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Mountain Madness Everest Expedition 2002

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Mountain Madness Everest Expedition 2002 Dispatch One

Dispatch Two: Julio Bird reporting from base camp... At the moment they are working on acclimatization since base camp is at almost 18,000 feet....

Dispatch Charlie Reporting from Namche April 16… I'm back in Namche with the Khumbu Icefall team, Chris Smith and Derek Dean. Derek and I climbed to camp 1 on April 12, then climb to camp 2 and return back to camp 1 for the night (April 13). Chris went part way before returning to base camp...

Charlie Fowler and Hector Ponce de Leon report from Everest Base Camp: On April 19 our entire team climbed to Camp 1 and spent the night. Next day, members climbed to camp 2, which had been established by our Sherpa team. April 22nd we climbed to 7000 meters, just 200 meters below camp 3. Julio, Andy and Matthew did great. They had a hard time with the altitude but they put in a good effort to reach our 7000-meter goal. We were among the first to go above camp 2 since the lines had just been put in the on the 20th. We returned back to camp 2. Everyone slept at camp 2 before returning to base camp on the 23rd. Click here for the full dispatch.

Charlie reporting from Everest Base Camp - May 2: Our team climbed to camp 2 on April 30th.  Julio wasn't feeling too well and elected to stay at camp 1.  We spent two nights at camp 2.  Because of the weather we didn't climb to camp 3... Click here for the full dispatch.

Reporting from Everest Base Camp - May 8....: Our Everest team has completed their final acclimation climb and is currently resting at base camp. Our team is feeling strong and excited about the summit push in the next few days. At base camp the climbers will rest, eat and prepare for the summit climb.  Part of the preparation is going over our oxygen systems to make sure everyone can operate their oxygen supply during their summit push.... Click here for the full dispatch.

Summit bound May 16th: Five Mountain Madness team members and four climbing Sherpas left base camp for their summit attempt. After years of past climbing experience, months of training, and weeks on the mountain acclimatizing our team is now prepared for the summit of Everest. The team will climb to camp 3 on May 14, Camp 4 at the south col on May 15th. Click here for the full dispatch.

Mountain Madness team Summits Everest

Update 5/18/2002: Charlie Fowler reporting from base camp May 18th...

Update 5/23/2002: Mountain Madness’ Everest Climbing team reached the top of the world! The Team's Summit report....


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