who climbs the mountain from Tibet or Nepal a "Sherpa", when  they are actually a Tibetan, Sherpa, Nepali, or Chinese.

It is unclear if Laba (either one) is a Sherpa, Nepali, Tibetan, or Chinese climber. Our primary source for this story tells EverestNews.com that both Laba are Sherpas. Other sources tell us one is a Tibetan and one a Sherpa. 

This will all sort itself out in a month or so. 

Individual Reports: South then North

Hi everyone,

We made it! I am safe and sound at the Base Camp and recovering from the successful summit bid. I am sending you a briefing on the summit attempt until later... I will be leaving the BC on the 26th of May to come home. Until then have a great time and leave some for me until I get home...


Dear sponsors, supporters, friends and colleagues: Yes we did it !

We stood on the roof of the world the very summit of Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha) on May 22nd at 10:30 am. At this moment all of you were on my mind as I attached the list of the individual sponsors to the summit flags.

The few days of the final push and the reason that the summit attempt from camp IV was delayed from May 20th to May 22nd has many details that I will be preparing soon but here are some of the details of the summit push: 

On the night of the May 21st, I left camp IV with my Sherpa -- Chhewang Dorjee -- at 10:30 pm in light snow fall and no wind. Although I was hesitant, I continued on towards the Balcony. At about 3:00 am we reached the Balcony and the snow had stopped with full moon shining on the snow. We turned the head lamps off and witnessed the sunrise at about 5:00 below the South Summit.

Continuing up the steep ridge to the South Summit at 28,700' and the famous South East ridge to the Hillary Step I witnessed the most beautiful scenes. At the top of the Step I met Mike Brown from the IMG/Mountain Link Expedition and three members from the Spanish Andalucia Expedition who were: Manuel Gonzalez, Ivan Jara and Juan Jose Garra. After a short acknowledgement I continued up towards the summit with Chhwang Dorjee shortly behind me and I saw Anna Barbara, from Poland, ten minutes below the summit and she was proud to be the oldest woman who has climbed Mt. Everest. I Congratulated her and continued the next 100' with Chhwang Dorjee to the summit.

It was about 10:30 am that we stepped on the highest point on earth and after spending about 45 minutes on top and installing Iran-USA peace flag and taking pictures we left the summit in deteriorating weather. I also met David Hahn from the IMG/Mountain Link Expedition at the step on his way up to the summit...

I will follow up with the details of the descent later... Saeed

Check out www.everestdream.com today ! 

Don't we wish all climbers would report in this detail ! 


We believe Steven is continuing when many others have given up.

  • Others are Expected to attempt the Summit on Saturday.

  • Many have given up and are leaving.

  • No News from Graham Hoyland and/or with the BBC.

Other News

  • Cho Oyu Spring 2000:

3 Spanish and 3 Australian reached the summit of Cho-Oyu on 17th May 2000. The name of the Spanish Expedition is"8.201 M Cho-Oyu" led by Jordi Tosas. Jordi Tosas is the first Spanish climber to descend from the summit with his snow board. (Note this is not confirmed, but "what is reported by his expedition".) Other summiteers are Joseba Koldo Jauregui(30) and Ricardo V. Martinez(41).

Australian Alpine Army Cho-Oyu Expedition led by Roger Grose. Summiteers are Leader Roger Grose, Brian Laurence and Matt Sheply. They reach the summit on 17th May 2000.

Both of these Expeditions were supported by Asian-Trekking.

Source; Asian Trekking www.asian-treeking.com 

  • Mt. Makalu 8,463m - Summitted

Name of the Expedition: Saxony Himalaya Expedition.

Expedition Leader: Mr. Gotz Wiegand (1959), Engineer, Dresden, German.

Country: Germany

No. of Team Members: 7

Ascent Route: North West Ridge

Starting Point: Camp IV 

Date of Summit: 15th May 2000

Time of Summit: 15.00, 15.30, 15.45, 16.00.

