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 Daily News: 5/5/2000 Report

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NEWSFLASH 5/7/2000 8:34PM EST US 

  • Chris Boskoff and Peter tried for the summit last night but were turned back due to high winds. 
  • No Summits. Heavy snow on the South Side.
  • No real "Summit News" on the North Side.
  • Expect a long update around 11:00PM EST US Tonight.

NEWSFLASH 5/6/2000 5:44PM EST US 

  • Everest North Side: Climbers moving Up !

Summit Attempts planned for Sunday May 7th...

Little snow up high is being reported on the North Side. Unclear if some of these teams are establishing a "real" camp 5 & 6. The leaders of the pack are not expected to use oxygen. 

  • New evidence on the location of Irvine is being rumored. We hope to talk with Graham Hoyland to see if true. If so we will let you know, assuming he wants to talk. 
  • Many false reports on Everest this year. Very concerning. EverestNews.com will consider posting some of these in June.
  • Everest South Side: Gavin Bate  www.7-2000.co.uk 

The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition

Dispatch: Everest Base Camp - 6th May 2000

Today saw the first summit attempt of the year. One of the teams got as far as the Balcony, which is about 6 hours above the South Col (Camp 4). Unfortunately, they had to turn back due to waist deep snow. Several other teams are waiting on the mountain and at least one of these teams is planning to attempt to summit tomorrow.

Our climbing team reached Camp 2 yesterday and they have rested there all today, along with the Sherpas. They are all in good spirits.

We sent off for a forecast this morning from Bracknell which was due this evening. Late this afternoon we were visited by Yolanda, a meteorologist studying weather in the Khumbu region as a specialty. With her help we were able to access weather maps on the Internet and have them interpreted by her. This information, combined with the forecast from Bracknell, has led to the decision for the climbing team to wait at Camp 2 for one further day, before leaving for Camp 3 on the 8th May. This means that they should be attempting the summit on the 10th May.

We all hope that the weather window of the 10th comes to fruition. Noel Bristow  

  • Don't count Byron and Tim out for an attempt on Sunday yet.


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NEWSFLASH 5/6/2000 3:00PM EST US 

  • Everest North Side: Climbers moving Up !

Summit Attempts "stated" for Sunday May 7th...

  • Everest South Side: Byron calling it a Night !

Byron Smith and his cameraman Tim Rippel have decided not to push for the summit tonight. With a combination of deep snow and high winds up top, the conditions just aren't right for a summit climb. 

Byron and Tim will sleep on the South Col, on oxygen, for the rest of the night and climb down to Camp II in the morning. From there, they'll check weather reports and decide whether there is enough of a 'window' for another summit attempt, or if they'll come back down to Base camp. 

Check http://cbc.ca/everest2000/ for the full details and Byron's actual audio from the Camp 4. 

  • "See what happens in the morning"

NEWSFLASH 5/6/2000 2:44PM EST US

  • Byron is waiting ? Will he go ?

Holding out at Camp IV!: Virginia Robinson, the Everest 2000 team doctor at Base camp reports that Byron Smith and Tim Rippel are now holding their decision for a summit bid. Check http://cbc.ca/everest2000/ for the full details and Byron's actual audio from the Camp 4. 

  • It is getting a little late to leave Camp 4. Therefore look for a decision in the next hour at the latest.

NEWSFLASH 5/6/2000 11:58AM EST US

  • Byron Smith to go to the Summit tonight in heavy snow !

Byron Smith, Tim Rippel and the team's Sherpas are at Camp 4. 

On Saturday, around 10:30 p.m. Nepal time (which is a few minutes ago), they will leave Camp IV for the summit. If all goes well, Byron is set to report, for the first time in Canadian television history, directly from the roof of the world, LIVE and exclusively on CBC Newsworld, on Saturday, May 6 at 7:45 p.m. ET (approx.). [EXPECT THIS TO BE LATER DUE TO THE SNOW...] On May 6, CBC Newsworld will be monitoring Smith's progress with regular updates. Once his success is imminent, CBC Newsworld will bookend his summit report with a special 90-minute edition of Everest 2000 starting at 7 p.m. ET (approx.). 

EverestNews.com has gotten to know Byron over the last couple of years. He is a successful man like many who climb Everest. We also found a caring man. When we asked for his help with finding Mike Matthews body, he volunteered without hesitation and asked what he could do.

