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American Sean Swarner takes on Everest: A Cancer's Survivors Journey to the World's highest Summit

Sean Swarner's Summit is CONFIRMED !!! He has done it !!!!

Update 5/16/2002: Hello, Seth will contact you again when he has the power. He does not have all the high tech equipment that the other expeditions have. We received a call from him [short because he running out of time on the phone] at 12"10 am this morning. "You have a son that at this very minute is standing at the top of the world".  Seth said that the weather was great and that Sean would be up there longer than the standard ten minutes. It [the weather] was good enough for Sean to stay there for about an hour.  We doubt he did, but the point being that it was beautiful up there. Sean planned to descend to camp 4 to rest and then back down to base camp tomorrow. We realize that the tough part is still to come [descent], but he DID summit. Not bad for someone who knows nothing about climbing and is self trained.  One can never underestimate the determination if a cancer survivor.  It takes guts just to survive the life GOD chose for you.  Anyway, Seth will update you ASAP when he can borrow power from the Swiss. Keep praying for him and thank you for this website. Scott and Teri Swarner [His parents]

We just called his parents, and had a wonderful chat. His father told us "Sean was sick on Tuesday, and called and said he was turning around. Then Wongchu Sherpa, his expedition organizer (the same guy that organizes Pete Athens expedition) talked Sean into continuing. So he went back up.

So there you have it: American Sean Swarner, A Cancer's Survivors Journey to the World's highest Summit, has Summited the largest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest, without a western guide, but with Sherpa support, after only 7 months of climbing experience. He is a determined guy. An Amazing story !!!! [It is NOT recommended that you try this !!!!]

Sean asked us to share the below with you, if he was successful or ...not: [This will take awhile to load, but worth the time...]

"it's the truth from where I'm standing... every day!!" Sean

Update 5/16/2002: We received a short message from Sean's e-mail on Everest: Subject: SEAN MADE IT:, This is Brendan, his friend. He asked me to e-mail you that his summit attempt was successful. He made it up there around 12:30pm EST, whatever time that is over there. just letting you know. brendan

The Summit List: The following one member and two high altitude Sherpa of National Geographic Everest Expedition (Sean Swarner was not on their expedition, but he was on their permit!) have succeeded to climb 8848m high Mt. Everest from South East Ridge on 16th May 2002 at 9:40 AM. They had started from South Col. (Camp IV) on 15th May 2002, at 11:00PM. It is also reported that Mr. Sean Swarner Cancer Survivor. 


Name of the Summiters

Date of Birth

Home Address


Sean Swarner

2 Sep 1974

Estes Park Co USA


Mr. Nima Gombu Sherpa

33 Yrs.

Gaurishanker-1, Dolakha


Mr. Kame Sherpa

32 Yrs.

Kerung-4, Solukhumbu

The 6 member National Geographic Everest Expedition team was permitted to climb Mt. Everest from south East Ridge during the Spring season of 2002, under the leadership of Mr. Peter Athens (1957), Technical Designer Sales Marketing associates from Vermont USA. Sean Swarner, bought a slot on the Pete Athens permit.

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