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Mountain Madness Everest Expedition 2002

Charlie Fowler and Hector Ponce de Leon report from Everest Base Camp: On April 19 our entire team climbed to Camp 1 and spent the night. Next day, members climbed to camp 2, which had been established by our Sherpa team. April 22nd we climbed to 7000 meters, just 200 meters below camp 3. Julio, Andy and Matthew did great. They had a hard time with the altitude but they put in a good effort to reach our 7000-meter goal. We were among the first to go above camp 2 since the lines had just been put in the on the 20th. We returned back to camp 2. Everyone slept at camp 2 before returning to base camp on the 23rd.

Our Sherpa team plans to help fix with other teams above camp 3. This section will include the Yellow Band and the Geneva spur to the south col (camp 4). All members are healthy and acclimating well. Our lead Sherpa Lakpa Gelu was sick for a few days, but is feeling better. The weather has been very warm and mostly clear. We are at B.C. resting. We are plan to go up again on the 28th for our final acclimatization climb. We will be going directly up to 2 and the next day to 3 to spend a night there before descending to B.C. We will take a good 5-day rest at base camp before our summit bid which, if everything goes well and weather permitting will be around the 10 th-12th of May.

Everyone is in good health and high spirits. The weather has been good. That's it for now from Everest base camp.

Cheers Hector & Charlie!


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