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American Sean Swarner takes on Everest: A Cancer's Survivors Journey to the World's highest Summit

March 26th Dispatch: The road to Namche Bazar. This road is terribly long, and terribly steep! Not that it is really a road, but a trail. The yaks are the cars, and the bridges are the yield signs. Nothing to say about this day except that we hiked all day and it was all uphill. We started at 8,500 and ended up at 11,000 feet. Arrived in Namche and looked around the town a bit, only to find internet access was 50 cents a minute, as opposed to Kathmandu's 50 cents an hour. We settled into our new home for the next 2 days, ate dinner and went to bed! Of course after some Old Maid with the Sherpas!! Sean

March 26th, 2002: Got into Namche, yesterday and have today to play around.  Went up and saw my first REAL look at Everest. It was something words cannot begin to explain. It was very emotional and very spiritual.  She was peaking out above a ridge and was so magnificent it was unreal....

Tomorrow we head about 3 hours north and stay there for a night then head on out again.  I'm getting a touch of a head cold.  But I'm taking care of it, so i should be ok soon...   also Seth's laptop just fried, so I'm trying to get in touch with sharp to send us a demo model or something.. 

that's about tit.... hope everything's fine back "home" in Ohio :)


Note: This was an e-mail to us, not a "dispatch", but since it sounds like dispatches might be delayed, we figured we know let you know details...



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