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 Nanga Parbat 2001 Expeditions and News

Featured Expedition: German Amical Alpine expedition Mr. Ralf Dujmovits [Summits of Everest, K2, etc...] from Germany

Update 7/16/2001: German Nanga Parbat expedition led by Michael Beek is back in town unsuccessful. Michael plan was to glide down from the South Wall of Nanga Parbat but he said rock fall and bad weather condition made him to stop the expedition at 5800 meters.

But I did fly from 5100 meters and it was beautiful said Michael. The other members are Joachim Wiesinger, Ulrich Steiner, Klaus Aver, and Knut Roeser. For further information please visit www.beek-pakistan.de

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7/2/2001: A report from our Finnish Source:, "Veikka Gustaffson is in base camp and more will be heard on Monday as he calls in a report." 

Update 7/2/2001: Jay Sieger (American), a member of Focus International Nanga Parbat Expedition led by Christian Kuntner is back to Chilas early this morning. He could not climb the mountain because of frostbite. Although the frostbite is not that severe, if made his attempts impossible and he decided to come back. The Spanish members of the expedition are still at the base camp trying their luck. The members of the expedition at the base camp are Ignacio Orviz Menendez and Amador Fernandez Carnero both are from Spain. Source: Essar Karim

Ed Viesturs has left Nanga Parbat, as we reported on June 29th.

NEWSFLASH 6/30/2001 2:56PM US Time: "Here are the name of summiters of Focus International Nanga Parbat Expedition. 

The Italian climbers who made the summit early this morning are Christian Kuntner, Mr. Stefan Andres and Abele Blanc. The rest of the team is waiting at the base camp. In this team there are also two Spanish and one American."  Cheers, Essar Karim

NEWSFLASH 6/30/2001 10:40AM US Time: "We just received a Sat phone call from Nanga Parbat Base Camp that the two Nanga Parbat expeditions, German led by Ralf Dujmovits and Italian led by Christian Kuntner reached the summit. All are celebrating at the base camp and so are we here in Islamabad for this successful ascend. Ralf took 12 members out of 13 along with his 2 high altitude ports. The details will be sent soon.... 

Italian Focus Nanga Parbat Expedition let by Christian Kuntner also reached the summit. They were total 6 members and we don't know how many made the summit, but will let you know as soon as we the latest news. I will send more details as soon as I get them." Cheers, Essar Karim

Update 6/30/2001: EverestNews.com believes climbers were high on the mountain on Friday. Stay Tuned.

Update 6/29/2001: Ed Viesturs has left Nanga Parbat. Veikka is hoping to join the Amical Expedition. EverestNews.com received this report yesterday from Finnish sources. More is expected soon.

Update 6/22/2001: Camp 4, the last camp before the Summit, was not established before the snow came. But Camp 3 has been established by the Spanish and German Expeditions. The snow has stopped and the climbers are headed back up. Ed Viesturs heads to Camp 1. The Germans are leading with the Spanish not far behind.

Update 6/18/2001: Several climbers appear to be moving up the mountain with Camp three established and Camp 4 possibly. The sketchy reports, we have received, have the Spanish and the Germans leading the way.

Update 6/4/2001: Michael Beek, a German climber plans to paraglide down from the summit of Nanga Parbat. He is planning to set a World record by gliding down from the South Wall of Nanga Parbat, it is the biggest wall in the World as its base camp is lower than Everest, and the actual climb is more than Everest in the altitude gained. Michael Beek is a regular visitor to Pakistan, a guide, the author of the famous "trekking Guide to Pakistan". He has lead more trekking groups than climbing expeditions into Pakistan. The expedition members are Joachim Wiesinger, Ulrich Steiner, Klaus Roeser, Dr. Cornelia Gumbel and the Pakistan members (high porters) are Ejaz Ali Khan, Taj Shah, Alif Khan, Rehmatullah Baig all from Upper Valley of Hunza.

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Expedition List is below:

There have been 186 summits of Nanga Parbat and 61 deaths to date.

Expedition List is below:

1.) [#61] German Nanga Parbat Expedition The Big Day expedition

Ms. Edda Kraft, Cologne, Germany, Nanga Parbat 8125m South face, coming on 5/01/01, members 08

2.) [#14] German Amical Alpine expedition Mr. Ralf Dujmovits [Summits of Everest, K2, etc...] from Germany

3.) [#25] USA & Finland Nanga Parbat expedition

Mr. Ed Viesturs Nanga Parbat Diamir face arriving on 6/5/01 4 climbers

Ed has arrived at Nanga Parbat Base camp. He is one of several climbers, as you can see, that hopes this is the year on Nanga Parbat. A mountain where there have been 186 Summits and 61 deaths. Some would argue that many of the deaths occurred in the early years. True, 31 climbers died before the first summit. But 30 deaths (after the first Summit) with 186 summits is still a very high percentage of deaths. This is not an easy mountain. With strength in numbers and several expeditions trying the same route, it could be easier this year or...

4.) [#35] Italian Focus International Nanga Parbat expedition

Mr. Christian Kuntner [Numerous 8000 meter Summits !], Stelvio, Italy Nanga Parbat 8125m

FOCUS WORLD EXPEDITIONS: Nanga Parbat. A team of 10, led by Christian Kuntner is planned in Nanga; this will include Blanc, Oskar Piazza and Angelo Giovanetti - who will arrive here after their attempt at Broad peak - the Alaskan Jay Sieger and the expert Spanish Nacho Orviz with a mate. Abele Blanc also a member. Abele has only Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri to finish the 14 8000 meter peaks. He is one of the greatest climbers in the world.

Update: Abele Blanc heads to Nanga Parbat. Abele has only Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri to finish the 14 8000 meter peaks. He is one of the greatest climbers in the world. He will be a member of the Italian Focus International Nanga Parbat expedition below.

5.) There is 2 different Spanish expeditions to Nanga Parbat this season. 

a.) Women expedition Nanga Parbat 2001 (Via Kinshofer) This Spanish expedition is from Asturias (a Spanish region) The climbers are: Rosa Fernandez, Eva Zarzuela and Diamantina Muρiz Actually installing the first camp (Camp I) now !

b.) Nanga Parbat Spanish expedition (Via Kinshofer). Men expedition.     Climbers: Nacho Orviz and Amador Fernandez in alpine style.

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Nanga Parbat 2000 Expeditions and News

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