 Summiters, Date of Birth, Occupation, Home Town & Country

 1.      Mr. Olaf Zill (1966), Phiysiotherapist, Basel, CH. Germany.

2.      Mr. Thoma Tutpe (1961) Photographer, Chemnitz, Germany.

3.      Mr. Gotz Wiegand (1959), Engineer, Dresden, Germany.

4.      Mr. Franc Meutzner (1965), Engineer, Dresden, Germany.

5.      Mr. Bernd Mehnert (1966), Engineer, Dresden, Germany.

 Remarks: Mr. Bernd Mehnert, died on 16th May on Camp III due to exhaustion.

  • Mt. Makalu 8,463m - Summitted

Name of the Expedition: 2000 Dongguk Makalu Expedition.

Expedition Leader: Mr. Hyoung Woo.

Country: Korea

No. of Team Members: 6

Ascent Route: North West Ridge

Starting Point: Camp III

Date of Summit: 15th May 2000

Time of Summit: 2.40 P.M

 Summiters, Date of Birth, Occupation, Home Town & Country

 1.      Mr. Park Young Soek, (27 yrs), Alpinist, Sangamdong, Mopogu, Seoul, Korea.

2.      Mr. Lee Hyun Jo, (25 yrs), Samgamdong, Mopogue, Seoul, Korea

3.      Mr. Da Chiri Sherpa, (22 yrs), HAS, Namche-4, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

  • Mt. Lhotse 8,516m - Summitted

 Name of the Expedition: Lhotse Grus 2000 Expedition

Expedition Leader: Mr. Benedict Kashakashvili (1967), Engineer, Tiblisi, Georgia.

Country: Georgia

No. of Team Members: 9

Ascent Route: West Face

Starting Point: South Col.

Date of Summit: 21st May 2000

Time of Summit: 1 PM

 Summiters, Date of Birth, Occupation, Home Town & Country

 1.      Mr. Api Gigani (1956), Aviation Engineer, Kutaisi, Georgia

2.      Mr. Bidzina Gujuabidze, (1960), Farmer, Tbilisi, Georgia

3.      Mr. Gela Otarashvili (1969), Engineer, Tbilisi, Georgia

4.      Mr. Evgueni Vinogradski (1946), Doctor, Yekaterinburg, Russia

5.      Mr. Gleb Sokolov, (1953), Teacher, Novokushetsk, Russia

6.      Mr. Valeri Perchine (1948), Coach, Yekaterinburg, Russia

7.      Mr. Alexandre Foigt (1958), Coach, Novokushetsk, Russia

8.      Mr. Youri Baikovski (1958), Teacher, Moscow, Russia

  • Name of the Expedition: International Lhotse Expedition

Expedition Leader: Mr. Piotr Pustelnik (1951), Engineer, Todz, Poland.

Country: Poland

No. of Team Members: 9

Ascent Route: West Face

Starting Point: South Col.

Date of Summit: 19th May 2000

Time of Summit: 2 PM

1. Mr. Sergio Martini, Rovereto, Italy.

  • Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m) - Summitted

 Name of the Expedition: 2000 Korean Kanchenjunga Expedition

Expedition Leader: Mr. Goin Kyun (56 yrs), Chairman of Pagoda Academy Inc.

Country: Korea

No. of Team Members: 7

Ascent Route: South West Ridge

Starting Point: 

Date of Summit: 19th May 2000

Time of Summit: 5.30 A.M 

 Summiters, Date of Birth, Home Town & Country

1.      Mr. Park Mu Taek (1968), Daegu City, Seoul, Korea.

2.      Mr. Hong Gil Um, Euijungbu City, Kyungki-do, Korea.

Source: Himalaya Center, Kathmandu Nepal

  • National Geographic Channel Europe: 

The National Geographic Channel is available via cable and satellite in 19 million homes across Europe in the following countries:  UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Malta and Israel, plus South Africa. 