Byron is a very strong climber who many Everest veterans know well. Tim Rippel, an Everest veteran, is the cameraman who will film Byron. Tim is NOT Byron's guide as some has reported. (That is almost funny). Frankly, Byron is his own man. Bryon is his Expedition. Byron initially had three members: himself, Tim (the cameraman), and a photographer. The photographer left the expedition, which is not uncommon on Everest. (In fact it is uncommon NOT to lose a member for one reason or another.) Byron has organized and planned this expedition since his first attempt in 1998. Byron found his expedition in 1998 unprepared for his second attempt at the Summit. Byron has excellent sponsors including http://cbc.ca which we have found to be a class company.

This year Byron is prepared. Byron is trained. He will need to be. It appears Everest has heavy snow up high. The Sherpas believe Everest is mad... We will see... This is a strong team. It will take much to turn Byron around, but he has been smart to date.

  • No Summits last night according to our sources. The Mexicans turned around due to heavy snow at the balcony.
  • Check http://cbc.ca/everest2000/ for today's update which will provide you more details. 

NEWSFLASH 5/5/2000 11:08PM EST US

  • Hugo Rodriguez and we believe all the other climbers have turned back at the balcony due to bad weather....
  • We will know more in the morning. (EST US...)

Expect another report around mid day EST US on Saturday.

NEWSFLASH 5/5/2000 5:18 PM EST US

  • They are on the way !


The expedition "Mexico on top of the world" is in camp 4, ready to begin their climbing up towards to the summit at 9:00 o'clock at night, time of Nepal (10:15 in the morning time of Mexico City), we are told that the weather at that height is perfect for reaching the summit, however at base camp, we are suffering a little bad weather consisting in little snow and low temperature.

We wish the whole expedition the best of luck in reaching the summit to the highest mountain of the world: Mount Everest.

They have told us by radio that other expeditions are also ready and with the intention of reaching the summit, we wish them also good luck.

We will be alert to every step of all the expeditions.

Cristian www.everest2000.net 

See early updates/NEWSFLASHES for more below.

  • EverestNews.com is confirming other news. EverestNews.com will be updating all weekend.

NEWSFLASH 5/5/2000 12:07 PM EST US

  • Moving Up !!! 

Climbers on the North Side are moving up fast ! Climbers are reported at Camp 4 and on the move. Someone clearly thinks the window is open...

  • The weather on the North is still reported as bad by some. But the Eastern Europeans, Dutch, and others are moving ! 
  • Hans van der Muelen, former Summiter of K2, is at the head of the pack along with many Sherpas from Asian-Trekking. Some of the best climbers in the world helping to prepare the way for the others to follow.
  • We expect climbers on the North to attempt the Summit on Sunday . Could be Saturday, or Monday. Our sources tell EverestNews.com the best chance is Sunday. 
  • EverestNews.com is going into NEWSFLASH mode for the weekend. The Daily Update will be dropped this weekend. NEWSFLASHES will continue all weekend, when News arrives (news is normally slow on the weekends...). If you are new to EverestNews.com don't try to figure it all out in a day. Just sit back and enjoy...
  • On the South Side: Climbers are on the move, with many moving up the mountain. Once again the feeling seems to be the window is "open".
  • Gavin Bate  http://adventurealternative.com 

Updates: 5/4/2000 Everest Base Camp, 18150' From: the Everest Summit Team 

Last night Base Camp echoed with the sounds of revelry from our camp, late into the night. Twenty odd people, us and our group of visiting trekkers, followed dinner with a high altitude party that will be remembered for a long time, e.g. John Gillespie 'jiving' to the sounds of Bob Marley, on top of the dining table; John Barry 'jiving' with John Gillespie on top of the dining table; John Barry giving John Gillespie a fireman's lift which resulted in nearly the entire mess tent being pulled down around our ears; and so on - an evening which has resulted in some long and drawn faces this morning !

We woke this morning to fabulous blue skies and light winds. The forecast came through at 9am and is the best we've had for weeks. A huge high pressure is sitting directly over Everest, the jet streams have dropped and the winds are dropping steadily. In 3 days there is an almost windless day on the summit forecast, and the following 3 or 4 days are expected to be good. 

Suddenly plans are being formulated, summit days being discussed and thoughts are turning to bits of kit we need to take up for the last push on Everest. 

At Camp 2 this morning the Sherpas left early. We have just spoken to them on the radio and they have made Camp 4 [Note this is May 4th.] At last our supplies are being dumped at 26,000' in preparation for our summit push.

