Lhotse 2001 Presented By EverestNews.com 

  Spring 2001: Ray Yeritsian will attempt the Summit of Lhotse via the West Face Route. He will do so on the  permit of a small independent group of climbers attempting the Summit with minimum support. Ray will send reports to EverestNews.com to share his experience with the world. You might recall Ray from our Everest 2000 coverage. If not here is a little about Ray who was born in Armenia but now calls America home.

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1984  -  Took the "Introduction to Mountaineering" course, passed  the tests and climbed . Mt. Ararats  (4100m, Small Caucasus Mountains, Armenia) to earn "Alpinist of USSR" degree.  Trained at "Mountaineering camp" Jailik in North Caucasus Mountains, passed the tests and climbed  mixed (ice/rock)  routes on 4000m  peaks for  "3rd class alpinist" degree. Climbed Mt. Elbrus (18,540ft/5,642m). 

1985  - Second and third ascents of new technical (rock) routes in Zangezur mountains (Armenia).     Trained and climbed (mixed routes) in North Caucasus. Earned "2nd class alpinist" degree. 

1986  - Climbed  as a member of  "YerPhI Alpine club" team in Pamir  (Varzob region, Tajikistan). Several high level of difficulty 5000m peaks.

1987  - Climbed as a member of  "YerPhI Alpine club" team in Pamir (Aksu region, Kirgizistan). Completed  several routes of  highest degree of difficulty (mixed).

1988 - 2 first ascents of technical rock routes in Zangezur mountains (Armenia). North Caucasus Mountains -  climbed as a 'leader'  of a group earning  "points" for "1st class alpinist" degree. Took part in a successful rescue operation on Mt. Cheget  (technical route) as a member of  the "Jailik mountaineering camp" rescue team.

1989 -  Zangezur Mountains (Armenia) - completed technical (rock) routes and earned "1st class alpinist" degree.   North Caucasus Mountains - completed mixed (ice/rock) routes to earn points for  "Candidate for Master of  Sports" degree. Took part in rescue operations on Mt. Volnaya  Ispania .

1990  -  Guiding on Mt. Aragats  4100m (Small Caucasus, Armenia) and soloing technical rock routes in Zangezur Mountains (Armenia).

1992  - Completed a few routes in Yosemite  (up to 5.11).

1995  -  Climbed Mexico Volcanoes (Orizaba 18,800ft and Ixta 17,400ft).

1998-99  -   Spent 2 seasons on Mt. Aconcagua 22,841ft (Argentina). Guided a client and summited  in 1999.

2000  -  Attempt on  Mt. Everest  (stopped due to injury).

1989 - 1991 - was a member of  'Spitak' rescue team (Armenia). Took part in avalanche rescue operations. Climbing and guiding groups on Mt. Whitney and Mt. Shasta (technical and non-technical routes) since 1994.

EverestNews.com  will also be receiving reports from the American International Expedition that will be attempting Lhotse.