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 Daily News: 5/25/2000 Report

For Latest News: See the News Index for a list of all the Daily Reports. See the Home Page for Individual Stories.  Receiving Reports from Over 30 Teams on Everest this Spring 2000.

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NEWSFLASH 4:10PM EST 5/25/2000

  • Everest South Side

Mike and Kristy Woodmansee along with others from the Henry Todd expedition are headed for the Summit right Now ! 

"Keep positive energy and prayers flowing today towards the summit of Everest....."

Daily News: 5/25/2000 Report

  • Everest North Side:

Conditions bad. Some climbers are planning to go back up for a Saturday attempt or sooner. Everest on the North is far from over...

Reliable Sources report to EverestNews.com that the missing Chinese climber is Kanhua Yan from Heilongjiang. On 5/21/2000 the Provincial TV Station of Heilongjiang Province of China made a live broadcast from 8000meters on the north ridge of Everest. Yan was making his second attempt on the North Col route of Everest. He used siege tactics and carried his own loads. 

The microwave relay at 8000 meters  was placed by the climbers of the Tibetan Mountaineering Association. The signal was beamed directly back to the BC.  

If was first believed that Yan had given up his Summit attempt after his food and O2 ran low in his high camp at 8300meters during the storm (which one assumes would have been Saturday.) A TV crew member Xiaogang Chen followed Yan to 8000 meters. 

But Yan did not come back.

  • Everest South Side: Headlines

1.) Henry Todd's expedition was at camp 3, expected to go for the big push to the Summit.

Everest on the South is not over: Mike and Kristy Woodmansee among others are still up there.

Just in, they have moved to camp 4 with the Summit attempt planned for tonight !

2.) The Summits of Christine Boskoff and Nawang Nanchu Sherpa are confirmed !!! For Christine, this moves her up into a group few American have reached. We will publish much more in the coming day on her.

3.) Jagged Globe Summits ! See the full report below.

4.) The 14 year old boy: EverestNews.com was told this morning, has "suddenly appeared" and "is now on his way down the mountain after attempting the Summit on the day of the Buddha's birth (SEVERAL days ago)". (This was yesterday, he has now left BC.) Our Sherpa sources tell EverestNews.com what they have seen the last several days on the mountain does not match what is being reporting in the Nepal Newspaper (s). Frankly, this boy has spent a very long time above Camp 3.

Individual Reports: South then North

EverestNews.com will feature full dispatches from Jagged Globe in Spring 2000. Jagged Globe was founded by Steve Bell. Steve has more than 20 years of mountaineering experience including winter ascents of the north faces of the Eiger and Matterhorn. He claims "Britain's first guided expedition to an 8,000m peak and was the first Briton to lead clients to the summit of Everest." He has climbed all of the continental summits and is a fully qualified UIAGM mountain guide. Steve and Jagged Globe are known as one of the best guiding companies in the world. Some think the Best.

This year's expedition will be lead by Australian guide, Andrew Lock (having been on two previous Everest expeditions and reached the Summit of K2), supported by Tim Bird. Tim has led expeditions for Jagged Globe for many years including successful trips to Elbrus, Stok Kangri, Mera and Island Peak, Aconcagua and Gasherbrum II. A highly regarded professional instructor (MIC), Tim directs their Scottish Winter Courses, and provides their UK technical support for training and advice to all their group expeditions licensed through the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. They are using the same Sherpa team as last year.

This is another international team, comprising:  Jack Culley (UK), Joe Wolf (USA), Jeff Magee (UK), David Spencer (UK), Curt Peterson (USA), Timothy Gregg (USA) , Paul Giorgio (USA). Joe Wolf hopes to complete his 7 Summits and to be the oldest summiter this season - he's 61 in March!

Update ! They did it! 

SUCCESS! 25-May-00 

Hi all, just down to Base Camp and letting you know that Andrew Lock, Paul Giorgio and Nima Ghombu reached the summit of Mt Everest at 6.30am on 24 May. All have just reached Base Camp and are going to have a bite to eat and a good wash and will then give a full report of the climb. Everyone is in good health and extremely happy!! cheers A.L. 