The trekkers have also been drawn into the excitement of the moment; small knots of people are discussing plans and options. It is a very unique opportunity to be up here as part of the whole climbing logistics. They have just gone up to the Icefall route to have a look. Later Kevin Kahan, hairdresser extraordinaire from Bangor in Northern Ireland, will be giving haircuts to the summit team ( in return for some funds for charity). 

This afternoon we will gather together our bits of kit ( although most of it is already up the hill ) and we'll plan for an early night. Tomorrow morning we'll be up at 4am for a 5am start. Our plan is to get up to Camp 2 tomorrow, rest for a day and get another forecast from Noel ( Expedition comms man at Base Camp ); then, if all looks favorable, we'll climb to Camp 3 and go onto oxygen for the night before climbing up to the south col Camp 4 at 26,000' ). We might then get one more 24 hour forecast from Noel and try for the top - possibly for the 9th or 10th May. 

We will be in constant radio contact with Noel and as he receives our reports he will send out an update. As time goes on and things get more critical, the updates will be more frequent. We hope to keep you all in touch with our progress as it happens, and we thank EVERYONE once again for their support. Speaking on behalf of the team we feel strong and confident; we feel we have done all the right things in our preparations, our acclimatisation and our approach to this mountain. We have adopted a laid-back, humorous and practical state of mind to all our actions and we have a very strong team of Sherpas working for us. We need just a week of good weather, a bit of luck and the determination as a team to overcome this last hurdle of the expedition. Obviously we all have our own thoughts and our own worries, but once again the overall philosophy of the group is to take each day as it comes, to give it our best and to do our best for ourselves, for all our supporters out there and for our country. We are, after all, the only UK independent team up here.

We also have Michele Santilhano here who is representing South Africa, and we know that many people across her country will be watching and following her progress. She is certainly a great ambassador for her nation. John Barry, Andrew Salter, Chris Tiso, Polly Murray, Michele Santilhano and myself all hope to do our best, and most importantly to come down safely. About four or five other groups are all planning to summit in and around the next week so we will not be alone up there. From the south col we will have an eighteen hour day to accomplish - 12 hours to the summit and 6 hours back down. Each of us will have 3 bottles of oxygen to breathe from, and each bottle will last us six hours at a flow rate of 2 liters per minute. There is precious little room for error, so we will be relying on Noel at Base Camp to advise us of the time lapsed and the amount of oxygen we have left.

Enough talk now. Wish us luck and God speed and be sure that your support will spur us on. I hope to report success. With all best regards and especially from all of us we send our love to our families. Gavin Bate and the Everest Team

Update: Everest Base Camp - 5/5/00

The day started at 4:30AM with a blast on Dawa's whistle for breakfast. The team duly assembled in the Sherpa kitchen (much warmer than the mess tent at that time of day) for a breakfast of porridge and toast, washed down with plenty of milk tea (of course!). By 5:00 they were ready to leave for the Icefall and the first step of their journey to the summit. They were waved off by Amanda and myself, and the whole of the Irish trekking group - an unusual send-off at that time of the morning.

After waiting by the radio for most of the day, we eventually received a radio call from Polly at Camp 2 to say that they had all arrived safe and sound. They had reached Camp 1, at the top of the Icefall, by late morning. They spent an hour and a half there, resting and drinking to replace lost fluids. This also gave a chance for the skies to cloud over, therefore avoiding an exhausting walk in the baking heat of the Western Cwm. They reached Camp 2 at 3:30PM and, after radioing down to Base Camp, they have settled down to a meal and a well-earned rest.

In the meantime, the Sherpas have taken another double carry (~30kg each) from Camp 2 to Camp 4 on the South Col. This completes the carries to Camp 4, and everything is now in place for the summit attempt. The Sherpas will now have two rest days at Camp 2, before returning to the South Col for the summit attempt.

We said goodbye to the Irish trekking group late this morning. They were a blast of entertainment and we very much enjoyed the Craic.

Tomorrow the climbing team will rest at Camp 2, and we will send off for a weather forecast from Bracknell. If the forecast is favorable, the climbing team will continue up to Camp 3. Otherwise they will be forced to wait at Camp 2 for better weather. We will keep our fingers crossed and keep you all informed of our progress. Noel Bristow

For much more on The Millennium Seven Summits Expedition.