Highlights JUNE 2000 PEAK WEEK !!!

Celebrating the courage of great mountaineers !!!

Every evening from 12th-16th June at 11pm/23.00

To stand on top of the tallest mountains in the world is a rare experience and one that is sometimes paid for with loss of life.  PEAK WEEK celebrates the men and women who climb deadly Everest in the Himalayas, spectacular Aconcagua in South America and the remote Mount Vaughan in the Antarctic.

A week of programmes each night at 11pm/23.00 about the dramas of modern mountaineering expeditions and the joy of triumph against the odds.

Monday 12th: Above All Else: The Everest Dream

Join friends Jamie Clarke and Alan Hobson on their 10-year voyage of discovery to the highest mountain and one of the most hostile terrains on Earth.

Tuesday 13th: Height Of Courage

The inspiring story of Colonel Norman D Vaughan's successful bid to be the first man to climb Antarctica's Mount Vaughan, just three days short of his 89th birthday and more than 60 years after the peak had been named after him.

Wednesday 14th: Return to Everest

There is no more recognizable name in the annals of Everest history than Sir Edmund Hillary.  Follow his visit to meet the people who spend their lives in the shadows of the mountain he conquered.

Thursday 15th: Aconcagua: Two Weeks On A Big Hill

Eight ordinary men in an extraordinary environment climbing the highest peak in South America made particularly treacherous because of a 1,000ft chute of loose rock and snow which clings to the mountain at a 45-degree angle.

Friday 16th: Return To The Death Zone

In the wake of the Mount Everest disaster which killed eight climbers in a single day in 1996, three-time Everest conqueror David Breashears returns to shed new light on the effects of extreme altitude on decision making.

Futures Plans

  • Another Kind of Summit!

EverestNews.com, and Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, have begun to talk about the possibilities of hosting an international conference to talk about climbing  Everest.  This would not be a commercial trade show.  Instead, this would be an opportunity for climbers and other interested people to talk about the many issues that surround the mountain. These issues include the number of climbers, safety, reporting news, ethics, and the list goes on.  We feel this conference could be an important and perhaps unique event in that we could talk about the issues while not trying to climb at the same time!  

Why Concordia College?  Because it's a first-rate school. Why Moorhead, Minnesota?  Because it's the *flattest* place on the planet. When?  We're not sure yet.  What we are thinking now is that this winter in the October to January time frame. We would host a small conference, a planning group, to organize a large conference in the winter  of 2002.  Maybe we should just go for the large meeting right away.  What we're wondering, of course, is if other people are interested in coming to such a conference (either as speaker or simply to listen).  You'd have to pay your own travel, room and board.  There would need to be a small conference fee, maybe in the $50 range or so.

If you think this conference is a good idea, or a bad idea, please let us know.  If  you'd like to be a part of the planning group, please let us know.  Email us at web@everestnews2004.com W. Scott Olsen, chair of the Environmental Studies Program at Concordia College Thanks. 

  • Holy Land Expeditions:

In 2001 EverestNews.com will feature Expeditions to the Holy Land lead by famous Everest climbers. Expeditions will probably include options on time and capability. For example some Expeditions might climb small mountains in the Middle East. Others would simply be trekking Expeditions. If this is something that might interest you let us know at web@everestnews2004.com These Expeditions would be run by commercial Expedition companies. EverestNews.com is NOT planning on being in the Expedition business. 

  • Stats

In June/July 2000, EverestNews.com will add many facts to the site. We plan at least a day per week to add reference information to the site. 

  • The M&I debate: Jochen Hemmleb vs Tom Holzel 

Details to follow soon. 

Both authors have strong thoughts and opinions on what could have happened. EverestNews.com role, we believe, is not to take sides. We are thinking of having a special forum where readers can comment on the debate and give their thoughts on what is said. 

  • K2 is starting ! Some Climbers have left for the mountain.

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