The summit story 25-May-00 Hi again from Jagged Globe BC, where the summiteers are rejoicing. 

After setting out on our last attempt with the intention of summiting on the 23rd, we found that we were delayed by bad weather for one day. We stayed at camp 2 for the day before heading up to camp 3 on the 22nd and camp 4 on the 23rd. Reclimbing the mountain so soon after our previous attempt was not as exhausting as expected and we felt strong for the summit push.

One of our sherpas had left us the night before the attempt, due to a sick child in Kathmandu, so we had only Nima Ghombu with us. Nima is without doubt the strongest of our Sherpa staff. 

We set out for the summit at 10pm, and quickly found ourselves on the large face leading up to the 'balcony' . On the way, we passed a couple of other teams making their attempt and we then had the mountain to ourselves. We climbed quickly in a fairly stiff breeze, with temperatures around -25C. Reaching the balcony at 2.30am, we changed oxygen bottles and continued upwards towards our previous high point of the south summit. This we reached in the dawn light and we again changed oxygen bottles to finish the climb. Departing the south summit at 5am, we traversed the delicate ridge, climbing the Hillary step on the way. The step proved less difficult than expected but by this time the winds had increased severely and we had to haul on the fixed ropes which were flying horizontally above China. 

Once over the step, we had some further ridge traversing before emerging onto easier ground towards the top and a final gentle slope that took us to the summit at 6.30am. Andrew arrived first, with Paul and Nima Ghombu all on the summit by 6.45am. 

Whilst another success for Jagged Globe, this was a particularly rewarding achievement for the three, who just 9 days earlier had been stopped at the south summit. Having descended all the way to Basecamp where they rested for just 2 days prior to reclimbing the entire mountain, all three are justifiably ecstatic at their success. 

The ascent has particular significance for each of the climbers: For Andrew, it is his seventh 8000 meter summit, having already climbed K2, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Hidden Peak, Gasherbrum 2 and Dhaulagiri. He has now climbed more '8000ers' than any other Australian. For Paul, this was his first 8000er and to have virtually climbed the entire mountain twice in the one expedition is a fantastic achievement. For Nima Ghombu, this is his 6th ascent of Mt Everest, a phenomenal success. 

The climbers plan to depart Basecamp tomorrow for Kathmandu, hoping to arrive on 29 May. A final update will be sent from there. 

Best regards from Basecamp. A.L. 

Update: May 24, 2000 - Basecamp. 

All of the Sherpas made it down the mountain to Basecamp and joined Byron Smith and Tim Rippel in a final broadcast to CBC Newsworld Wednesday. Byron's spending one last night at Basecamp. He's anxious to begin trekking out tomorrow. 

Tim and the Sherpas will remain at Basecamp another couple of days, packing up and getting things set back to normal. 

Most of the expeditions at Basecamp are beginning to scatter to the four winds. People don't take too long leaving the cold, muddy camp once an expedition is complete. 

As you've already read in the email digests, Byron and seven Sherpas summitted early Sunday morning Nepal time. Many of the regular Everest viewers missed the occasion because it came on the long weekend when many of us were off doing other things. To relive the climb to the top, CBC Newsworld is re-broadcasting a 90-minute special of expedition highlights hosted by Mark Kelley. It will be aired Saturday, May 27 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time. 

The website, which has followed the climb day by day and which still features all of the educational material produced by Science Alberta Foundation, will continue to carry occasional updates until Byron returns to Canada. Some of the 3D features on the site have recently been updated, including the logbook which now has photos and diary excerpts from each of the camps. Come back and take a second look. (http://cbc.ca/everest2000/games/index.html#log

Check them out at http://www.cbc.ca/everest2000

  • Apa Summits Again ! (if you missed yesterday's NEWSFLASH)


The Inventa Everest 2000 Environmental Expedition Team reached the top of the world at 10:30 pm Pacific Standard Time May 23, 2000.

May 24, 2000

It was a bittersweet summit day for the Inventa Everest 2000 Environmental Expedition, with nine Sherpas and three climbing team members reaching the 29,035 foot peak of the world's highest mountain.

