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 Pakistan 2002 Peace Climb: The Everest Peace Mountaineers will go to Pakistan this summer to climb as a symbol to the world that “we all can get along”.

Introduction: The Everest Peace Mountaineers will go to Pakistan this summer to climb as a symbol to the world that “we all can get along”. This international team of mountaineers, which contains Muslims, Christians, and Jew, will symbolize the countries of the world coming together to climb Gasherbrum II (G2). This mountain while being one of the 14 largest in world, is only a few miles from the disputed area where Pakistan and India are at war.

PEACE AMIDST WAR: "The International Everest Team has decided to come together again to help deliver a message of peace to the world. There is no better place to do this than a country that has been war torn and is still struggling with conflicts - Pakistan. Besides being a messenger for peace, the team will raise funds by doing what the members love most - climb a mountain. The world has suffered tremendous conflicts. The problems in politics, economy, culture and environment cannot be solved by a group of climbers simply coming together alone with a common goal for peace, but we must do our best and never give up hope on peace.

I personally believe, we as climbers have a great potential to deliver a message of peace in this troubled time, either to our own fellow countrymen or worldwide. And definitely, whatever we do together as "The International Everest Team", we have the tremendous potential to be the platform. Singapore, being so small, is experiencing the repercussion of recent global events. The impact is deep. We are now in the worst recession in 20 years. I find myself in a useful role - encouraging people around me not to be too pessimistic.", states Khoo Swee Chiow

About 4 weeks ago the mountaineers from the 2001 Peace Climb decided, war or no war in Afghanistan, to go to Pakistan to climb in 2002. The core team from the 2001 Peace Climb, Nasuh Mahruki, David Keaton, Swee Chiow; Ricardo Torres-Nava, Fernando Gonzales Rubio, Tunc Findik and Marcelo Arbelaez are expected to be joined by other mountaineers in this climb as a symbol to the world that “we all can get along”. This international team of mountaineers, which contains Muslims, Christians, and Jew, will symbolize the countries of the world coming together to climb Gasherbrum II one of the 14 highest peaks in the world.

The Mountaineers will represent the best climbers in the world today. Several of the mountaineers will have several Summits of the 14 8000 meter peaks, all will be Everest Summiters. They will speak different languages, be of different races, and have different religions, and all joining together for a good cause. This spirit of adventure and cooperation in this effort to promote peace and support worthy causes comes at a critical time for Pakistan as many climbers have cancelled their plans to climb in Pakistan in 2002. Follow along as these men where few have gone before on an expedition that will certainly be remembered for a very long time.

Ricardo put it this way, "I gave a thought about Pakistan in 2002 and I see both sides. Yes, Pakistan is always dangerous but at the same token life is dangerous, mountain climbing is dangerous and we love risks. I have many good friends on the Baltistan region willing to even give their lives for my sake. I know the region and the people and I do love the country.... and a big hug Ricardo

Background: In July of 2001, 7 Everest Summiters headed to Mt. Ararat, the legendary, Holy mountain. David Keaton, Marcelo Arbelaez, Tunc Findik, Fernando Gonzales Rubio, Ricardo Torres-Nava, Khoo Swee Chiow, and Nasuh Mahruki headed to the North side of Ararat not knowing what to expect. They went like mountaineers decades ago, not knowing the route, not having any close up pictures of where to climb, not knowing the dangers ahead of them. The "7" went not to any mountain, but to the legendary Holy mountain where many believe life began a second time after the great flood.

The team climbed the mountain in alpine style, reaching the Summit together. It was not an easy climb. Tunc almost lost his life when he had to jump over a large boulder with lethal intent. The climb would not have been possible without the Turkish government approval and the Turkish military support. This climb has genuinely touched ALL of these climbers. We hope it has touched You. To support this vision of peace, please make a donation, via SHIVA charity. You can make a credit card donation by clicking HERE. For more information on the 2001 Peace climb see here.

Thoughts from Peace climb 2001 from an experienced Everest climber who did not go on the expedition but discussed the expedition with some of the "7": "I read all the dispatches and they were quite interesting and it sounds like it was a great success.  For them it was a truly enlighting experience... Here they are Mt. Everest heroes... In their conference they are able to transmit the true climbing spirit and the camaraderie between climbers of different nations, different languages, races and religions and how together they can overcome the obstacles.  There was no competition, there was no utilizing others equipment without permission, there were no conspiracies, there was only one team with one objective.  I hope one day future climbers of Mt. Everest can regain that spirit they once had.  I think the Mt. Ararat expedition showed that the spirit of great mountaineers still exists."

After Pakistan in Summer 2002, the Everest Peace Mountaineers plan to go to Colombia in Winter 2002/2003.

Reports: The expedition will send reports to www.holylandexpeditions.com and it's parent site EverestNews.com www.everestnews.com. EverestNews.com is the largest mountaineering publication in the world. 

Press: Pease e-mail us ! web@everestnews2004.com 

Background on Gasherbrum II:

Gasherbrum in local language means "Shining Wall". There are six Gasherbrum Peaks. Gasherbrum II, (8035 meters/26,361ft), the shining mountain on the Karakoram range is the second highest peak among the Gasherbrum Peaks. The first ascent was made the an Austrian team led by Fritz Moravec along with Josef Larch and Hans Willenpart on July 8th, 1956. They set up a base camp on the south Gasherbrum glacier. Camp I was set up at 6005 meters. It was here that the party was forced to stay for ten days because of a severe storm. Consequently, they lost a large supply store in an avalanche. 

Gasherbrum II

After setting up a few more camps, Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch, and Hansenpart set up a bivouac below 7620 meters despite frostbite suffered in the bivouac, the three reached he summit of Gasherbrum II on July 8th and came back without meeting any further incident.

The climb on this peak is both on rock and ice. A high level of technical skill, physical fitness and acclimatization is required. The approach to base camp is via Skardu and about a week trek on Baltoro Glacier.

Gasherbrum II (8035 meters) Its 2000 meters high Southwest flank. In the center the remains of a huge avalanche. (full image: 60 K)

History of the Gasherbrum II

1889-1929 The international expedition headed by the Swiss G.O. Dyhrenfurth studies possible ways to the top of the Gasherbrum II and gets to 6250 meters on the south flank. 

1956: First ascent via the southwest spur by an Austrian expedition headed by F. Moravec. Fritz Moravec along with Josef Larch and Hans Willenpart starts from a bivouac at 7700 meters via the east spur to the summit on 7th. 

July 1975: Second ascent by a French group, 19 years after the first ascent. During this expedition, the first victim at the Gasherbrum has to be lamented. In this year, three expeditions get to the summit, among others a Polish women team headed by W. Rutkiewicz. 

1979: A Chilean and a German expedition succeeded in the 6th and 7th ascent. 

1982: R. Messner Summits with two Pakistanis.

1984: During the legendary double ascent of two 8000 peaks, Messner and H. Kammerlander get to the summit of Gasherbrum II and afterwards Hidden Peak. Counting and registration is more complicated during the following years because some illegal teams got to the summit. Both peaks belong to the less frequently climbed 8000 peaks. Per year, only 2 to 3 permits are given.

Support: To support this vision of peace, please make a donation, via SHIVA charity. No money go to EverestNews.com nor the mountaineers. You can make a credit card donation by clicking HERE.

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