NEWSFLASH 5/5/200 9:42 AM EST US

  • At about 8:00PM Nepal time EverestNews.com learned Hugo Rodriguez and the other climbers from the Mexican Everest Expedition (along with his Sherpa climbers) are possibility going to make a Summit attempt tonight.
  • Details and "plans" were made and discussed, but frankly do those plans mean much at this point ? 
  • Byron Smith is being open about his plans, see below...
  • Hugo has two summits of Everest (1997 and 1999). Hugo almost died in 1997. Babu Chiri Sherpa, nine time Summiter and now world famous climber, is his Sirdar. EverestNews.com believes, but has not confirmed Babu is with them...
  • Or will Hugo and everyone wait to go with Byron on Saturday night? Byron, Tim, and his Sherpa group are very strong...
  • As night falls in Nepal... One weather forecast calls for snow Saturday and Sunday, another forecast calls for snow just Sunday. Winds are expected to be low Saturday and Sunday, but picking up the first of the week. Then again the forecasts were wrong earlier in the week. Many climbers are staying low. Byron appears to be playing it slow and smart. Folks, this is a dangerous sport, not for the weak at heart... First up is tough...! 
  • As Hugo folks say " until the will of God and the generosity of the mountain allows him to attempt the summit; however we don’t know the exact date that he will go for the top, only the nature knows it." 

Daily News: 5/5/2000 Report

A team of eight climbers and over 20 Sherpas will climb to Camp 4 on Everest this spring to attempt to bring down hundreds of discarded oxygen bottles and tons of trash left by other climbers in the past. Besides performing this necessary task the group will also attempt to summit Everest. Members include Robert Chang, Expedition leader Robert Hoffman of Belmont, CA, (his fourth expedition to Everest), Deputy Expedition leader is Robert Boice of San Francisco. The expedition trek leader is Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the son of one of the first Everest summiteers, Tenzing Norgay. In addition, Sherman Bull, 62, of Stamford, CT, is a physician member. The lead Sherpa is Appa Sherpa.

Dispatch:  May 4, 2000: Well, we just came back down from Camps 1 and 2 over the past week we spent above 20,000 feet.  It was tough for me as the temperatures go very hot to very cold and having very little body fat its been a battle. We made a carry of our gear from camp 1 to 2 and camp 1 is effectively taken down, as it has only two small gear/supply tents. 

The trip thru the icefall is very different as the temperature get hotter things get melted out, at one point, the one section at the top of the icefall that has five ladders tied together - the bottom two legs of the ladders were not in contact with the ice or ground and the ladders had become twisted sideways, making for some excitement. The trip to camp two is up and down in the western cwm with some large crevasses so we have to go side to side and then there are some ladders. At times it blows freezing cold and then the sun blazes like your in a desert so it can be miserable. 

We made it into camp 2 with the intent to eventually go up to camp 3 but after a week of trying (two times, three times if you count our last trip thru the icefall) the weather kept on deteriorating.  We got up at 4am one morning and the wind blew so hard, snow sideways and frigid cold at 21,000 +feet we didn't even get out of our tents until later in the day. 

Our second attempt was a few days later, we actually headed out after a previous day of snow fall and we got to about 22,000 feet - 7 Sherpas including Apa Sherpa broke trail for us to the Lhotse face headwall, but the winds picked up and half our team members turned back early and I and 2 others went a bit farther with the Sherpas... When Apa turned to me and said it was cold, I read that as a turn around point being his great experience with 10 summits, so we turned back singing o mick farmer had a farm-ei ei o... I taught the Sherpas as we went back down. I had one mishap when coming down one of my trek poles collapsed and I fell face forward on the snow slope but was able to catch my self. We stayed 2 more days at camp 2 but had no luck with weather and came back down on May 4-the weather just cleared today as luck has it....our plan is to rest for 5 to 7 days and the next time we go up is our summit attempt! My stomach is better, but now my left knee is banged up a bit.... I have time to heal in base camp.  Apa and Pemba, the two star Sherpas are becoming good friends, summit or no summit its been pretty legendary to see these guys work and climb. 

Even our high altitude camera man Jeff Rhoads, who summited twice in a week a few years back - has commented that Chomolungma, or Everest is making everyone earn every step.  all the Everest veterans on the team feel the same way when looking at the route condition, the icefall, the weather... It is the most humbling thing I have ever been around and no wonder it takes an average of 3 attempts (expeditions) per climber before they get to the top..... I am happy for my accomplishment to date and am glad to be alive, relatively healthy and motivated to go for the top on the next push.... take care and let all read. 

Rob Chang. Everest Base Camp... 

See www.everestcleanup.com for more on this Expedition.

