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American Sean Swarner takes on Everest: A Cancer's Survivors Journey to the World's highest Summit

His Dispatches from Everest 2002 is here...

His Story is below: We should call it Chapter 1

Sean has the possibility to set a few records on Everest:

  • First climber to be fully guided by a Sherpa Expedition to the Summit (Yes, like most things on Everest this could be debated, then again who would claim this record?)

  • Most inexperienced climber to Summit Everest (ditto)

  • The only climber that has survived both Hodgkin's Disease and Askin's Disease (a very rare cancer affecting about 3 out of a million people). With "Cancer survivors" and like claims it is difficult to determine "firsts", in that climbers on Everest come from around the world. However, a claim that he is the first to survive both and climb Everest seems safe. 

But like most things on Everest, Sean's story is complex, as complex as any on Everest in Spring 2002, we encourage you to read all the way to the end of this interesting and complex story. 

Sean's story

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