Himalayan Guides Everest/Lhotse Expedition 2002

Mr. Peter Legate has passed away on Everest. 

NEWSFLASH 4/30/2002: Mr. Peter Legate (1963), correspondent from Lymington Hampshire, UK slipped 200 meters down into the crevasse while descending down from camp III to Camp II on 30th April at 6:30 am. Mr. Peter Legate was one of the members of 9 member Himalayan Guides Everest Expedition permitted to climb 8848 meter high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge under the leadership of Mr. Geoffrey Stanford (1971), service holder from Essex UK during the spring season of 2002. Compiled by Bikrum Pandey April 30, 2002

EverestNews.com has received several reports and dispatches from climbers on Peter death, which we have held today. We will now begin posting those dispatches now that we have received word from Nepal confirming his death. Peter was reporting for the BBC this year on Everest.

Report One: Dispatch 6 Bad Days on the Lhotse Face Updated !

Report Two: International Guiding Operators 8000 STATEMENT 4/30/2002

Report Three: A sad lull has descended over the mountain as news drifts in over the radios concerning a fatal accident on the Lhotse face just this morning.

For more on the Himalayan Guides Everest/Lhotse Expedition 2002 see here.


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