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Jagged Globe in Spring 2000. Jagged Globe was founded by Steve Bell. Steve has more than 20 years of mountaineering experience including winter ascents of the north faces of the Eiger and Matterhorn. He claims "Britain's first guided expedition to an 8,000m peak and was the first Briton to lead clients to the summit of Everest." He has climbed all of the continental summits and is a fully qualified UIAGM mountain guide. Steve and Jagged Globe are known as one of the best guiding companies in the world. 

This year's expedition will be lead by Australian guide, Andrew Lock (having been on two previous Everest expeditions and reached the Summit of K2), supported by Tim Bird. Tim has led expeditions for Jagged Globe for many years including successful trips to Elbrus, Stok Kangri, Mera and Island Peak, Aconcagua and Gasherbrum II. A highly regarded professional instructor (MIC), Tim directs their Scottish Winter Courses, and provides their UK technical support for training and advice to all their group expeditions licensed through the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. They are using the same Sherpa team as last year. This is another international team, comprising:  Jack Culley (UK), Joe Wolf (USA), Jeff Magee (UK), David Spencer (UK), Curt Peterson (USA), Timothy Gregg (USA) , Paul Giorgio (USA). 

Dispatch:  Well its Thursday, 4th May and the Jagged Globe team are all safely back in base camp after a successful acclimatisation climb to camp 3. 

On April 28th, we set out at 5am for the climb to camp 2. The trip through the icefall is quicker each time, as we acclimatize and become more familiar with the route. Still it's no place to hang around and camp 1 is a welcome place to stop and rest for a while. 

We prefer now to climb direct to camp 2, as the energy expended in collecting and melting snow, cooking meals etc. at camp 1, is greater than pushing on to the higher camp. Our advance base Sherpa staff occupies camp 2 throughout the expedition, so it's well maintained. We took a rest day on Saturday, to recover from the one vertical kilometer climb from base. Sunday dawned fine and not too windy, so we headed off at 6am for our second attempt on the Lhotse face. The long slog up the final section of the Western Cwm saw the team spread out below the imposing ice wall. 

Once onto the Lhotse face, the ropes were found to be in good condition and the slope less threatening than rumor had predicted. The ice was hard but our crampons gripped well and we made slow but consistent progress up the face. The first members arrived about 11.30am and spent the afternoon cutting ice for the stoves and digging out buried tents. 

The thin air and cold early morning wind took its toll on the team and the final members didn't arrive until 6pm. A fairly sleepless night was endured, during which the winds strengthened until by dawn the tents were being buffeted continuously. We waited for the sun, then descended quickly to the cwm and back to camp 2. The following morning the climbers descended to base. 

Our Sherpas remained in camp 2, to await an opportunity to ferry some loads to the south col. This is where our camp 4 will be located. Having completed their load carries, the Sherpas will descend for a rest at base camp, prior to the whole team ascending for the summit attempt. 

Whilst we wait for them, the team has an opportunity to rest and regain strength for the big push. Tim B. and Joe will head down to one of the local villages to spend a couple of days in the thicker air. Paul and Tim G. prefer to remain in base camp. Andrew will also stay in base to liaise with the Sherpas and to watch the weather for the best summit opportunity. 

Sadly, Jeff has chosen to depart the expedition, as he suffered some minor frostbite to his fingers on the climb to camp 3 and with medical advice feels that the risk of serious injury would be too great if he continued the climb. The injury should heal quickly back at home and he will depart today for Kathmandu. 

The weather today is clear, though a little windy. Our Sherpas are at this minute en route to camp 4 with a load. We wish them well. It will be a few days before we can consider a summit attempt, so plenty of opportunity to catch up on sleep, reading and perhaps a little socializing with the other expeditions. 

Cheers from base camp. Andrew Lock

  • Latest Updates Direct from Everest from Graham and the BBC
Adv. Base Camp
May 2nd
We dash down the snow-slopes, running our hands down the fixed ropes. It's so fast! We can go down in about 30 minutes what takes over three hours of sheer hellish slog going up.
Adv. Base Camp
May 1st
Oh, to be at home with Sarah! England must be lovely just now, whilst here it seems to get colder and the snow keeps falling.
Adv. Base Camp
April 30th
Sabotage is in the air. One of our Antarctica tents is seen flying off the Col and crashing into a crevasse.
Adv. Base Camp
April 29th
Acclimatization on the North Col
Adv. Base Camp
April 28th
Mount Everest stands accused of murder- and of concealing the evidence.