Battling a snowfall that sometimes created a virtual whiteout, climbing leader Jim Williams, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, along with climbers Lily Leonard, from Boston and Hong Kong, and Francis Slakey, from Washington, D.C., all reached the summit. But the most notable achievement of the climb was the successful summit of 40 year-old Apa Sherpa, the climbing sirdar for the expedition. Apa, who was the first member of the expedition to reach the top, at 8:06 a.m., completed his eleventh successful summit, establishing a new world's record.

In Total 12 from this Expedition reached the Summit last night !

Check them out for all the details the American expedition: www.everestcleanup.com  

  • An experienced Danish Expedition: Thrane & Thrane sponsorship of the first all Danish Mount Everest Expedition

Update: Nima Dawa Sherpa was the Sherpa who reached the Summit on Sunday with the Danish expedition from the South. 

Their latest News: May 23 - Bound for home.

The BigE-expedition and its progress can be followed at Thrane & Thrane’s website:

More details on www.tt.dk 


Update: Weather forecasts unclear

BASE CAMP - At this moment, Steven is still in North Col Camp waiting for the weather forecast. From Base Camp, Joke explained that the various forecasts are contradictory. One forecast predicts storm, the other snowfall but otherwise reasonably fine weather on 26 May. They are waiting to receive a third weather forecast.

Click for entire article

Futures Plans

  • Another Kind of Summit!

EverestNews.com, and Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, have begun to talk about the possibilities of hosting an international conference to talk about climbing  Everest.  This would not be a commercial trade show.  Instead, this would be an opportunity for climbers and other interested people to talk about the many issues that surround the mountain. These issues include the number of climbers, safety, reporting news, ethics, and the list goes on.  We feel this conference could be an important and perhaps unique event in that we could talk about the issues while not trying to climb at the same time!  

Why Concordia College?  Because it's a first-rate school. Why Moorhead, Minnesota?  Because it's the *flattest* place on the planet. When?  We're not sure yet.  What we are thinking now is that this winter in the October to January time frame. We would host a small conference, a planning group, to organize a large conference in the winter  of 2002.  Maybe we should just go for the large meeting right away.  What we're wondering, of course, is if other people are interested in coming to such a conference (either as speaker or simply to listen).  You'd have to pay your own travel, room and board.  There would need to be a small conference fee, maybe in the $50 range or so.

If you think this conference is a good idea, or a bad idea, please let us know.  If  you'd like to be a part of the planning group, please let us know.  Email us at everestnews2004@adelphia.net W. Scott Olsen, chair of the Environmental Studies Program at Concordia College Thanks. 

  • Holy Land Expeditions:

In 2001 EverestNews.com will feature Expeditions to the Holy Land lead by famous Everest climbers. Expeditions will probably include options on time and capability. For example some Expeditions might climb small mountains in the Middle East. Others would simply be trekking Expeditions. If this is something that might interest you let us know at everestnews2004@adelphia.net These Expeditions would be run by commercial Expedition companies. EverestNews.com is NOT planning on being in the Expedition business. 

  • The M&I debate: Jochen Hemmleb vs Tom Holzel 

Details to follow soon. 

Both authors have strong thoughts and opinions on what could have happened. EverestNews.com role, we believe, is not to take sides. We are thinking of having a special forum where readers can comment on the debate and give their thoughts on what is said. 

  • K2 is starting ! Some Climbers have left for the mountain.

  • On Friday, the EverestNews.com Summit list from the South to Date, if everything goes to plan. 

Other News

Bernd Mahnert, a German climber,  died while descending from the Summit at 7400 meters. Gotz Wiegand, Bernd Mehnert, Olaf Zill, Thma Tutpe, and Franc Meutzner had reached the Summit on 15th May at 3 p.m. according to the Min. of Tourism. 

5/24 MAI-2000 Lhotse expedition. Dmitry Moskalev reports from Deboche.... details

5/24 Beno Kashakashvili reports from base camp of Lhotse Russian-Georgian expedition. May 23-24th... details

5/23 Lhotse report from 5/22... details 

For all the May 2000 News

For all the April 2000 News

For all the March 2000 News

The Mountaineering Must Haves


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