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Mountain Madness Everest Expedition 2002

Summit bound May 16thÖ

Five Mountain Madness team members and four climbing Sherpas left base camp for their summit attempt. After years of past climbing experience, months of training, and weeks on the mountain acclimatizing our team is now prepared for the summit of Everest. The team will climb to camp 3 on May 14, Camp 4 at the south col on May 15th. With the invaluable effort of our strong Sherpa climbing team camp 4 has already been prepared in advance of the team. Once the climbers reach camp 4, they will be begin melting snow, force themselves to rest, eat, and drink until midnight.

Our teamís plan is to leave around midnight of May 16th. They will carry only water, snacks, and oxygen as they climb up towards the Balcony. Between 3 and 6 a.m. they will reach the Balcony and continue to make there way towards the south summit as the sun rises out of the east. Morning will greet the climbers with stunning views of Makalu, the high Himalayas, and the vast expanse of the Tibetan plateau. From the south summit they will traverse a delicate, exposed snow ridge and climb the famous Hillary step, a difficult rock step before the final slope to the summit. From here itís one hour to the top. Our climbing Sherpas will climb slightly ahead and behind our team carrying extra oxygen for our climbing team.

The weather forecast is favorable as the winds will decrease and no precipitation is expected this week. If everyone is feeling well and the weather remains good the clients expect to reach the summit by late morning.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with our team!

Chris Boskoff
Mountain Madness, Inc.


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