For early updates see our Mallory & Irvine 2000: Graham and the BBC returns Page

  • Everest Spring 2000: Byron Smith

Current Status: They're on their way! Byron Smith, Tim Rippel and the team's Sherpas are all at Camp II. After consulting his experienced sirdar, Lhakpa Tshering, Byron decided to move plans ahead by a day. He and Tim climbed Thursday with the Sherpas to Camp II where they'll stay one night, moving to Camp III on Friday. 

On Saturday, around 10:30 p.m. Nepal time, they'll leave Camp IV for the summit. If all goes well, Byron is set to report, for the first time in Canadian television history, directly from the roof of the world, LIVE and exclusively on CBC Newsworld, on Saturday, May 6 at 7:45 p.m. ET (approx.). On May 6, CBC Newsworld will be monitoring Smith's progress with regular updates. Once his success is imminent, CBC Newsworld will bookend his summit report with a special 90-minute edition of Everest 2000 starting at 7 p.m. ET (approx.). 

Virginia Robinson, the expedition doctor at Basecamp, is monitoring the weather and Bryon's fitness. Keep track of the vitals on the Everest 2000 website. http://cbc.ca/everest2000/dailydispatch/ Virginia is also working on the education program. Here's her first education log: May 3, 2000 "Pulse Oximeter": When Byron and Tim leave Basecamp for their summit push they carry along a pulse oximeter. The oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation, that is, how much oxygen the hemoglobin molecule (in the red blood cell) is carrying. The pulse oximeter is able to make this measurement without actually taking any blood. (Look in Phase 3 of the education website, Energy and the Human Body section, for an explanation of how this is done) http://cbc.ca/everest2000/education/phase3/theme3oximeter.html 

For dispatches, video updates, background information, interactive maps and more on check his diary entry for more http://cbc.ca/everest2000/

  • Alan Hinkes on Kangchenjunga

Alan Hinkes has reached the main Kangchenjunga Base Camp on 30th April, 18 days after leaving Kathmandu. He had encountered snowfall virtually everyday. The porters he hired in Kathmandu have done a miraculous job ferrying loads from Oakthang to base camp. 

Alan hopes to go to Camp I on the 5th or 6th of May weather permitting. Munching on his Kanch size Potato Chips and Spam Meat Lunch, Alan speaks out that the weather has not been very good around the Base Camp, no sign of the grassland as well, all covered under the snow. 

Alan is surprised to see so many Expeditions on south side of the mountain this season. Normally expeditions would be climbing Kanch from the North Route. There is an Indian Expedition team also this time, having massive supplies still being ferried to the Base Camp. The Base Camp is rather noisy this season as Indian Team has electrified their dining tent with a powerful generator running till 10 'O' clock at night. 

Alan is having good time at Base Camp making new friends with Indians, Koreans, Brits and the Swiss teams. 

Early Pictures

Reported by Himalaya Center Kathmandu 

5/4/2000 The reports from MAI-2000 expedition to Lhotse, April, 30th and May, 2nd... details  

  • Annapurna Spring 2000: 

EverestNews.com will follow the attempt on Annapurna of the "International Annapurna 2000Expedition":

Update 5/1/2000

Title : he German Route: Impossible

Location of Expedition: CI and BC

Next Objective:  Study a new route.

Dispatch: After the attempt to open the German route on the 29th, the climbers decided abandon the route due to poor conditions.  It was impossible to climb this route with guarantees of safety.  The weather is also very unstable. We still have not yet seen one full day of good weather.  The fronts of low pressure settle in every noon on North face and unload snow.  Additionally,  in the last days with electrical activity.  This, together with loss of material, makes difficult the progress. After yesterday's attempt, the climbers descended to C I, to spend the night and to rest. Today, April 30th, with the aid of Sherpas who are climbing to CI,  the team will try to study the possible alternatives for the ascent and installation of C III.

Joaquim M. "Jake" Molins Gil

Dispatch: 5/2/2000

Title: Technical difficulties in communication

Location of Expedition: Unknown at this point

Next Objective: Study possibilities for a solution to the technical problems

Dispatch: The BC communicated that they are having technical problems with the communications equipment.  As was discussed in the last dispatch, the expedition abandoned the German route, as the Americans and French did.  The accumulation of snow makes the route too risky.  Next Thursday (4 May) the technical problems will have been fixed and we await communications from the team, then.

Their web site:  www.interofer.es/annapurna2000 with reports in Spanish, Pictures and more ! A very nice site. EverestNews.com has added a Spring 2000 Annapurna Page where EverestNews.com will report News on this expedition and other Annapurna News.

For all the May 2000 News

For all the April 2000 News

For all the March 2000 News

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